Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking Shows Efforts Working Around the State

At Sheridan City Hall last night, about 30 people came to hear a presentation on how prevention efforts have been taking place in the past few years around the state of Wyoming regarding underage drinking. Mike Vercauteren is the Service Director for the Wyoming Prevention Technical Assistance Consortium. He explains the purpose of the gathering.

The presenters used Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant information in their talk. The new Strategic Prevention Framework presents a step-by-step process that empowers communities to identify and implement the most effective prevention efforts for their specific needs. It also includes feedback to ensure accountability and effectiveness of the program effort.

Some of the steps communities around the state have taken toward preventing underage drinking: Goshen County's fair board designated specific areas where drinking of alcohol is allowed; Evanston unanimously approved an ordinance to remove alcohol sales through drive-up windows; Lander no longer allows dispensing of alcohol on parade floats during their 4th of July parade; a Fremont County judge requires beverage server training for a business that failed a compliance check; and in Carbon County, judges will require mandatory beverage server training for bartenders fined for serving alcohol to minors. These are just a few of many changes all 23 counties are making on an ongoing basis to implement effective results.

Thursday night's event was hosted by the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention of Sheridan County, known as ASAP. While the meeting focused on efforts around the state, on Tuesday, March 23rd, another Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking Prevention will focus solely on Sheridan County. That will be held in the C-Tel Presentation Hall beginning at 6 pm, and concerned parents, businesspeople and other community members are invited to attend. We will have details about it in the coming days.


Is this article a joke? Didn't the Sheridan Depress just bost that the DTSA raised over $30,000 dollars on a wine tasting! And then say they help curb must be Kinskeying me!

Gave me a good laugh

Oh it is funny that you think the city has any infulence on if minors are drinking! If they want to drink they are gonna do it, someones house, out in public with a simple dumping of a Mt Dew bottle and a pour of the Captain... The youth is smarter than you think. By smarter I don't mean making good choices I mean they are smart enough to know how to not get caught!

You want to influence the youth to do something other than drink, give them something else to do! Batting cages, laser tag, paint ball, or maybe a mall. I know there are alot of people stuck in there ways and do not want a mall here but really, it is a great place for FAMILY and youth to go to that isn't leading to drinking and drugs also, a great way to create more jobs for youth and others in Sheridan!

When I suggest these activites be brought to Sheridan, I am not suggesting the city take care of this, having a activity ran by the city, that would be a set up for failure, I am suggesting that someone who is looking for a great business idea to tackle one of these projects. If no one wants to do it then stop complaining about the alcohol problem.

City Hall Promotes Drinking

How ironic the meeting was held in the location where I believe the alcohol problem in sheridan is perpetuated. How about the city throwing down some restrictions on Sheridan's biggest alcohol induced event; the Street Dance. No kids should be allowed into the gated area for one. Is it really necessary for the bars to remain open all night? The city also grants the bars several other nights throughout the year to remain open all night. Another example is the new 3rd Thursday events. Throughout the year there are numerous permits granted for alcohol to be dispensed at private events held in the park. I can't remember which one, but one of the City Council members was speaking about the important aspects of an event such as this for a community and said, "in order to have a successful operation you have to serve alcohol". I think that says a lot about the alcohol problem in Sheridan. It also shows that the members of our own city hall have no consideration of the impact the events they promote have on underage drinking. If the community wants to take a stand against alcohol start on Grinnell St!!


Your comment alone states in itself that you do not take part in the yearly street dance or you would know that up until curfew, which is enforced by the officers down on the beat, the dance is a family event where the minors can enjoy great food from the carts as well as wonderful music and dancing and just enjoying time with their friends and family. Granted yes, the bars are open and there are people drinking, but the minors have different colored bracelets on and cannot be served nor can they be caught drinking a parent's beverage. There are at least 15 officers on the street dance beat at any one time, so this is enforced severely. As far as the bars being open all night, be honest...yes this town does have an alcohol problem, BUT this town's activities and income mostly depend on the bars in the area; and the existence of these businesses thrive on having these events. Drive around in the evening almost all the downtown bars you will find nearly all the parking taken up. People around here go there not to get drunk...except for a small number...but to play pool, darts, (including leagues for both), visit with friends and buddies, and just to relax after a hard day at work. Without the alcoholic suppliers here in Sheridan and the surrounding area, there would be no side income for the park, the fairgrounds, the rodeos....because you wouldn't have nearly enough adults coming to these events to spend their hard earned cash without it. As much as you people would like to see it ended, it will never happen because it's been this way throughout history and will never change. So unless you can say you've never touched a drop of alcohol in your life...please don't throw stones, because being a hypocrite doesn't get you very far in life.

J. S. Luckjohn

Please get off your soap

Please get off your soap box. Attitudes like this are disturbing.

In all fairness two members

In all fairness two members of city council were against the 3rd thursday event,that is until some of kinskeys "stakeholders" in the community informed them of how to vote.

One method of justifying open container on the 3rd thursday,is the fact that it's also a "Wine Tasting".Whenever you include wine,it appeals to a higher class of loser,which also equates to "Stakeholder" in the community.

You'll never see anything restrictive implemented against alcohol at the waste of time known as the wyo rodeo.

All any of these meetings here lately are,is nothing but a diversion to keep peoples minds off of the $1.3 million in debt that kinskeys managed to get you into.Kind of like the euphoria that kinskey tried to create at the last city council meeting over the data center.Anything to keep people from focusing on what really needs to be fixed.

Big Thanks!!!

Like the DARE program??? What a great idea a BIG thanks to the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office and Deputies Madry and Hill!!!! You all rock!!!!

Thank You

Thank you to the City of Sheridan for hosting this meeting and thanks to all of the interested folks and community leaders who showed up last night. If we all work together, we can make a big difference.

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