Troopers Seize 450 Pounds of High Grade Marijuana

450 pounds of high grade marijuana was seized by State Troopers Thursday near Sundance, Wyoming. (Courtesy Photo)
450 pounds of high grade marijuana was seized by State Troopers Thursday near Sundance, Wyoming. (Courtesy Photo)

Shortly after 10 am Thursday morning, Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers stopped the driver of a U-haul rental truck just east of Sundance on Interstate 90 for failure to maintain his vehicle within a single lane. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Stephen Townsend says that a drug detection K-9 alerted Troopers to the rear of the U-Haul.

Townsend said that it was the largest seizure of marijuana from one traffic stop by the Wyoming Highway Patrol in the last 5 years. Townsend also indicated that while the case remains under investigation, it is believed that the driver of the U-haul, 33-year-old Andrew Klassen from Canada, was transporting the marijuana from Missoula, Montana to Chicago, Illinois.


there seems to be plenty of DUIs in sheridan county. last thing needed is legal POT

I agree with others that we

I agree with others that we should legalize it, I'm not a big fan of the government telling us how to live our lives though. We spend a lot of money in this country, and lose a good share of freedom trying to stop otherwise law abiding people from using this drug.

I love how people post

I love how people post things with out doing any research first. Go work in a treatment facility and do some research and your mind will be changed, im sure of it. There are so many negative components to legalizing marijuana for the general public. People have to really look into the issue, really do research and not just pay attention to the surface.

I find it interesting how

I find it interesting how once people work in the health care industry, in this case "treatment facility" their point of view becomes so myopic to the rest of society wishes. I myself don't support the use of marijuana in a recreational setting, however if a person wants to run themselves into the ground at no expense to me then so be it... It's one less person I have to compete with on a day to day basis. I worked in California for many years, and I always had to laugh at how long some of the marijuana users lasted in the work environment. We would refer to them as low hanging fruit, and generally the first people to go in cutbacks.. I had to at least give them credit for at least trying and not living off of government assistance.. However, make no mistake, the use of this drug DOES have an impact to the way your brain utilizes memory.. That in turn will impact your performance in job areas where that is critical...

My opinion is not myopic, it

My opinion is not myopic, it is maybe more realistic then others because I see more then others do perhaps? I see these people first hand and get to hear about the messes they have left behind in their lives as a result of abusing this drug and others. And when these people do run themselves into the me they are an expense to you.

I agree, they are an

I agree, they are an "expense" to me and others. We have implemented so many tax payer funded programs in order to help them, programs that are nothing more then a stone throw away from socialism. Programs to help people who made the choice to take a specific path in life. You think I'm going to shed a tear over the fact that they could not just say NO, and now want to be my and others problem ?

Really ?

"myopic" from the standpoint you are somewhat disconnected from the people who resent that these people have by choice made themselves the problem of me and others.. The majority of society had nothing to do with these people smoking themselves retarded.

Your post made me giggle

Your post made me giggle because I agree with you. The part that most people miss is that some of the few who dont say no do become addicts which is a real disease. It is hard to sympathize with these people especially if you are not an addict or havent had first hand experience with them, you dont understand the disease concept; the part where some people's brains just react differently to certain drugs and their ability to stop becomes a battle. When the addiction part comes in that is when the 'I cant stop' comes in. Sad, but true. And alot of times the smoking pot is just the beginning. When that high isnt enough then the other, more harsh drugs come into place which then makes the person a ticking time bomb for disaster. When disaster hits, society and their loved ones are the ones that are affected. The good news is though, is that rehabilitation is possible. Doesnt happen all of the time, but it is possible. If these people dont get rehabilitation then they can REALLY become our problem.....paying for jail time, welfare, becoming victims of their lies, stealing etc. So, we have this battle of where do we invest the money? Cause these people dont just go away....they either take a chance at rehabilitation in hopes that they can become productive members of society again or we put them through the legal system over and over and over again. The hardest part is knowing who to do what with.
I am really openminded to all aspects of the legalization topic. I think that alot of suplements out there can be useful in medical needs but obviously when it is monitored and used with caution. Heck, look at the prescription drug abuse trend that our society is dealing with now. Its really hard to have a black and white answer when we are dealing with all walks of life here.

I say fine, help them out

I say fine, help them out but when they once again become "productive members of society" they need pay full restitution back into the system.. The down side is if they knew that, how many do you think would ever seek help... Why ? because there will always be an underlying moral issue with these people that started them down this path in the first place.. Cure the disease, but the moral characteristics remain. I hear what your saying, it's a no win situation that I don't like seeing any side pulled into. There are a lot of environmental issues at play here, and sadly a place like Sheridan may not be suitable for recovery, but then again what area would be suitable? I look at the Sheriffs report every week and shake my head at the list of DUI's.. Is it the drug/disease or is it a culture ? I also struggle with how the establishment has pulled off labeling it as a disease.. In my mind a disease generally never starts off as a choice made by the person who contracts it.. As you say "some people's brains just react differently to certain drugs", is this not an imperfection of nature ? Who are we to pay for and steer evolution and survival of the fittest? I say that only from a philosophical perspective.

Great picture

What a great picture of the K-9 sitting there so proud!!! Job well done!

Grown from earth, not in a lab...

Tell me again, why we criminalize this stuff, marijuana?


Montana and Colorado

Apparently you haven't been keeping up with the news. Both Montana and Colorado have legalized pot for medical use. Both states are seeing violence directly related to these places.

"Both states are seeing

"Both states are seeing violence directly related to these places."

I doubt the believability of that, but go ahead and drink that cool-aid if you like.. They can say anything they want, until someone asks them for the data to back it up.

I'm seeing a substantial increase in the value of my home... Does that mean anyone is going to buy it based on what I say...

If pot was such a threat why did the Federal government even take the time to make a tax stamp for it back in the 60's..

I'm not a pot supporter, but the argument trying to be used by the group who feel the need to control the lives of others is baseless IMO ..

If you want an argument, give me data on the impact to productivity in the work place. I like working with pot heads, It's easy to outperform and out think them them most of the time.

Your words exactly!

"I like working with pot heads, It's easy to outperform and out think them them most of the time".

I have close relatives, in blood only, that are heavy pot users. Every time I was around them or their adult kids, I saw the affects of long term pot use. I am not going to take the time to argue with you or anyone else about the consequences of using it but from what I witnessed, it has most definitely influenced their lives, their wallets, and their relationships with the rest of their family.

uh huh

Booze has the same effect. Worse in most cases. But it's legal... and taxable.

I say marijuana should be treated similar to alcohol and tobacco

Whenever I come across this discussion, I think about all the people who die every year directly due to alcohol and its affects, and all the people who have long term severe health issues as a result of tobacco. Yet both are completely legal, and we only need take a short dip into the history books to see that there was violence associated with alcohol when it was prohibited.

I say if adults are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes they should also be allowed to obtain and use marijuana similarly.

Isn't making things illegal essentially just additional ways the government reduces your liberty and controls your decisions and life?

Every substance can be abused, regardless if it is legal to buy at a store or not.

Having to spend millions and millions of dollars fighting against marijuana only to see those efforts have almost no impact.. seems like a massive waste of taxpayer money.

A better usage would seem to be education and finding ways to help prevent people from desiring to abuse substances (those who use any substance in excess typically do so due to problems elsewhere in their life they wish to escape from).

personally I have never touched marijuana or even tobacco myself, just personal choice. I believe they should be equally legal.

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