Two Wyoming Critters Make Top 10 List

Wyoming Pocket Gopher
Wyoming Pocket Gopher

Wyoming is home to two critters listed on a new report from the Endangered Species Coalition that details ten species in jeopardy because of fossil fuel development. The greater sage-grouse and the Wyoming pocket gopher made the list because roads, vehicles and pipelines have fragmented their habitats. Wildlife biologist Dr. Jan Randall is a fellow at the California Academy of Science, and a member of the scientific advisory board that selected the ten species most imperiled.

Randall says making sure species are not wiped out is not just in the best interest of the animals and plants. She explains that every plant and animal plays a role in a healthy environment.

Plants, birds and fish from around the country are listed in the report, including a type of flower that only grows on oil shale land in Utah, and bowhead whales and speckled eiders in the Arctic. The report cites leaking pipelines and the Gulf oil disaster as examples where species have been devastated.

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