Today Is Election Day For Capital Facilities Tax Proposal

It’s hard to think about holding an election in August of an odd year but today is Election Day for the Sheridan County Capital Facilities Tax. Absentee voting started slowly but has nearly doubled in the last week. The polls will be open until 7 o’clock tonight. Those who have not registered can do so at the polls.

Polling locations are the same as for any other election. Those who vote at the Sheridan County Courthouse are encouraged to take extra time as construction makes accessing the courthouse rather difficult.

Today’s vote will determine if the one-cent Cap Tax continues in Sheridan County. If approved today there will not be any tax increases but the extra penny would continue to be levied until it raises $25 million. County Commissioner Steve Maier…

This tax will be used for specific projects in Sheridan, Dayton, Ranchester, Clearmont and Sheridan County as the funds become available.

The Sheridan County Elections Office is planning to post the results of Tuesday's election here.

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I was thrilled to vote NO on the tax, More taxes always mean more intrusive government, a beast that should be starved into submission.

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