Teen Accuses Judge Of Getting Pushy

A group of local teenagers has accused Municipal Court Judge Stuart Healy of punching a young man on Saturday night. 18-year-old Lane Terzieff says that Judge Healy confronted the youth near Healy’s home on Clarendon Ave.

At some point during the incident, Terzieff says Healy punched him in the back. The teens have also alleged that Healy smelled of alcohol.

Healy denies the allegations but does admit to pushing one of the youth.

The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

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You ppl are sooooo stupid you cant judge someone cause of what their brother did..... healy had to right to do what he did... he should be charged as any other person if not get a harder punishment he is supposed to be a role model... and you ppl wonder why kids act the way they do... you cant expect to screw with them and screw with them because they are just ganna get more dangerous.... him starting stuff with them is telling me that an 18 year old cant even walk down the street without expecting to get questioned??? This is a small town no one knows why they were walkin down that street but prob didnt have nothing to do with healy... he was way out of line!!!

i think we should punch on

i think we should punch on him for a while because im telling u right now if it would have been me i would have beat him to nothingand then we could seee the true colors of our law but u no what that means u dont have a chance fighting the systemthat is why we all judges that are drunksssssssssssssssssss

wow unreal he should loose

wow unreal he should loose his job.........

People who are applauding the Judge

as some kind of hero for letting his temper get the better of him as he confronted four young men are doing nothing more than endorsing more escalatory and paranoid behavior.

Maybe it isn't as simple as a drunk judge losing him temper... maybe it isn't as simple as all teenage boys are defiant law-breaking individuals. Either way, I live in Phoenix, and the way you are all reacting to one violent crime in an amazing community is ridiculous. You're embarrassing yourselves. Get some perspective. It is a tragedy, and this blame-fest will only lead to a larger schism between the generations represented in this tragedy. Posters like "gollum," "wyo1234" and "wyo joe" add absolutely nothing of value to these message boards, and their anonymous presence is only further proof that opinion-spouting can be done by anyone anywhere. It doesn't mean they're credible. It just means they have a computer, lot's of spare time, and a lack of courage to attach their opinion to a name and face.

One thing I can say from experience is that those involved in law enforcement in Sheridan county are difficult to judge individually, but the youngest of us need to step up and try our best. I experienced police harassment living in Sheridan. I had a rough experience with Judge Healy as well, but that doesn't mean I'm going to throw the entire system under the bus. I wish that I hadn't been pulled over 47 times in seven months from 2002-03 in Sheridan County (only to receive 5 tickets). I wish that when I gave up driving to avoid the hassle for 24 months, that I wasn't given seven field sobriety tests while walking to and from work. I attended Sheridan College, volunteered at the Y and BBBS, worked 60+ hours per week, and spent all my spare time working with Youth at St. Peters. I didn't have a sip of alcohol until I was nearly 23 years old, but I was still pinned as some kind of troublemaker. I wasn't a bad guy, but for some reason there has always been a stigma about youth in Sheridan... now that some of that has been justified and re-enforced by a heinous crime, I'm afraid for good kids like Lane. Youthful mistakes and bad judgement met with violence instead of scolding? It's a frightening prospect. It is time for the youth of Sheridan to do something that many in the older generation have failed to do- go above and beyond what is expected of them to become good citizens of this community. The status quo is no longer acceptable... not when the deck is stacked against you.

Definately not applauding.

I get where youre coming from 100 percent. I don't think the older generations in this town see what the younger generations do. Some of the cops in this town yes. still do that. they will follow you. and follow you. and follow you. and i think it's because they have nothing better to do. but waste our taxes on their gas. to drive around and do nothing. but.... ya gotttta love sheridan... *rolls eyes*

above commentary

sheridan lover I believe that we need to remember that we all have certain freedoms and responsibilities as set forth by the constitution of this great land and one of those rights is be able to walk down a city street without being accosted about why we are and the like. If someone uspicious is hanging around your neighborhood the correct and safest hing to do is report them to the police. I am the same age as Matt Redle raised here at the same time. In our generation (late 60's a young man from our school killed his father, mother, grandfather and brother. He is not the poster child of my generation. I am raising a 15 year old grandaughter and meet some of the freakiest looking and greatest kinds in the world. Sheridan's youth is its greatest asset. Rember that when you see the next blue haired kid with schrapnel in his face.

sheridan lover

Please be careful!

I've noticed many of you posting comments depicting the events of the night when several teens and Judge Healy had a confrontation. As far as I know the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office has not released their investigation report. Please, try not to jump to conclusions (either way) until we find out what action if any is to be taken.

For the benefit of those that have mentioned the special prosecutor, it is not anything out of the ordinary nor does Wyoming law require one in cases involving public officials. It is simply a description of a prosecuting attorney from a different jurisdiction who will prosecute a case (if he/she determines that they have a basis to do so) to avoid any possible conflicts of interest.

There are only a handful of people who know what actually went on that night and I know I'm not one of them. Neither are most or all of you, even if you are the friends and or family of someone who was there. Thank you for listening and lets try not to make the situation worse by advocating facts we don't know to be true.


when I was growing up in sheridan there was lots more to do then there is now. Everything that the younger generation has tried to do as far as putting something together has been shut down. The kids in these cases are not all to blame 100%, they share the fault with their parents. Most parents these day don't pay attention to what their kids, whatever the age, are doing or who their friends are.Kids these days dont have hardly any, if any at all, respect for anyone younger or elder. when are we going to start making these kids responsible for what they do. Healy doesn't belong on the bench...We all know that! He thinks that because of his position, he is above the law. We need to remind him and other members of "law enforcement" that none of them are above the law. Self defence or not, Healy, being in the poition that he is in, should know better then to do what he did!! We can choose or friends but we can't choose our family! One brother being guilty doesn't make the other guilty.
You can have a NFL player serve 2 years because of what happened to some dogs, but somebody who drives home drunk and kills someone only serves 25 DAYS??? Where are we drawing the line as to the value of human life?? An man at home with his family lost his life for NO reason. Healy is placing the blame on these young adults instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, however he hold others responsibile for theirs everyday. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

If the senior healy is

If the senior healy is removed finally,he already has his son Ryan Healy as assistant judge.Does it get any more crooked,having your own kid as an assistant judge to yourself? This sounds a bunch like the Hank Williams Jr. song "Carrying on a family tradition".


Healy might get a slap on the hand, at the most a short suspension but thats it just because how crooked they are! Evan though they are bringing in someone from the outside. Like father like son... Ryan probably wouldn't be any better then his dad.


And people say that small towns don't have correption! yea right, i think they have more, mainly because they all cover for one another!!

Curfews For 18 Year Olds??

Exactly why is there a curfew for 18 year olds anyway. They're adults. They can join the military, fight and die for their country in war, but they can't stay out past 10:30pm? We have many 18 year olds fighting in war right now. I hope they never come to Sheridan because they'll have to be home by 10:30pm on school nights. I find that absolutely absurd - and so should you!

These 18 year olds would surely be tried as an adult if they committed any crime at all, regardless how serious. So, exactly why don't we give them the full rights of their age instead of treating them like kids and punishing them like adults?

I believe this "Lane" should not be bothered with curfew violations. He's an adult. If it's found that he was doing something wrong then punish him for it. Lane did the right thing by not hitting the judge back - the judge should learn from this.

I believe that any person who assaults another person should be tried and punished in accordance with the law. There were no other "punches" thrown - just one. The judge assaulted another individual - and not under the circumstances of self-defense. If he felt "threatened" he should have left and called the authorities - just like Lane did. The judge should be punished just as he has punished others for this same crime.

(Oh, and here's a little life lesson: if you feel threatened because you're out-numbered, it's best not to push, shove, or punch one of the members of a group because the others might just kick your a$$ for doing so).

That's my two cents ...

No Curfew for 18 year olds.

I don't know where you heard that there is a curfew for 18 year olds. there hasn't ever been one in sheridan for 18 year olds.




If healy fought back in self

If healy fought back in self defense you'd have heard about it and the 18 year old that he punched in the back would have been in jail.Healy was the instigator and these guys didn't back down from his bullying.They probably didn't even know he was a judge.Just some drunk running his mouth in the street.

Healy has had no business being a judge since his conviction for DUI.This latest stunt of his,further illustrates the fact that he should be removed from the bench. I

Sheridan is so wrong...........

amen to that... any judge who cant follow the law should not be able to keep their job... that would put sheridan,wy judgeless. This town is corrupt the legal system is screwed and im just waiting till they pull some more stupid stuff and someone does something about it to give them a rude awakening!

nothing is ever going to

nothing is ever going to happen though. it's always the same people getting elected for stuff around town. and that's why it doesn't change. People 18-22 usually don't vote in this town. If they did. it might change. can't say that for SOME cops lawyers and judges but..

Darn right!!!

This alleged crime that Healy has commited seems to be taking on a life of its own. Very suspicious, like a cover up or some crazy corruption going on. I would personally define it as a hate crime. Something just does not seem right. Attacking from behind? Alcohol? Sheridan Police dept? Sheriffs? Out side prosecutor? Healy a lawyer? Healy a local Judge? Stange indeed.

Here is the outcome:

Healy will change his story and say he was being attacked. He will accuse the offenders of being on drugs and alcohol and acting volatile and loud and that is what made him go outside. He will say he was afraid because there were so many of them. He will say one of the youth struck him and then tried to run away and that is why when he tried to defend himself he hit him in the back. Healy will then explain that there were no arrests (he talked to the police) because he was trying to be a nice guy and didnt want to cause the youth any problems. Heal will get a raise.

All of the youths will have the same story at first. They will be questioned, harrassed, manipulated, frightened, and intimidated by special investigators unil they roll over on themselves. They will be threatened into submission, even thought they did not break any laws. They will break down and admit wrong doing. Arrest will be made, warrants handed out. This is the way the story goes.

And we allow this to go on and on. People will continue daily life thinking this stuff does not happen. All cops are good, Judges dont lie, and on and on. TV is ART and ART imitates reality. Irony.

Everyone knows right from wrong.

Everyone knows right from wrong. So take responsibility for your actions. Couldnt of said it better myself. This includes all who post on this site. Even more so applies to Judges, lawyers, probation officers, cops, etc. They in particular need to lead by example. Otherwise we would live in a world of double standards.

If curfew was the issue then Mr. Healy should of called the police, unless he is also a Sheridan police officer on top of being a lawyer and a Municipal Court Judge. I wonder how I would act with all that power. :)daydreaming for second.

I have to admit, I would never attack anybody from behind, whether it was with a shove or a hit. That seems a little weak. I also lead by example (and sometimes do a terrible job)and do take responsibility for my actions, as we should. This is not about curfew, it is about an adult attacking another adult. If Mr. Healy was provoked, he should thought it out a little more before committing assault against anybody of any age at any time of the day or night. Everyone knows right from wrong. Good statment.

Clarity and Responsibility

When is Curfew?
Under 14 years of age:

School Year/Sunday-Thursday 9:30PM
School Year Friday & Saturday 10:30 PM
Summer 10:30PM

14 to 18 Years of age:

School Year/Sunday-Thursday 10:30PM
School Year Friday & Saturday 12:00 AM
Summer 12:00 AM

I took the liberty to set this issue straight regarding the curfew issue that keeps coming up. Lane, though 18yrs old, is still subject to curfew per Sheridan Police Department. Now, considering the fact that this incident occurred the weekend of the 2009-10 school year starting, the determination of whether or not to enforce the curfew.

On the statement of blaming kids... Everyone is responsible for their own actions, and therefore should be held accountable for their actions. If you find yourself in a postion that something may happen of any immoral or inethical decision, it is your job not to be involved. Everyone knows right from wrong. So take responsibility for your actions.

Stop claiming there is "nothing to do". There are afterschool programs and sports. YMCA for those under 11yrs old after school. Pick your friends wisely. You have homework from school and chores on the weekdays, and you have your own time on the weekends. If there is nothing to do at night at 11pm... GO TO BED!!!

-Wyoming Tactical Warrants Division

-Wyoming Tactical Warrants Division

wow, really

Wow, I cant believe the number of people who forgot what it's like to be a teenager. You cant honestly say that you would have rather spent a night inside with ur parents than going out walking with some friends back then. Regardless if it was the suspects brother and some close friends or not there was and is no reason to assult the kids. Because Healy is a judge doesnt mean he is above the law, and anyone who thinks so needs to be educated at a kindergarden level again. How do people not know that the kids know someone who lives in that area? Also, Sheridan Girl at Heart is right there isnt much for older teens to do in sheridan. Maybe if there were we wouldnt walk out so late all the time, and there would be less crimes. Plus the kids arnt all to blame. They are just being kids, thats not to say murder is even remotely ok, but with more activities maybe this could have been prevented. Im not saying we should spend millions or even thousands of dollars to make kids happy but maybe an effort from adults would help. Since most adults in sheridan seem to sit back and just blame kids for every thing. Mabye sheridan is where people got the idea that old folks say get off my lawn you darn kids cause that seems to happen a lot around here. Anyway make sure u get the whole story before you go thinking all this negative stuff about kids when the adults are just as much to blame, probably even more. With this attitude twords kids from adults some moms wont even be able to take their small children on the street without them being charged for some felony.


Not that informed...

1. So we need to build a mall and amusement park to keep kids busy so they don't murder? Really? That's the cause of this?

2. You want everyone to get the who story before passing judgment when you yourself don't have the whole story?

3. Kids in strollers with their moms charged with felonies? Really?

4. Are kids really to blame for everything? Sure...let's blame kids for the economy, every crime that is committed and for the war in Afghanistan. Oh, that's right. Kids are not blamed for everything. But they are ought to be held accountable when a kid does something stupid.

5. When would it be all right for a judge to push a kid? I know. When you are confronting kids acting suspiciously and four or five boys are mouthing off, intimidating you, and surround you. If that happened, might it be wise to push one of them to get away? I would have done that.

You are not informed, nor do you know what happened, so take your whiny non-sense somewhere else.

Lack of respect for elders and authority

It's an epidemic today that the youth have no respect for authority or their elders. It used to be that if you were walking around late at night and happened to disturb a neighbor, all the neighbor had to do is turn on his porch light and holler for the kids to leave and the kids would run off for fear of the neighbors wrathe or fear that the neighbor would tell their parents and they would suffer their parents wrathe. Not nowadays, no. The youth don't run off/disperse when they are caught being mischievious--instead they stand their ground and become involved in altercations with their elders, neighbors, elected officials. It's a total different mindset and it is destroying our society.

Regarding the last part about Healy.

But is it right for him to "push" someone who is turned away from him?? last I heard that was assault. He didn't need to put his hands on someone who was turning away.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Well wyoming proctological

Well wyoming proctological warrants subdivision,the guy that got punched by a drunken healy was 18 so curfew didn't pertain to him.What were the ages of the others?

Must be lonely at the top,healy being drunk and wandering the street like that.

Just for conversation,Arzy pulled the same stunt while a highway patrolman on two other occasions.He was even on a payment plan for one civil lawsuit that he lost.Him and healy are a lot alike,real free with their hands.


Well, I'm am not the type to assume, but it appears with your writing style and you are fairly young. It also appears that you have little to no respect for the law.

As I have already stated, I would like to read more about what happened that lead to the events that have taken place. Honestly, in my opinion, it does not matter what time it was or how much whom as had to drink. In my experience of investigations, no two witnesses can come up with the same story. If there were four youthes (as written in the stories, which leads to curfew in topic) and one adult man (nevermind what he does for a living) have an altercation in the middle of a street, you now have 5 witnesses with 5 different stories. How many other people witnessed this event? How long between this incident and the time it took someone to notify local authorities? How long did the youthes have to collaborate a strory? Can everyone positively identify the people involved (what were they wearing, height, weight)? How long was it from the time the victicm turned his back on him till the subject assault him? Did the subject swing with his left or right hand? How many times did the subject attempt to swing and if not, why just once? What was the reason for the subject to assault the victim? Why did he not attempt to assault the bystanders with the victim? Who called the local authorities?

And two most importan questions for each group...

Youth Question: What were you doing out there at night to allegedly catch this subjects attention?

Subject Question: Why did you not notify local authorities of the "Suspicious Persons"?

And of course, my question that will be left unanswered most likely (for I used to live in a city where the population exceeded of 750k residents, and 1.3m visitors everyday) is: What are the chances that these youthes made a false report to enter into a civil suit with the city of Sheridan in order to obtain monetary gain?

I understand that the subject did not deny striking the victim, but was the act devensive or instigated?

-Wyoming Tactical Warrants Division

-Wyoming Tactical Warrants Division

there is 1 tiny mistake.

There were at least 2 adults. 1 being Lane age 18 and the second was Bryce Bear Cloud age 19.

And I agree with your thought process, those questions should be answered before anymore accusations and other non-facts are produced.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~


i think the boys have a good chance to be rehabilitated since they are so young it is so unfortunate and horrible what happened..but it happened now everyone needs to move on and decide what to do..sheridan really needs a place for kids to go after school and have a good time so there isnt so much destruction..i would totally have my 12 year old go to an after school program like that and i think there should be more sports not for just kids but young adults out of school. the park is not a good place to hang out. this is the reason there are so many kids driving drunk doing drugs and causing destruction because there is nothing else to do..and thats not an excuse that is true and there has been alot of suicide..why do yoou think that is? exactly i think if the community can get all together to bash these boys then they can all get together to do something about it for the rest of the kids so this doesnt happen again..


They have a good chance of

They have a good chance of being rehabilitated? After 20 or 30 (wild guess) years of prison, the two non-shooters will be let loose on society. They will not know how to live in society, will not be independent and will likely have few work skills. They will learn how to be career criminals in the pen.

After school programs don't keep kids at home after 11 pm, parents do.

Boredom is only one facet of substance abuse, there are a lot of others. It is also a pathetic excuse to use for that behavior.

I wonder how many kids drink, use drugs or commit suicide because they are in pain. Perhaps they are not being accepted by their fellow peers, or their parents use drugs, or they've been sexually assaulted, or they watch dad hit mom, or mom brings home a different man every month. Families let children down constantly.

Interestingly Enough

Doesn't anyone really see the irony in the story?

The municipal court judge, whom has nothing to do with the on-going murder case, has a confrontation in the middle of the night (while curfew is in effect) near his home in which an altercation took place. Whether or not the judge or the youth are at fault, I would like to know what conversation took place that lead the the said altercation. It should have no bearing whether or not the youth had any relation to the defendants in the case. There are a multitude of possibilties to why those kids could have been on that particualr street or in his neighborhood. But we are talking about being late at night as to which it was already past curfew. I am not putting the blame on anyone person or group of people, but I would like to hear more about what the causes that lead to the effects of what happened before we all pass judgement on any side.

-Wyoming Tactical Warrants Division

-Wyoming Tactical Warrants Division

special prosecutor

The special prosecutor is there to guarantee that there is no undue influence, with the judge being a public official and all. Kind of an outside referee I think. I've never heard of a special prosecutor on a local level I thought that was kind of a Washington DC kind of thing.

Just a description

The special prosecutor is simply a description of the attorney that will handle the case for the State. Since the local prosecuting attorneys may have a conflict of interest moving forward with a case that involves a local court official.

Sheridan County used a special prosecutor to lead the case against Wyoming Highway Patrol Officer Joe Arzy last year. In that instance, the Fremont County Attorney prosecuted the case.

From What I understand

I know that judges and lawyers are not exactly honest and tend to think they can do whatever they want to without negative result. They think they are above the law. I have seen this over and over. The abuse of power. Cops do it all the time. Remember the Kinskey episode, yep cops were fired over that. Well this needs to stop and a good place to stop this abuse is with Judge Healy. Remove him as a judge and take away his right to practice law. Healy commited assault and quite possibly a hate crime. This is unacceptable behavior by all. If you do not see this then you are either blantently ignorant or you have been living under a rock.

Anybody that knows Lane can tell you he does not go around town or any other place intimidating anybody. He is one of the most docile youth I have met. It could be that his winnie the pooh slippers scared Mr. Healy or maybe the fact that he is 18 and still cant grow a mustache. Whatever the case, I believe the youth in this matter. Just a gut feeling. Now they are bringing in a special prosecuter, I wonder why? Lets deal with the facts not the way a lawyer cast twist and manipulate people by using the law to hide behind. Come on people wake up and smell the corruption. It is everywhere.

Damian Trujillo


I'm glad to hear that Lane behaved himself while in your presence, but please do not speak for everyone who knows him...I do believe he's trying for his 15 minutes of fame here. I have witnessed his belligerent behavior on more than one occasion and if I remember correctly, Lane has found himself crosswise with the law on more than one occasion...I don't remember any of those times having to do with slippers.

A compulsive Liar or a drunk

Lane has actually been in my presence many times, repecting me everytime. Why would he behave himself around me and not you? Strange. Maybe I do not know him very well. But I do know he does question authority, I know he is an excellent skate boarder, I know he is a very creative when it comes to music and expression, I know his parents are very nice people and own a well to do shop downtown Sheridan. I could be totally mistaken about what I know, but highly doubtful. Maybe Lane reflects people around him. Kinda like a mirror.

I have also been crosswise with the law a time or two myself and maybe more to come. In reality I tend not to look at the negative aspects of people, even if they are drunk or belligerent judges or lawyers or people who put down the youth of Sheridan. I have been wrong before, maybe Lane is some raging out of control person that wants that 15 minute of fame or maybe he is just Lane living his life.

Life Time Sheridanite

Yes, I was born and raised here in Sheridan. I have been in my fair share of trouble, due to my own bad decisions. I have learned to obey the law, and I am trying everyday to better myself, at over 50, thats a challenge. I can say, boredom has never been an issue from childhood to now. Unfortunately, all I know about this case, is what I have read in the paper, and on this forum. My sympathy goes out to the Ernst family! As for the offenders, I beleive the trial will be fair, (all my trials were fair and I was GUILTY), and as a person who has been in Judge Healy's courtroom many times, I must say, he was always fair with punishment for my crime. As far as the altercation with Judge Healy and the teens go, I am going to refrain on a comment, until I feel like I am better informed.

will be interesting

It will be more than interesting to see what turns up, Just pretty hard to believe that in a four on one confrontation the judge will have any problems. Still can't understand what they were doing by his house at eleven at night, and was this in front of his house or the alley?

Wake up gollum.Who's going

Wake up gollum.Who's going to go into Healy's court and blame him for his actions.All he'd do is give you contempt of court and you'd do jail time or pay a fine.That's the beauty of being a judge.It takes another Judge to call you on any of your actions,which seldom if ever happens.

Healy has a long established history of abusing alcohol and being in public while doing so.He was tanked on Jameson's,per usual and decided to start something with these guys and to punch one of them in the back,when they wouldn't sit like a dog for healy.That's the problem with being a judge you lose touch with reality and start thinking you're above everyone else.

The upside is they are bringing in a campbell county prosecutor to investigate healy,of course it has to pass the approval of the county commissioners which I highly doubt they'll approve.They don't want even more light shined on what a loser they have for a judge.

Blaming Judge Healy

I notice here in cyberspace a lot more people blame Judge Healy than seem to blame him in the real world. In talking to live members of the comunity that know of the incident at Judge Healy's home, most are very alarmed, angry, or both.

Get Real

The number of people jumping to conclusions and blaming Judge Healy when all the facts are not out is pathetic.

Why were the kids in an alley that late of the night? A lot of people would consider that suspicious. I heard they
were being lippy and tried to intimidate the judge.

All you've really heard is the kid's story. There are two sides to every story. We do not have the facts. I'm pretty confident that the whole story hasn't come out.

Also, being in a Christian rock band doesn't mean you are immune from being irresponsible, stupid, or behaving bad. It is interesting that the mom of the accuser writes a letter to the Press wondering why the community has failed some of our children. Parenting starts at home. How about putting a curfew on your son and not letting him roam dark alleys late at night.

How can you find it funny to

How can you find it funny to watch families tragedy and fear for their families be so great that they will reach anywhere to make others aware that their families are not vermin, hoodlums, scum, uncaring, unfeeling..........


The posters making excuses

Ive found it terribly angering that we hear from these people at all. If my kid did this all I would say is I am sorry, still love my son, and that he would have to face justice, and thats only if I were asked. I sure wouldn't organize a group os people to go on to the community web site, to make excuses and beg sympathy.

If it were your son would

If it were your son would you stand by silently and allow the ugliness be spewed threw the air. Or could you defend him still accepting his behavior as so wrong that you can not imagine he did it? I do not believe that the is a conspiracy in theses postings just sadness and confusion that they do not know any other way to deal with.



Yes, I would shut up, and let the attorney handle it. I would NEVER expect the community to share my grief, especially during the first week after this mess happened. I know the absolute hell the families must go through but it is so disrespectful to this community to go about making excuses and bad mouthing the town. If it were me I'd have let people vent a bit and say as little as possible. It was very incendiary to go about garnering sympathy when this man wasn't even buried yet.

You have no idea the hell

You have no idea the hell these families are going through. Or the hell that Mr. Ernst's family is going through. If you would not expect or wish yourself or the community to discuss the grief then why do you participate?
Good Day Mr. Gollum



The Ernst family has weathered this with class and dignity, So unlike the individuals who showed up in Judge Healy's alley (from what I understand). I find I'm a lot more angry about the harassment of the judge than I am about the murders. At least one could (I don't) argue the burglary was a crime gone wrong. Those kids knew exactly what they were doing when they harassed the judge.

why make it worse

Then, if so grieved why do things happen, like having a confrontation with a local judge (Which I would remind you is the subject of this thread). If my family were as devastated as you infer I would not, nor would I allow my son, to get into a confrontation with the local city court judge. Nor would I encourage anyone to come to these boards and bad mouth that judge. I participate Miss Kathryn, because I don't think that those who seek sympathy for the kids who committed theft and murder, or the ones who accost a local judge in front of his house, should be able to use these boards as a PR forum for the supporters of these boys. Never have these people posted here before, and I doubt when this mess is over they ever post here again. Any sympathy I did have for these boys and their friends evaporated when they decided to confront Judge Healy in front of his home, and my --- they were just walking by.

Mr Gollum I assume that you

Mr Gollum I assume that you have never been in this situation and can not speak first hand. There fore you can only roll play the situation. I know I never imagined....I will respect the topic of this forum if you will appropriately keep it on the judge and boys behavior in this situation. The two are separate situations and should not be mixed as the judge did with his statements to these young men. Take caution with your means of entertainment. Once words are written the have lives of their own.


topic wandering

I'll sure try make it a point to stay on topic.


No one will ever understand why, I've heard a rough life and they were bored the most. We live in one of the few areas of the country that doesn't have run down non functional schools and a terrible economy. If these kids wanted to they could have gone to college for free between Hathaway and Pell grants, there's so many job openings here that McDonalds hires people from Russia. There's a skate park the city built, and after school programs. I can't understand why these kids instead of taking advantage of ample opportunities chose to steal a gun and commit robbery and murder. One thing's for sure it's not the fault of the community except for the fact that maybe we don't have more neighborhood watch,and have cut these kids too many breaks in the past.

No one will ever know why.

No one will ever know why. However, the community does have to take responsibility in how they work through this tragedy and since not everyone is on the same page of awareness people must lash out and reach out in best they know how. Close your minds to the rumors and name calling and anger. If not your town will never heal.



The town will heal when we have a FAIR court trial, and the boys are punished as prescribed by law. A good viable neighborhood watch will help people feel safe again too. What wont help is making excuses or bad mouthing the community in general. We live in a wonderful place it's not the fault of this community that three boys comitted a terrible act. I grew up here, HATED school, and still managed to grow up without doing anything like this.


I have to expand on that a bit, because it could have sounded pretty insensitive. There's nothing entertaining about three hoodlums killing a guy in his home. What is highly comical to watch though are their friends and family using this forum to somehow persuade the public that their relatives deserve a break.

It is scary that you would

It is scary that you would find this tragedy fun to watch. However, the rest of your statement this time sounded compassionate. It is true, there are many that must take responsibility for this tragedy. No one will ever know what was in these children's minds on that night. Only four people will know what happened in that room. Even if the whole town attends the trial, there will still be one fundamental question left unanswered...why....there is no answer that will ever make sense.



That is very true but people in here make these kids, the ones in the Healy incedent out to be bad seeds when they aren't. but it's whatever because in the end people are going to believe what they want... end of story

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

the gun

I didn't know it was Bear Cloud who stole the gun, how interesting. I'd like to know why all those wonderful friends, some of who may or may not be posting here, didn't take the gun, or even just the magazine and ammo from these clowns. Obviously they had no business in the world with the gun in the first place yet none of their friends had enough concern to either take it away, or better yet quietly inform the police these kids were running around with a stolen 9mm. Too late now I guess but I hope all those people who knew of and handled this gun know that they, not the wider Sheridan community share some responsibility for what happened. I sincerely hope a lot of people who post here go to the trial and voice their belief that these boys were just good kids caught up in a bad situation....This is gonna be such fun to watch!


.... Because anyone with a stolen gun is going to flash it around?!?!

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Who stole the gun? Bear

Who stole the gun? Bear Cloud I believe. He is just as culpable as the other 2.

That may be..

But Bryce isn't the one who put his brother up to it.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~


This Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Sheridan Junior High School Auditorium (Early Auditorium) is a presentation for our community about Rachel's Challenge.

One month before Rachel's death in the Columbine shooteing she wrote:, "I have this theory, if one person will go out of her way to show compassion it will start a chain reaction of the same. People never know how far a little kindness will go." Five challenges are part of Rachel's Challenge Project:

1. Look for the best in others; eliminate prejudice.

2. Dare to Dream--set goals and keep journals.

3. Choose POSITIVE influences.

4. Use kind words, practice simple acts of kindness.

5. Start a chain reaction of positive compassion.

The evening program is for parents and community members. It is at 7pm in the Auditorium Our community--especially after last week's murder--could really benefit.

Check out rachelschallenge.org for more info about the project.


Judge Healy's fault

It's probably the judges fault these kids were trolling around his neighborhood too? I guess the older brother is so unconcerned for the fate of the little Bear Cloud he's just hanging around town, getting into altercations with elected officials.


First off Bryce is a good kid. but you guys wouldn't know because you probably haven't had any kind of conversations with these great people. They aren't bully's in this situation. And the fact that his little brother was apart of the murder/robbery makes him the one that pulled the trigger??? I didn't see his name in the report but when they broke in, Vir Sen or whatever was the one that is the issue about it HE's the one who murdered that poor man. Plus he's the one with countless infractions in 3-4 different states. so don't get it twisted.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

No healy looks like a

No healy looks like a drunk.If you drive drunk for years and rely on the police to drive you home after they pull you over.If finally you have a highway patrolman give you a DUI that you've deserved for years,you're a drunk.

There's no ducks involved just a public official that believes he's above the law and with the special treatment he recieves,healy really is above the law.

I would have loved to see the results of this guy punching healy in the back.The sky would have been falling.


and what the hell kind of judge tells people in court to call the police in any incedent, but yet takes it into his own hands off his property.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Looks like a duck

Lets see here, three boys kill a man in his home. Three days later four boys show up at the house of a local judge who lives on a side street and manage to get into an altercation with him. Looks like a duck, smells like a duck, walks like a duck. Probably a duck unless you believe the Bear Cloud family has the worst luck of anyone on earth. Then most unusually their supporters come out of the woodwork here at Sheridan media. Supporters who had never posted a thing here before.


Ironic, isn't it?

I sure am impressed

I sure am impressed at all the community spirit here, the minute stories about this mess came out posters supporting these boys came out of the woodwork, posters I had never noticed on any Sheridan Media board before. Good job people what a well orchestrated PR campaign.

First off I have a right

Which boys??? The ones that didn't do anything other then be assaulted in a neighborhood and just so happen to be related to one of the boys on the Murder trial? Gimme a break, tell me you don't have family in Sheridan.. This is ridiculous. and there is no "PR" campaigning. I just see it differently because I know a few of the people in question and know they didn't do anything wrong they are all around good kids. And NO this isn't anything about the murderers because what they did was despicable. Tell me you wouldn't stand up for what you believe is true.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Are you sure?

Just a caution... I have been inundated with e-mail and telephone calls telling me how wonderful and what good kids the defendants in the murder trial are or were. It still remains to be seen whether or not these "good kids" are murderers. The courts will decide.

As for the teens involved with Judge Healy, I'm not advocating either side. But unless you were actually there that night you don't know whether they did anything wrong or not. Just like the rest of us don't know who, if anyone, is at fault for the incident.

Just an example, if I am out in my yard and there are 4 gentleman walking through my neighbor's yard at nearly midnight, even if they are simply walking home... they would be trespassing if they did not have the property owner's permission.

There were several chances to avoid the altercation on BOTH sides.


I'M NOT SPEAKING FOR THE MURDERERS AT ALL. What THOSE kids did is dumb and put sadness in the lives of the family of Mr. Ernst and they're own. They shouldn't have been prowling. What they did has no excuse possible. That was them. I was speaking as a former classmate and someone who knew the kids in the Healy incident

You do have a point about things could have been avoided entirely. They shouldn't have been trespassing in the first place.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Get over it.

I hear that "nothing to do all the time".. I grew up in Sheridan and there was even less to do then there is now. I go back to Sheridan from time to time and see how there is a lot more to do then when I was there growing up. There is a lake near by, mountians are a stone throw, I spent days playing in the creeks that are in town. When scool was in, there was always sports or academic clubs. If that wasn't your thing we could hang out at friends houses and goof off... I live in Atlanta now and trust me this city is FULL of stuff to do, and the gang activity is a 100 fold... Your so called having nothing to do is NOT the issue....

Concerning the curfew

Why doesn't Sheridan just turn the city into a real life The Colony-(1995 movie with John Ritter) where they watch everyone's every move on video cameras(like the ones downtown for traffic). Especially since Sheridan is now has "gangs" filled with late teen adolescences that have nothing to do. OR you could entice the city of Sheridan to come up with a BIG BROTHER, BIG SISTER's program. Because when I lived there I had nothing to do most of the time so I walked around town and that's how I met so many people. Most of them in the same situation as I was... bored with nothing to entertain ourselves. There were few places Teens had parts of [to ourselves] (ie. the Skate park, Kendrick Park, and the Whitney Commons.)

The people you all have been talking about have nothing to do with "Gang" affiliation. I've known of Bryce and Lane since CMS and SHS and they are respectable people. They're people like anyone of you! Is every Youth that gets into a tussle with someone gonna be tied into the 3 that Murder that misfortunate man??

My heart goes out to his widow. Things like that should never happen but they do.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~


Considering what happened a week ago, these clowns were probably lucky to not have been shot by some nervous homeowner!

On the radar

I bet these boys put themselves on the radar good this time. No gun this time, but sure a lot similar to what three boys were up to a week ago. Maybe old Healy got the drop on em. Can't wait to see the police report. What a bunch of bozo's

blame game

Teens - at somewhere they weren't supposed to be at a time when they weren't supposed to be there.
Judge - at home
Police were called.
Sheridan Press should report on public offcials
Neighbors were or should be happy someone was looking out for their homes and property.


I entirely agree. It's comforting to know that not everyone in Sheridan is absolutely narrow-minded.

Yes it went to far. He is a

Yes it went to far. He is a judge he knows better he tries people and enforces the law every day. Once you go from just talking to actually touching someone its battery. He should have known to call the police if there was a problem....isn't that what he tells people in his court room? You knew better!


Yep I agree!


I believe the curfew should be in effect in Sheridan, there is nothing good that goes on after 10pm for children or teens! But, Bryce is 19, he has a good job and he IS NOT the person on trial right now, nor are his other siblings!!! The actions of the 3 teenagers were their own not their relatives!! Kudos to Judge Healey for confronting them, but did it go too far?

make no mistake

Make no mistake, Judge Healy lives on a side street and these end up there at eleven at night. I don't know what history these boys had with judge Healy, but they were there for a reason this wasn't random. I sure home DCI is looking into this, and keeping an eye on this croup of boys. Sheridan this is definately gang activity. Maybe not the "crips" or the "bloods" but real gang activity none the less. It needs to be treated as such.

As for what does alcohol

As for what does alcohol have to do with it. Public intoxication is a crime. How many people has Healy tried for that? Your not even allowed to walk home from the bar after having two beers without fear of getting a ticket for public intoxication. If Healy was out of his yard on the street and had been drinking thats a crime. Thats what it has to do with it.
Not only that he was intoxicated enough to push the young man. He got physical after getting verbal. Isnt that where it goes from simple assault to battery? Doesnt matter who it is the laws apply across the board. Hope he gets jail time just like everyone else he's given a sentence to that made a "mistake".
Step down Healy theres no place on the bench for adults that BULLY children/young men. Violence begets violence and I think our community has enough problems with violence right now without some crack pot vigilante judge taking matters into his own hands

Who's to say..

Who's to say Healy was actually drunk?

Do you know Lane?

I do.

He's a compulsive lying, attention starved child with no aspirations or intentions other than being recognized by as many people as possible.

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the entire story was a little bit exaggerated by the group of boys?

Why are the people in Sheridan so damn narrow-minded? There are two sides to every story, and everyone always decides to believe the most dramatic one.

My word people, I wish it were possible to grow brains.

Lets see here...Healy is

Lets see here...Healy is tried and convicted in your eyes....and the four with a potential pack mentality are just innocent little boys out at 11:15 at night in a dark alley behind a home, where non of them live. If Healy felt threatened I doubt he would have "hit Lane in the back"...makes zero sense. I think Lane was feeling his oats and having a 4:1 advantage decided to confront Healy after Healy questioned why they were there. I imagine Healy was feeling a bit intimidated as the situation escalated. "Pack mentality" can be a very dangerous situation. I am more inclined to believe "Lancifer" (Lane's name for himself) exaggerated reality a tad when giving his side of the story. More power to Judge Healy for going out and questioning their presence.

I thought the Press was incredibly desperate to run the article...especially trying to connect some mystery dots between the two Bear Clouds....shoddy journalism at best...almost as pathetic as the National Enquirer!


Pretty Obvious

You obviously do not know Lane or "Lancifer". I do know him and he is non confrontational even in a so called pack mentality. Unless he is defending himself or those around him. I am the same way. Maybe he calls himself "Lancifer" because he compares himself to "Lucifer" or "Satan". As I said before you obviously do not know Lane. What does Lane have to lose or gain in fabricating this situation. Mr. Healy as far as I can tell acted out of prejudice, fear, hate, and ignorance. I am sure an adult can be a little more sound in a situation as this, unless you are drunk or high, then there could be a problem. Lawyer exaggerate all the time and so do youth, so I guess it comes down to who can lie the best. The Lancifer or the Lawyer.

That is ignorant

Public intoxication is one of those laws that is like disturbing the peace or interference with a police officer. They have a lot of discretion in whether or not they arrest someone on that. No one is going to be arrested for public intoxication if they are walking home from a bar and minding their own business. If they are falling down drunk, cussing at people, urinating in an alley, whatever, then they are likely to get that arrest.

No one has even been charged with everything and we dont know the results of the investigation. We know very little about what happened. So you are going to make a ton of assumptions with little or no info?

What the ^%$#

What does one have to do with the other??? Bryce is a respectable young man. He was there, with friends. mere coincedance I am sure. Just because his brother is on trial does not mean he is. He did nothing wrong!! Except for be related to someone else. One of you tell me that when you were a kid or adult you were never out late!! Honestly, don't you remember being young.Please leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!


One could argue

You've got one group of kids running around in the middle of the night murdering people and stealing when they should be home.

You've got another group of kids running around late at night being loud and pissing off neighbors.

What do they have in common? Why are these kids running around late at night? Last time I checked Sheridan has a curfew. Maybe they should be home preparing for school or work and being productive members of society. Gosh, what a novel idea.

Do you?

Sheridan does have a cerfew for kids Bryce is 19 years old and not a kid! Do you have a cerfew? I am a grown *@= woman and noone tells me when to be home. Last time I checked 19 was an ADULT!


alcohol has everything to do

alcohol has everything to do with it,especially when you're an alcoholic like healy.Without alcohol,he'd have kept his feeble minded arse in the house where it belongs.Instead of punching people in the back out in the street.

Well here's one for you.

Sounds like you need a reality check yourself.

Again, do you honestly think Judge Healy would walk out of his house, meanwhile thinking "I'm going to go punch that kid in the back..just for the hell of it!"


haha yeah

haha yeah

There's no intimidation

There's no intimidation going on here.Healy is a known alcoholic.He's been sent to rehab at the tax payers expense and never did quit drinking.I've no doubt these youth smelled alcohol on healy,he's always drinking.


What does alcohol have to do with this? A man can drink in his own home. The issue is whether or not an assault took place.

the report

Before we assume Judge Healy was either drunk, or violent lets wait for the report, after all it was a 4 to 1 confrontation. I guess my biggest concern is what on earth did four youths with connections (one was a brother of the accused) to three people being held on murder charges think they were doing at Judge Healey's house in the first place? What is the Sheridan PD doing about this kind of activity, and I won't ask it but I sure hope our local judges are under some protection. What this appears to be is intimidation of a public official.


first off why would they be "Intimidating" a public official, if that was in fact what they were doing, wouldn't they go after the Judge in the family's murder case and not some drunk judge?? what if they lived around there? would they be persecuted by society the same?? ya'll are rediculous. and I don't believe the two cases should be compared to each other.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Right on Roger

No it is not ok for any altercation to occur that would involve violence. However, maybe more people should be holding young people accountable. Why were these young people out at this hour walking around the streets? Even if the shooting had not occurred last week, there needs to be a feeling of safety in the neighborhoods. I hope more people take the Judge's position and start standing up for our right to feel safe.

It very much appears that many parents expect the community, probation officers, schools, etc....to raise their children. Well, I would be asking my children what they were doing out at night, and telling them to get home!

Good for you Judge Healy!

the whole story

There was a much more inclusive story in the press last night, One of these cheracters was the brother of one of the murder suspects.


One of the boys involved in the "confrontation" is Bryce Bear Cloud, the brother to Wyatt Bear Cloud, the suspect in Mr. Ernst's murder, and one of the best friends of Lane.


The article the paper said "believed to be the brother..." But then again they INCORRECTLY identified one of the defendants last week... they did correct themselves, the next day... but got WAY ahead of themselves, as is often the case with our local paper... "believed to be" is NOT the same as IS the brother of....

fair enough

That's fair enough, so was the Bear Cloud kid the brother of the kid in jail? Some ither relative?


I also heard today that the Press possibly incorrectly identified the residence on Thurmond that the gun was thought to have been stolen from.


I'm more than willing to drop this if there's been a mistake, however the fact that the posters here openly talk of the two groups of boys the way they do tell me it's not. If these groups of boys were not connected I'm sure all of us reading this would know by now.


I've not been a big fan of the police up until this time, but thank god we got em.


I'm glad to see the teens were confronted. Why were they out late? What were they up to? Another story says one of these hoodlums was the brother of one of the Ernst suspects. And they just happen to be in a judge's neighborhood? Hmm. Sounds like the police need to do more patrols around that area.


First off I'm 19 and have attended schools here since 1st grade. And I'm tired of hearing the fact that it's just the youths at fault... I mean if I was walking down Main St to a friends house on the other side of town, would I be assaulted by a judge(?) for just being young on the sidewalks... or would I be arrested for criminal mischief??? Is there going to be a law against youth freedom to walk around town?

Plus I think it's despicable that everyone has compared this story with that of Junior and the two others involved. Is it our fault being this age, to have a walk in town with friends and be assaulted by someone who is supposed to uphold the laws and sentence people according to the laws?

I've went to school with and/or met the people in question and they are/were average teenagers just wanting to have fun and find something to do in a town with absolutely nothing for our age frame other then skateboarding and cruising town in hopes of finding something. Now I'm not saying that what Junior and the two minors is anyway tied to trying to have "Fun", because what they did is OUTRAGEOUS and definitely could have had a entirely different outcome. But people these days have lost it with the lack of jobs and terrible economy. Which I'm not excusing there actions what-so-ever.

But back to my point I think Mr.Healy was in the wrong assaulting someone without full knowledge of what they were doing. In that instance he should have taken more time to figure out what the teens were up to before doing what he did. If anything he should have called the cops and let them deal with it. It's not his place in the law system to assault anyone.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Not Only..

Not only that, but it's not like Judge Healy just walked out of his house and punched Lane in the back.
If that's your view of how it went, I feel really, really sorry for the reason you were born without.

Your sadly mistaken

I do have reason. And I do not believe Healy just came out and assaulted Lane. But I do believe Judges should watch their behavior whether in the courtroom or not. He knows assault is illegal, does he not?

Isn't it strange though that a judge of all people would assault someone as apposed to calling to proper authority and letting the police handle them? Isn't that what he preaches in court? Don't physically touch or strike someone, let it be and inform the authorities?? Tell me this.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

As well...

I'm 19 as well, and can also say that I believe you are a little mentally immature for your age.

1. They aren't throwing ALL of the "youth" into the hoodlem category. Don't flatter yourself.

2. Judge Healy was perfectly justified in questioning those boys' intentions. What were they doing in the neighborhood? And after such a tragic community event?

3. Do you not find it at all strange that one of the boys happened to be Wyatt Bear Cloud's brother, and the rest were close friends?

The way I see it, Judge Healy wouldn't walk out of the comfort of his home at 11.30 at night to confront a group of teenage boys for simply "going for a walk." And how many teenage boys really ever GO on a simple walk?

If a crime were committed that night, people would be questioning why no one DID view their actions as suspicious. If Judge Healy would have prevented a crime, he'd be a hero, not a criminal. ---And who knows, maybe he did.


Maybe it's all true what you say but I know Bryce Bear Cloud well enough. You see things one way because you aren't familiar with the "hoodlums" in question, I went to school with them and knew them fairly well. Another thing is you still live there, as I moved a few months ago to Florida and don't quiet get the full story but what www.thesheridanpress.com shows - the front page, this site and what my friends there have heard. I love Sheridan, it's a beautiful city, and I'm very upset with what happen to it since I left... I knew Dennis and hung out with him about 2-3 years back and he seemed normal. I guess you can't always go on your gut. I feel for the family of Mr. Ernst, and I'm sorry for they're loss. What Dennis and the two kids did was horrendous and inexcusable.

I know what it feels like to have a community on alert but I know these boys, whom are really Young men, being 18+ and all and they're good people.

I'm sorry for all I've offended. all my posts are out of a state of shock and disbelief. But I stand by what I say, I just don't mean to offend in this time of mourning.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Really ??

WOW - You have really opened my eyes; you are soooo right. Until now, kids have never been bored and have always had stuff to do. I would like to publicly call on the Mayor to stop all road repair and divert that money to yet another skate park. And Gov. Dave - please open up the rainy day fund for the youth of Sheridan because they are bored and not all of them skateboard, so they need video game systems. You would need to get Wiis, Xboxes, and Playstations because they might get bored with just one. And Mr President and Congress; we need some stimulus money for i-phones for our teens, they have nothing to do otherwise. And i-phones sure would help. After all, the economy is bad (which is not the teens fault) and there are some jobs; just not the ones they want. This would surely show the them that the community, state, and country are there to provide our teens activities to do and keep them entertained and not out running around all hours of the night, getting into trouble, and comitting crimes.
Thanks again for setting me straight.

what the hell are you on??

First off are you retarded? I'm talking about something to do, not something for kids to sit on their asses all day. Secondly I'm not talking about stopping all the -------- that they will never get up to date to plan some rainy day fund. There's no need for skateparks cuz we already have one. I'm talking about some progressive that anyone would enjoy. or at least make the parks less Trashy. Anywho I have to go to work because it's more important then sitting around on a forum all day.

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

that is funny

It's funny, but I think some who have posted here really think stuff like this.


....THAT is funny!


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