Truck Brakes Catch Fire West of Buffalo

Truck Brakes Catch Fire West of Buffalo

In what turned out to be a fairly routine call, Johnson County Fire responded to a call last Friday afternoon of a vehicle fire on Highway 16 West of Buffalo.

When firefighters arrived, they found a semi-tractor and trailer stopped in the middle of the highway with its brakes on fire. County Fire Chief Wes Johnson explains what they found.

Johnson said the driver of the tractor-trailer spoke little English and could not read the signs for the runaway truck ramp, which is why he stopped in the middle of the highway.

Johnson said firefighters were able to use hand-held fire extinguishers to put out the flames and another truck was brought in to move the trailer the rest of the way down the mountain. The semi was towed into town. There were no injuries in the incident.


Coledigger......the answer is NAFTA. You would be shocked to know how many big rig drivers cannot speak or read English. When we complain about NAFTA, most often think about Mexico. But Canadian truck drivers are, in my experience, almost all foreigners from the middle east that have no English skills. How about being in front of that big rig on Hwy 16?????

Commercial drivers

Don't you know what CDL stands for?
Crash Dummy Licence of course.

wyoming56 you have never

you have never lived in WA state where this type of thing happens all the time!!



How did this person even get a CDL without being able to speak English, read English, and not be able to understand the picture-type signs that indicate a steep grade? This crap certainly should make everyone feel a lot safer knowing people like this are driving trucks (80,000#) on the highways!

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