Two Sheridan County Residents Are Fined And Lose Hunting Privileges For Game And Fish Violations

Kristopher Schortmann of Sheridan and Cory Tasler of Dayton were ordered to pay over $7,000 in fines and restitution and had their hunting and fishing privileges suspended for a combined nine years for several Game and Fish violations. Sheridan County Circuit Court Judge John Sampson ordered Schortmann to pay $530 in fines and $2,500 in restitution to the state for taking a mule deer buck after the season had closed. In addition, Schortmann's hunting and fishing privileges were suspended for three years, making him ineligible to purchase hunting or fishing licenses in Wyoming and 31 other states that belong to the wildlife violator compact.

Judge Sampson also ordered Tasler to pay $1,980 in fines and $2,000 in restitution to the state of Wyoming for five counts of illegally purchasing resident licenses and for accessory to taking the above mentioned mule deer after the season closed. Tasler’s hunting and fishing privileges were suspended for six years.

The investigation began in mid-November of 2009 when Sheridan Game Warden James Hobbs received an anonymous tip on the stop poaching hotline, stating that Schortmann and Tasler had illegally killed a mule deer buck in the Sheridan area. Further investigation showed that Schortmann had killed a mule deer buck with his crossbow about a week after the season closed just west of Sheridan city limits on Soldier Creek road. Tasler then knowingly stored the illegally taken mule deer at his home in Dayton. When asked by Judge Sampson why he had poached the deer? Schortmann replied that he had poached it to show his friends what a nice deer he could kill.

The Game and Fish encourages the public to report any violations by calling the Stop Poaching hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP, or by filing a report online at their website

poaching fines

Ouch! Well it isn't good to be made the example however examples have to be made! I wouldn't want to be the next to be made the example in this situation either, it seems that person should receive even more.(for being stupid if nothing else)

game and fish

Come on more then a slap on the wrist for shooting a deer out of season. When a Game and Fish official shoots 2 cow moose and lives one to rot. And he is only subject to a couple small fines where is the justice?

get your facts straight

He didn't LEAVE the moose to rot - moron. And he was fined a substantial amount (that any other person who made the same mistake would have been fined). The difference is an accident vs. POACHING. The difference is a punk showing off vs. someone making a mistake and taking responsibilty for it and not trying to hide it. Get your facts straight!!!!


Come on.. What is the deal. Shoot a deer out of season just to show someone that you can get a bid buck. Then get a slap on the hand. As hunting hard as it is. Someone all most has to pay big money to hunt on a privet ranch, and these twits go out and do this. WE AS HUNTERS SHOLD GIVE THEM THEIR PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my point of view they can't EVER hunt agin.

not enough punishment

As an avid hunter and a guide, i think these two individuals should never be able to hunt again. It's hard enough as it is to get a hunter a trophy deer. And with people like this shooting deer after season just because they wanted to, it ruins the hunting for everyone.


Im a hunter and fisher, i love the out doors and I love to be able to do these things. I believe that we eshould be able to hunt when we need to key word being need. for family needs to eat. this jack ass needs to be slaped around and never be alowed to hunt again. i believe as i have stated that its one thing to hunt for your families needs but its another thing if you do it for show or for sport. I want to be able to have a good name and project a good image about hunting. Idiots like him do more damage and fire up the left wing wackos and it pisses me off. They should have thrown the book at him.

If this person did this just

If this person did this just for show, the Judge should have NAILED his Ass to the wall, not just a small fine and a few years of losing hinting and fishing privilages. How do people expect this crap to stop with small punishments?

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