Upcoming State Budget Session Could Be Make Or Break For Local Non-Profit

In the last 8 months, Rehabilitation Enterprises of Northeast Wyoming, or RENEW, has laid off nearly 30% of its workforce. That’s 72 jobs that no longer exist in the organization. RENEW Chief Executive Officer Larry Samson says recent state budget cuts hit the non-profit hard, and it’s time to tap into the State’s rainy-day funds.

Eighteen months ago, the Wyoming State Health Department adopted a new funding model for its developmental disabilities division. That model is a one-size-fits-all approach, which doesn’t take into account regional differences in costs that are associated with services RENEW is required by the state to provide.

The new model cut funding for RENEW by over 12%. This is combined with the State’s 10% cuts across the board last year. That adds up to nearly a million dollars shaved from RENEW’s budget annually.

Not only has RENEW cut jobs and some individual services, but they have also sold some of their properties and are in the process of selling others to help supplement their operations.

The Legislature will make a final decision on funding for the developmental disabilities division during their budget session next month.

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You know it's pretty sad there are so many of you willing to trash the chiefs of the RENEW company, and bag on the fact they have company cars and etc, while you all are too cowardly to even put your name on these posts. If you have something to say that you believe strongly about, then stand up, say it, and put your name to it. That is how you earn respect for your opinions and beliefs. Hiding behind the term "anonymous" really doesn't give you any credibility. If you are all sooooo concerned with how RENEW is spending their funding, and working their budgets, and how much money individuals are making, them walk in there and schedule an appointment to understand what is going on. You can't get the whole picture without seeing the whole picture, filling in the blanks with assumptions just creates more ignorance and negativity among the masses. Stand up and take a moment to learn something you don't fully understand!!!!!!!!

You speak well, however

You speak well, however maybe you should ask Larry and Sandy how many meetings they have denied, turned away, or otherwise been unwilling to participate in.

Your are correct that people

Your are correct that people should put their name on their posts, but lets not think that making an appointment would do any good in understanding the issue. First, Larry would never give the public all the information and whose to say that we don't have knowledge about the company. This is a small town and many people have worked for the company. Ask a few of them what is going on and they will be able to tell you plenty.

Missed the point.

Renew is cutting back because the state cut the funding, not because its administration was irresponsible. Its my understanding that companies like Renew around the state are having the same problem. These were blanket cuts that didnt adjust for local area's financial climate. The caregivers in Jackson Hole are being reinbursed the same as those in Wheatland, despite a much higher cost of living. It would seem to me that the bean counters in Cheyenne could figure this out, but maybe I give them too much credit.

yeah, but RENEW and all of

yeah, but RENEW and all of the other companies knew that these cuts were coming yet were irresponsibly to budget accordingly! The clients have been getting a bad deal for years! on another note-many of the clients are not Wyoming natives, they moved to wyoming and then got on the waiting list. Once they were accepted to a program they never left. While i think that every client deserves to live a great life, i don't think those that are paying taxes should be homeless and unemployed to provide this! Greed is a funny thing that many people will go through many hoops to hide.

The bean counters in Cheyenne did figure out that those companies that were being greedy! thus, the saying it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone! Go greedy companies. Maybe the client would best be served at the state hospital.

This outfit earned the

This outfit earned the problems it has because of management incompetence and the poor way the work force is treated.
Concerned, caring people who have what it takes to care for the disabled are treated like trash.

I agree with this comment,

I agree with this comment, Sandy and Rod could also stand to take a cut in their salaries and benies. The RENEW board of directors need to look how Larry and Sandy are really running things...instead of being so "Larry and Sandy can do no wrong".

It's sort of disgraceful

It's sort of disgraceful that the state has made the choice to balance their budget on the backs of their most vulnerable citizens. I concur that the executives at renew could probably stand a pay cut too (although to be honest I have no idea what they make).

They Have!

The execs at RENEW have taken a pay cut! They are doing alot to keep the company and the people they support afloat. They took a pay cut so the employees have not had to.


So clients are losing services? Well, how much of the clients' money went to build the new bus barn? Seems like that money could have been better spent. Plus, ask clients- they will be the first to complain that the CEO and other upper level staff members don't listen to their needs, wants, ect. Karma.

fact check!

No client money went toward the bus barn. It was funded by grants and things like that.


Knowing that they had a mass exodus for psychologists (seven psychologists that all made a minimum of $75,000 per year before benefits) and that the CEO makes more than he can spend, what in the world is the problem? RENEW consistently replaces its employees with bottom of the barrel applicants, going through them faster than Taco Bell and McDonalds combined! After giving hiring bonuses, a week worth of paid training, etc, RENEW spends more money than most will make in the first year (knowing that only 20% of them stay). While services RENEW are being cut and clients’ service jeopardized, the CEO and higher ups are sitting pretty. In fact, they were seen at the last Gold Buckle Club gathering with $$$ in hand. Nice representation of being client centered!


I know how much Larry makes per year. In my opinion, he could take a heck of a salary cut.

Larry and many more of the

Larry and many more of the upper management could take a pay cut to save some of the direct care positions, but none of them would like to do so. They also don't want to work any extra shifts or give up their "company" cars either. Wonder how much in "necessaties" anyone in management will give up to make sure that the clients are taken care of?


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