Two Minors Charged as Adults in Connection with Armed Robbery Case

John “JJ” Hatch and Dillon James Sutherlin had their Initial Appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court Thursday afternoon, both on charges relating to the January 30th, 2010 armed robbery that took place at the Sheridan home of David Simmons.

Both are charged with Count I: Aggravated Robbery; and Count II: Accessory Before the Fact. Aggravated robbery is a felony punishable by imprisonment of not less than 5 years and no more than 25 years, a fine of not more than $10,000, or both. Accessory Before the Fact is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not less than 5 years nor more than 25 years, a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.

Court documents indicate that on the night of January 30, 2010, David Simmons reported that he had been robbed and beaten at gunpoint by three male subjects at his residence. Simmons was familiar with the subjects, and identified them as Gerald Jesse Hamlin, JJ Hatch and Dillon Sutherlin.

Simmons said that the male subjects left northbound on Highway 87 in a small silver car bearing Washington state license plates. Just before 11 pm, Corporal Thompson of the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office observed the car on Coffeen Avenue and initiated a traffic stop at Milepost 23 on I-90 Westbound. Sutherlin and Hatch were the sole occupants of the vehicle and advised they had been at Simmons’ house earlier. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed only a large baggy of marijuana, but no firearm or further evidence.

Corporal Thompson separately interviewed Sutherlin and Hatch at the Sheriff’s Office, where they admitted to knowing about the 9 mm assault rifle and that it was hidden over the fence at the end of 6th Avenue. Sutherlin and Hatch both told Thompson that Hamlin entered Simmons’ garage with the loaded rifle; Hamlin sought repayment of money; Hamlin beat Simmons with the rifle; Hamlin retrieved a large baggy of marijuana from Simmons’ home; and the three subjects fled the scene.

Judge Sampson set a $25,000 cash bond for both Hatch and Sutherlin. A Preliminary Hearing will be set in ten days.

Gerald Hamlin had his Initial Appearance in Circuit Court this past Monday, where he was charged with One Count of Aggravated Robbery. He was placed under a $75,000 cash bond.

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I feel that since the drugs were in Simmons house he should be charged and then take a closer look at every thing. Do you really think that a drug addict would tell the truth. no he would lie because they stole his drugs or maybe he provoked it to this point think of the possibility. There are to kids life's on the line. Don't take short cuts on our future citizens.

They all deserve to go to

They all deserve to go to prison !! Dealing, selling and having illegal drugs is against the law period and using a firearm in the commission of a crime is also illegal. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. I don't feel bad for any of them.

With drugs comes the lies. Where is the factual evidence?

Have incriminating evidence and not processing it? Where is the protection? For the one that has the most money and/or the most drugs in this case? How can you put a sentence on anyone in this case? It's in the hands of the law but if they cant figure this out, whos to say you don't get wrongfully accused? Is it not law that a fair trial goes on as well? Though not held up in court, a lie detector test needs assesed and posted. You should not put the gun in any hand till that evidence is processed and the lies have come out. Word of mouth is not enough to convict a person is it? Especially when I know it was all over drugs and the one doing the accusing has them in his system. Has Simmons ben processed himself? That should be the next step. Come on, it doesnt take a rocket scientist?
The truth of the matter is that these young boys don't need prison. I know all three of them, and none of them have had a silver spoon or parents that raised them properly. The state needs to look at the facts and give help where it is needed in all three cases. Don't put them in prison and allow them to come out with a phd in narcotics and the thug life. Send them to boot camp where they can learn from the mistakes made and have a direction for the future while giving to the community of the USA let alone Sheridan.


My brother is one of the kids involved and well said I agree boot camp would be a great idea. He needs structure and discipline so he knows what is right and wrong. "none of them have had a silver spoon or parents that raised them properly" Enough said and thanks I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way!

so since the gun was found,

so since the gun was found, and that's the only evidence there is, how come it hasn't been finger printed yet? hello! everything else is "hearsay". that's how all kinds of people get wrongly accused in situations like this!

The truth is not going to

The truth is not going to make itself appear. The law officers need to make this happen. Why process the gun when you can coach the young and their job is that much shorter. By the sounds of it the younger ones are close and not going to say one or the other had the gun. So left to hang is Hamlin. Even though Simmons has been heard saying that Hamlin tried to get one of the younger boys to stop the pistol whipping.
If the evidence is not processed correctly how can the judge sentence correctly? Even though God is the final judge. Here on earth the only other thing to do, if not looked into further more is to step to state then national levles. No matter what if the law officers dont do their jobs correctly they will be held accountable in the eyes of God. Drugs have no place with God, but it sure has its spot in this case. So process the gun talk to family and the community and drug test Simmons. Media find the truth befor posting any more. unless you dont care to be accountable as well. See that you have the truth too.
Three lifes are at stake here. Just as Simmons life may have been. Which who even knows that to be fact? Since the kid had narcotics and also is publically known to use more hard drugs.
Media do the checking into this as I have from alomst two thousand miles away. Not hard to know drugs were involved and the accuser was with and using them at the point it all went down. Also make your law inforcement do their jobs and search for more evidence while processing the things they already have availavle. Makes sense huh?

I have known JJ Hatch for

I have known JJ Hatch for about 9 yrs. now. I am not trying to defend him in any way. I have been around to see him grow up into a very troubled individual. Ever since I have known him he has had to fend for himself. He has been abused by his mothers boyfriends, watched his mother be abused by her boyfriends, starved, lived in a car more than once, exposed to drug use for years, you name it he's been through it. This "CHILD" is 17 years old and is all alone. No mother or father that has guided him in the right direction or even tried. He needs to be punished and he will, I just hope that when he's in prison he gets some help. Instead of just hoping that being locked up will do the trick give him some intense therapy. Parents: Your kids learn from your example. His parents should be charged with abandonment... I believe this is mostly on them. This makes me so sad.. Maybe something as simple as love would have saved this kid!

I vote we jail the mother,

I vote we jail the mother, and offer the kid treatment.

And it just keeps coming...

And it just keeps coming...

Jesse Hamlin

This case is full of lies. Simmons has been heard around town saying that the youngest of the boys had the gun and Hamlin was trying to get the boy to stop the beating. I believe Hamlin is taking the wrap because he is the oldest. Also it was all over drugs? Simmons needs to come forward and tell the truth of the matter and the police needs to know the truth as well as the community. Come on drop all charges Simmons is out of his mind and how does he know who was there being under the influence. A good defense attorney needs to get hold of this case.

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