Two Children Lost In Bighorn Mountains Reunited With Parents

A family camping trip nearly turned tragic for the parents of two small children. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher tells us what happened.

Every year since the Pratt family moved to Lovell in 1988, they have taken a family camping trip in the Bighorn Mountains. The Pratt’s and their seven grown children gathered at the Tie Flume Campground this week. It was just after lunch on Thursday when they noticed that two of the youngest children were nowhere to be found. 3-year-old Ada Pratt and her 3-year-old cousin Noah Mitchell had wandered off. Ada’s father Luke Pratt began to get concerned with the children did not answer calls for their return.

Nearly everyone in the campground volunteered to help search for the missing kids. Some even started looking on their 4-wheelers to cover more ground. Sheridan County Search and Rescue was deployed to the scene, as well. Noah’s father, Joe Mitchell says those hours were some of the worst of his life.

It was nearly four agonizing hours later when the children were located more than two miles from camp. The children’s uncle found them walking in the wrong direction looking for the way back to their parents. With young Ada and Noah safely back in camp, the Pratt family had a lot of celebrating to do. The trip may be one of the most memorable for the family and certainly one with the happiest ending.

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