Two Arrested In Early Morning Burglary Attempt At Downtown Business

One Sheridan man and a juvenile were arrested early Monday morning during a break in at the Sport Stop in downtown Sheridan. The pair allegedly broke the window in the front door of the business around 2:30 Monday morning. 18-year-old James Allen made his initial appearance in Circuit Court Monday afternoon. Judge John Sampson set bail at $25,000 cash.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed with the court, a Sheridan County Sheriff’s Deputy witnessed Allen and a juvenile accomplice leaving the business. A call from the Detective Sgt. Tom Henry of the Sheridan Police Department told us that a police officer saw the sheriff's deputy pull a u-turn when seeing the two subjects leave the store. The subjects allegedly led the two law enforcement personnel on an extended foot chase before being taken into custody a few blocks away.

Sgt. Henry told us that on Sunday evening at about 7:30, Metz Beverage was also burglarized, and the two subjects are implicated in that crime as well. Henry adds that most of the items taken from Metz have been recovered.

The State announced their intention to re-file additional burglary charges that were deferred after the defendant enrolled for military service. He was arrested only 4 days after being released from jail for the prior offenses.

Also on the Circuit Court docket Monday was 19-year Jeremiah Steven who is accused of taking several firearms from a Banner residence. The Court was concerned about his mental fitness for trial, and ordered a psychiatric evaluation to be completed by the State Hospital before further proceedings.

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I'd rather be a "lucky parent, than a good parent!"
Good parents get the right sperm in the right egg.......
Meaning: Some people shouldn't have kids! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should! Kinda like using your credit card? Get a puppy from the dog pound instead of making luv........ Just my thoughts...... And NO I DIDN'T MAKE ANY YET! When I get my first million, college degree, and a relationship with a psycoanalist, I'll THINK about it....... Hitler wasn't all wrong......

Wow.. you're a crazy person

You live in a twisted world all your own, don't you? You're sick.

do you have children of your own?

i am wondering after reading all of the comments made, if gollum and dillio1973 have children of their own.

i had great parents and still managed to get into trouble. and i have no one to blame but myself.

i would like to think i did a good job raising my two sons...
but they still managed to get into trouble.

i don't believe there are many children that didn't get into some type of mischief whether it be caught lying, smoking, drinking, etc.

even though there is a no tolerance law for the schools now, these kids cannot be punished like we were. there were times i thought my father was the cruelest in the world! but i know now that he did what he thought was best. these days, if there is any type of mark on a child, teachers are supposed to bring it to the attention of authorities.

so, what do we do? bitching won't help. if you have ideas, then please tell us all. we are all waiting the answer.

my parents also told me to weigh my words carefully.
it's better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it.

What do we do?

Do you best, try your hardest, try not to cause intentional harm to yourself or others and then set them free to carry on your goodness. Some bad stuff will get through but you will see the good stuff as they grow older and it will constantly amaze you. That is what you do.

I have children, and guess

I have children, and guess what they do make mistakes. My youngest son just today called me at work crying, because he knew he did something wrong. This is a key element, HE KNEW HE HAD DONE SOMETHING WRONG. Tonight when I get home from work, I will pick him up and we will decide on a punishment that both of us approve of. We'll talk about why he did what he did.

"so, what do we do? bitching won't help. if you have ideas, then please tell us all. we are all waiting the answer."

I have to give you credit for asking most people are to proud to ask for help, but that's what is needed. As a parent you can't be expected to solve every issue. My parenting revolves around one key factor "Empathy" I talk to my boys about the empathy of others every day. I'm not saying it is the right answer, but it's my answer. I'm open to other answers. I don't think there is any single one answer. I will say this, you don't teach a child empathy at 18 heck it think it may be hard after 12. It's hard to wake up one day when your child is 13 and say hey, I need to start being a parent. Unlike many other people I woke up one day and said hey I want to be a parent and then decided to have kids. I started out from "the get go" thinking it might be interesting building a person from scratch. I thought, hey maybe I have something to add to the world that will be here after I leave.
your parents told you to weigh your words carefully, that's great advice. "it's better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it." Never be afraid to come across as an idiot, if what you say is something you believe in. IMHO

Very nice post

I'd add that I try to let my kids make mistakes, within limits, sometimes I even knowingly let them make mistakes and fall on their butts when the consequences for them or others will not be great. I also set some black and white limits, they will not quit school (they will in fact make a diligent effort to do well), they will not steal or lie, they will not partake in cruelty to others. Of course over the years they'll probably drink some, cut class, break curfew etc. They aren't perfect but they'll never be breaking into houses either.
I also really try to drive home the point that what they do now can affect the rest of their lives, they can screw off in school and work hard like their father, or go to college, not work as hard, and have more material things than their parents have.


Some of you are so naive. I sure do hope, gollum, that all your preaching of right and wrong will MAKE your children do what is right and not what is wrong. Speaking from experience, I have two children who grew up in the same house with the same parents---who did not go to bars--but spent all their time involved with their kids and their activities, school sports and friends, they attended the same school, the same church and both were taught right from wrong. They were shown by example what caring, law abiding and hard working individals should be. Yet, my friends, our children have free-will. Unfortunately, all the hard work of a parent does not guarantee the perfect child. Interestingly enough, but not so unusual, one of my children has never even so much had a traffic ticket. This child is productive, never so much has tried pot, never had an MIP. Attends college and makes his own way in life. HIs sibling on the other hand got involved with drugs--and no we did not turn a blind eye. We attended family counceling, we put him through expensive treatment centers 3 times, we sent him to private schools to change his friends, we home schooled him--we gave him consequences of his behavior--this was our church boy child--the one who never so much gave us one ounce of trouble, our A student--drugs changed him and we did everything in our power to help him and our family--but in the end this child exercised his own free will. So do not assume every child who chooses the wrong path had parents who werent worth a hill of beans--because that is unfair and untrue. Believe me we would have given our lives to help this child---I pray all of you who judge "parents" in general for their childs actions never have to experience the heartache we have felt. You all are in my prayers.

I think your missing the

I think your missing the point.. You went out of your way to help your child. I think the community takes issue with the parents who do not make it their mission to do everything they can. There are a lot of parents who are worried more about their own life then the life of the child.. I feel that when you decide to have kids you need to know up front the kid comes first period, end of story.

my point is.....

Your exactly right! I understand what you are saying. All I'm saying is, please don't rush to judgment on parents in our community who have children who choose the wrong path. You really can't judge unless you've walked in the parents shoes and you lived under their roof. If this were my child and you didn't know my story would you all be saying the same thing about me? Saying "blame the parents not the child" is worrisome to me. Remember, were talking about an 18 year old here. When does he become responsible for his own actions? We are teaching our youth they are powerless to become criminals if their parents weren't up to par. It puts them in the victim role and that doesn't help at all. In addition, it worries me that our society is so focused now on blaming others for the actions of the individual. There seems to be a lack of accountability for individuals. If someone harms someone and ends up in prison its, oh, my parents were mean to me or I watched too many violent movies, or I didn't have the opportunities of others and on and on and on. We really need to stress to our youth the importance of being accountable for our own actions. This is so very important. I mean think about it. Those of us who are in our forties, I can't even imagine blaming my misbehaving on my parents when I grew up---that just would not be tolerated back then. We knew our boundaries and knew right from wrong and we knew if we screwed up WE were going to pay for it. That kept us in line. Scapegoating our parents was not going to fly. And I know there are parents who really shouldn't be parents, and it angers me as well....but again...someone somewhere teaches those children what is right and what is wrong and they have to know that they THEMSELVES are responsible for becoming somebody or becoming a criminal. Don't take that power away from them.

Judge, Judge, and Judge

This is about parents all across the nation, not just in this community. I do not think there are bad kids, only bad parents. We as parents lead our youth by example. They imitate what they see (from parents) from the beginning of thier life. This includes: anti-social behavior, addiction, violence, racism, bigotry, hate,love, forgivness and so on. This is the way it is. Now there are exceptions to the rule, but that is the minority. Nature or Nurture has always been the question.

We all use discernment, judgement, reasoning, to make decisions everyday and by this you can judge a book by it cover within reason. I try to Make sure my children maintain a certain standard in public that represents me as a halfway good parent. This is one of those rules, "Do as I say,not as I do" I do not want my children to be like me, I want them to be like themselves as an individual that can be an asset to society. They learn how do that by being in a productive and creative enviroment since the day they were born. All parents should provide this for thier children. Do they? Look around and make your own judgement.

Who is responsible? We all are as individuals. Parents are individuals, youth are individuals. We all must take responsibility. Who is to blame? We all are. I am even to blame. Everything we do is cause and effect. Every choice we make has positive or negative impact. This again, is taught in the home. Maybe all paths are unique to the individual, even the "wrong paths"

If you commit an adult crime, then you should be punished like an adult. So what age is that? I have no idea, but I would guess around 10 years of age. Hey, if you have kids, when do ever stop being the parent? Just my oppinion.

Being part of the community

I totaly understand where your comming from. All I can say to your responce is become a bigger part of the community, be involved with your peers. Attend a few community events. Take your circle of friends and expand it three fold, that way if something happens not only do you have people to reach out to, but you have people in the community who know your story.

you've hit the nail on the head dillio

Definately we all need to play a bigger part in our community and expand our circle of friends. It takes a village to raise a child right? ;)


I like how you compare a child to a dog!! And for your information what gives you the right to judge the parent?
That child has been in department of family services custody for the last ten years!! What did they do wrong?? They are sapose to know all about raising a child... his own father went to jail because he beat his butt in punishment for something.But instead of the parent being able to punish the child and deal with things. thats child abuse and the parent suffers. And tell me how do you stop a child that is eighteen. They tell you the whole time growing up they can pretty much do what they want or they will turn you in. How do you plan on stopping one that is of leagal age.
Get your facts strait and mind your own business....


If you look back at the first arrest of young man you might notice family problems. Reading the archives show it was his father who put him in jail along with his fathers girlfriend son. The judge is commented on saying he gave this young man a chance to straighten his life. Sounds to me that somewhere in his growing up things turned sour. You say he was in family services, they can only help a kid so far as they try to undo what got him there to begin with.
Maybe this is what his choice was to go down the wrong path and maybe he will learn not to be a follower. Just maybe he will learn now prison is not a fun place to be and turn his life around.

hey, the only thing I have

hey, the only thing I have to say is prison is not an institution of learning..

"family services custody"

The government does such a great job raising kids.


Didn't mean to hit a nerve

I agree

If my dog bites a person I am Liable, why are the parents not held liable for this? I see it every day parents too busy at the bar or with their friends to put any effort into their kids.

yet again

do these kids still live at home? did they have any history of this? I still say the focus needs to be on parents, not the kids... The parents make a choice to let these kids run.. Maybe if parents did jail time things woudl change. just a thought.

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