Three Defendants Enter Pleas In Ernst Murder Case

Three Sheridan teens made their first appearance in 4th Judicial District Court on Tuesday. 19-year-old Dennis Poitra, Jr., 16-year-old Wyatt Bear Cloud, and 16-year-old Dharminder Vir Sen were arraigned before District Court Judge John Fenn. All three men are charged with 1st Degree Murder or Accessory to 1st Degree Murder in the August 26th shooting death of Sheridan resident Robert Ernst. They are also charged with two counts of Aggravated Burglary each.

The prosecution has elected not to seek the death penalty against Poitra based on the alleged fact that he was not the man who pulled the trigger and the state is prohibited from seeking the death penalty against the two younger defendants.

Both Bear Cloud and Sen have filed motions to transfer their cases to juvenile court. Judge Fenn asked Casper Judge Thomas Sullins to rule on the motions.

All three men entered not-guilty pleas to all the counts against them. Their trials have tentatively been set for March 8-19th. However, the State will be asking to separate the trials of the defendants and that could expand the length of time needed for the trials. The burglary charges carry sentences up to 25 years in prison and a murder conviction would require a sentence of life in prison.

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I am a friend of Dhars from Grand Island where he used to live. Dhar was getting into trouble but isnt that what every teen does. He told me about how his mom was never there and how is dad was currently living in cali at the time, moving to wyoming i knew would not solve the problem if anything make it worse, he kinda lost interest in talking to me anymore, and one day i just found out about what happend, i never knew he would do such a thing and i know its such a horrible thing to do, but many of you are very selfish in which you did not know what he was thinking at the time, he needed mental help, and nobody was there to hear what he had to say, thats how many teenagers or even adults act to when they dont have any one to listen to them or help them, idk i just wish i knew how to get a hold of him and talk to him, many of you just need to think about what happend.

times that were good

This is two girls that went to school with Dharmindar. We would have never thought that he would have done something like this. But we don't feel sorry for him, either. He and the other boys deserve what they get. And we feel dumb founded by his actions. We are truly sorry to the family.

Not Guilty?

NOT GUILTY????? They clearly have no remorse for what they did. Man up and take the punishment. I hope they get found guilty so they get maximum punishment!

Read what?

"What you focus on grows." I say this often to my friends and to myself. I am now coming to realize that not to many know just what I am saying. It's a catchy little phrase,eh?
What you put your attention on in any given moment, or second for that matter, is what you are bringing into your awareness. What is in your awareness right now is all there is. The past is gone and tomorrow never comes.
Do you even see how time is relative and infinite at the same time?
Whatever you want is what you get by your own instant choices.
Religious people often drop their jaw when I say to them, "You are the creator". At least why not be "made in his image" afterall. What do you think that means?

When one comes to understand the little catchy phrase above, one also cognizes their personal responsibility, as well as the power they have to manifest infinite possibilities.

My teacher always used to ask me...."How many people are in this room?"

I was always a bit slow... but sure.

Snap shot of Sheridan, Wyoming?

Read these words:

punishment,crazy and poor, sick of,punks pay,behind bars,crime,screw up,no sorrow,lost money, lost time, and wasted talent,sad case,horrible situation,real victim,guilty,reason,insanity,rough life,
nobody loved me,this country,lack of respect,human being,nightmare,
wake up,our kids,justice,hope,my words,eat you alive, sleep,killed, no reason, actions, naive, penitentiary,trigger, waste, life, 25 years, 31 dollars,act of greed, sensless, get a job, rob homes, instead of.

These posts are a collective moral and ethical snapshot of Sheridan, Wyoming residents. Maybe people should let the justice system do its job and in the meanwhile all of us should reflect Sheridan in a positive manner. Let your light shine in times of darkness. We each make the choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Now make the choice. I wonder if Mr.Ernst would forgive this crime? I did not know him personally, but I heard he was a pretty good guy.

Ernst Family

No matter what punishment the boys get it will not bring Bob back. Now Lisa and Annie(bob daughters) will not have their dad to go to when things are crazy and poor Linda(Bob wife)has anyone in town,that knows the Ernst's called Linda to see how she is doing? I have. As long as I live I don't understand why these kids get to do what ever they want to whom every they want we (the people of sheridan) just get to take it.. I'm sick of taking it. It's time these punks pay for what they did and I hope they spend the rest of their lives behind bars. If you do a grown up crime then you pay a grown up price.. Stop babying these kids they must learn there is a price to pay when they screw up.........

This is why I have no sorrow

This is why I have no sorrow for the families of these youth, "All three men entered not-guilty pleas to all the counts against them." Not only were they involved in the taking of a life, but they will extract thousands of dollars from the community. Lost money, lost time, and wasted talent, this is a sad case all the way around.

"Not Guilty?"

First of all I feel for all families involved in this horrible situation. But let's not forget who the real victim is here...the family of Bob Ernst. I can see already the way this is headed, first not guilty, then lets add reason of insanity, we had a rough life, nobody loved me, yadayadayada...we see this everyday in this country. Where did we lose our total lack of respect for another human being? What a nightmare. I hope we as parents wake up to what is going on with our kids...I for one would like to see justice served here. Lets hope its quick and right. Before you all decide what kind of person I am by the tone of my words, let me inform you, I am a parent, grandparent, and I have lost both parents, oh, and one more thing I have had to deal with going to a prison to visit family, and it will eat you alive, you won't be able to sleep............


these three went into the house together. they killed a human being for no reason - they all could have turned around and ran without killing him.

they all need to be tried together, as adults. they are not juveniles - they WAY passed juvenile status by their actions before they even entered that home. just because they are in their teens - does not mean their naive juveniles.

they all need to go hand in hand to the penitentiary together.

even though only one pulled the trigger - they all killed this man for $31. what a waste of his life and theirs.

i hope they all get at least 25 years to life. they all will still be young if/when they get out.

all his wife has to look forward to is missing her life partner taken away in this senseless act of greed. even though he was an older gentleman, he/she/they still had several years to look forward to together.

too much to ask for them to go get a job - even part-time if they had been in school at the time. it was easier to go rob homes/cars instead of working.


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