Train Derailment in Wind River Canyon

Burlington Northern train derailment in the Wind River Canyon Wednesday. (Courtesy Photo)
Burlington Northern train derailment in the Wind River Canyon Wednesday. (Courtesy Photo)

A Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper patrolling US 20/WYO
789 in the Wind River Canyon was witness to a Burlington Northern freight train derailment into the Big Horn River shortly after noon Wednesday. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Stephen Townsend explains what unfolded before the Trooper's eyes.

Townsend says what happened next was inevitable.

Townsend said that there were no injuries in the crash, as the two engineers aboard the locomotive were able to climb out before the cab filled with water.

Townsend also said that as a result of the collision, diesel fuel and bentonite has spilled into the Big Horn River, and that the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has been notified of the incident. At this time it is unknown how much damage has been done to Burlington Northern's rail line or the quality of the river. 

US 20/WYO 789 through the Wind River Canyon remains open to vehicular traffic.

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