Toys For Tots Down To Final Push For Donations

The United States Marine Corps sponsors the “Toys for Tots” program every year leading up to Christmas. The goal is to make sure that those in need can provide a Christmas toy to every child. Retired Master Sergeant Jim Craig has organized the campaign for the Marine Corps here in Sheridan for several years.

Not only are donations down, but in tough economic times more people ask for help. Toys for Tots is trying to help needy families right here in our community.

With Christmas just days away, the toy distribution will take place this weekend starting at 9 Saturday morning at 151 West Brundage St. Last minute shoppers who want to donate to the program only have a day or two to drop off the new, unwrapped toys at one of several locations throughout Sheridan. Click here to find “Toys for Tots” drop off locations.

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my family and I are struggling

Hello my family and I are struggling I understand that this time of year a lot of familys are struggling because of the economy and other factors. My fiance' and I have 2 little boys ages 3 and 9. The oldest is from alaska born and raised till 1 year ago. He now resideds with us here in sheridan and we understand that you have program every year that helps families within the community to help the kids have a good christmas. We have had to fix our vehicle, are behind on our rent because of this factor. We really would like for our kids to have something for christmas and the way things are going it is not looking like we will be able to provide that for them this year. We have no money for our rent because we got behind on our bills because of my son's situation in alaska. He got taken from his mother because she was using illegal drugs and partying and we used our money to go up there to get him so that he could live with us and for that reason we are now behind on everything and we were wondering if the community of sheridan could help our children have a good christmas. Yours truly,
The Holts


You are correct, these situations are happening everywhere, to thousands of people and famalies across the nation. No xmas year end bonus, no performance pay raises, no employment, under employed, the list goes on.

Maybe it is time to Relearn what Christmas is about: it is a celebration of the birth of JESUS, a celebration of family, a time of thankfulness, a time to be together.

We do not have one Christmas present under our tree this year, but it is alright. We always depended on that year end bonus, not this year, but it is alright. Cars seems to break down at least once a month, but it is alright, we live from paycheck to paycheck, no savings, but it is alright, younger children are expensive but they get more expensive when they become teenagers, but it is alright, medical bills are now in the 10s of thousands of dollars and that is with medical insurance, but it is alright.

This Christmas might not have all the gifts as previous years but it was a wakeup call for my family of what Christmas is about. Maybe the kids deserve alot of presents but they deserve the gifts of love and peace the most. ( Dont we all?) So try to take a breath, sit back, be thankful for what you do have and the light of Christmas will shine. Your Christmas will be great.


because your situation is due to a domestic situation...try talking to the Women's/Children's advocacy center across from Safeway. They may have a few other options besides the very good ones mentioned by Dawn S. And the Eagles takes a few children every year to go shopping and for a breakfast out before hand..and I think that the last time my daughter went, they also went out to a movie afterwards. It's a safe and wonderful time for the child and no money is needed as they give each child an allotted ammount to spend on their families for Christmas. Hope this helps. I'm sorry that you have to face such a difficult time at this time. God Bless you and your children.

J. S. Luckjohn

My recommendation is to go

My recommendation is to go down to the Salvation Army on Tshirgi St to apply for assistance. They can usually assist with food and possible rent and can maybe put the children on the gift tree at the local retail stores. Toys for Tots will also be handing out new toys at the VFW I am thinking this weekend. You can also go to the People Payee Assistance place in the old gas station next to McDonald's and Dan may be able to give you some assistance also.

Hope this helps,

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