Veterans Nursing Facility Bill Moves To Senate

Veterans Nursing Facility Bill Moves To Senate

A bill that would approve the building of a veteran's skilled nursing facility in the state has been sent to the senate for their consideration.

House Bill 82 (HB0082) has so far been passed out of the Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee, who initially designated the facility to be built in Buffalo but changed the location to Casper before the bill was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

After being considered, the House had three readings of the bill and voted to approve it with an amendment to put the facility back in Buffalo.

As of Tuesday HB0082 has been moved to the Senate and is awaiting introduction.

The bill has been a point of contention between residents and legislators from Buffalo, Sheridan and Casper, who have all been trying to convince lawmakers to place the facility in their perspective towns.

The facility has also been an issue between local government officials in Buffalo and Johnson County and the Johnson County Healthcare Center.

Local government officials believe the facility would be good for the local economy, while the JCHC feels the facility could harm them by taking the limited number of nursing assistants available in the community.
They would like to see the facility built elsewhere.

Now that the bill has moved to the senate, there will undoubtedly be much more debate as to where the facility will be placed.
It is possible the senate could amend the bill to locate the veterans' facility in Casper, but the amendment must be made before the bill is passed on three readings in the senate.
The senate could also pass the bill with no changes.

According to, if the bill is altered by the senate, there is a process the bill must go through and be approved before it can be sent on for the governor's signature.

We will have more on that process should the bill be amended in the senate.

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