Update on Buffalo's Wastewater Plant

Buffalo's new waste water treatment plant
Buffalo's new waste water treatment plant

Buffalo's new wastewater treatment plant is still under construction, and substantial completion has not been reached, but States West Engineer Brook Stromer told the city council last week he expects it to be reached soon.

Stromer said the contractor is still having a lot of problems that are preventing them from reaching substantial completion, but they are closer than in recent weeks, although he can't give a definitive date when that will happen.

Stromer also said the contractor is installing and testing equipment and in many cases, engineering can be blamed for the problems, he told the council.

City councilman Bruce Hepp explains where things stand today. Hepp also said substantial completion is important to both the city and the contractor.

The final completion date was originally set for December 12th, Hepp said, but the date is looking less and less likely. A number of smaller projects connected to the plant will still need to be done, and both sides are working together and negotiating to get the project completed.

More information will be available when the city council is updated at their next regular meeting December 7th.


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