Commission Approves Truck Purchase

Commission Approves Truck Purchase

Johnson County Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer brought a request to finance the purchase of a plow truck before the county commissioners at their Tuesday meeting.

Pehringer told the commissioners that he had the opportunity to “piggyback” his purchase with an existing purchase with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, to get the truck sooner and save some money.

The truck will cost $147,000 and he told the commissioners he will have $65,000 in one-percent money coming available on November 1st, and the remaining $85,000 earmarked for this truck will become available in 2014.
Pehringer wants to purchase the truck this year with the $65,000 down payment and finance the remaining cost until next year when there will be a balloon payment of $84,711 including the 2.59% financing.
The cost will still be below the $150,000 originally earmarked for the truck purchase.

Pehringer explained why he felt financing the truck was a positive move for his department.

Again, Pehringer was not asking for money from the commissioners, only permission to purchase the truck with the down payment and finance the remainder for a year, which they approved.

Delivery of the truck is expected at the end of November or early December.

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