Tragedy on Big Goose Road

Elizabeth Reynolds Kincaid
Elizabeth Reynolds Kincaid

Just after midnight Friday night into Saturday morning this past weekend, an horrific accident involving two young people in a PT Cruiser and a loose horse on the highway happened in front of the home of one of our Sheridan Media employees. Mary Jo Johnson has this exclusive interview with Elizabeth Reynolds Kincaid.

Elizabeth Reynolds Kincaid grew up on her father Ben's ranch on Big Goose Road west of Sheridan. She now lives in Hardin with her husband, Stewart, but this past weekend, she stayed with her dad in order to be in town for a nephew's birthday on Saturday. They turned in for the night. She tells us what happened just hours later.

The car was in such bad shape, she says.

The Reynolds have many horses on their property. However, the horse that was hit and killed was one of three that had gotten loose from another owner earlier Saturday. In fact, Highway Patrol had been out looking for those horses for some time. Liz says their family has been receiving some harassment from the victims' friends and she asks them to stop.

From unofficial reports, we know that the young woman who was the passenger in the vehicle was transported by ambulance to Billings and underwent surgery. It is unknown the condition of the young man driving, and it is unclear if there may have been another vehicle involved as well.

For news, I'm Mary Jo Johnson reporting.

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