Turkey Cooking Tips From The Wyoming Culinary Institute

Turkey Cooking Tips From The Wyoming Culinary Institute

Tim Rockwell, chef with the Wyoming Culinary Institute, was on Public Pulse Tuesday with some tips for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey.

Organic turkeys are becoming an increasingly popular option for Thanksgiving dinner. Rockwell explains how they differ from other turkeys at the store.

He added a tip to make the bird a little more tender: a brine.

When cooking all turkeys, it's important to lift the turkey off the bottom of the pan while it cooks. He explains what happens if not.

For those wanting to try deep fat frying their turkey, Rockwell doesn't recommend the new indoor fryers.

Rockwell recommends cooking your bird at about 325 degrees to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. That's a little lower than the traditional recommended temperature of 165, but Rockwell says heat stored in the turkey will cause it to continue to cook even after it's taken out of the oven.

He explains the best place to put the thermometer to take the temperature of your bird.

If you haven't thawed out your turkey yet, Rockwell says it might be too late. However, he says the best method for a quick thaw would be to remove the turkey from the package and run it under water in the sink.

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