Team Enroute to Haiti for Quake Assistance

CHEYENNE, WY - (Wyoming News Service) - The international relief group Mercy Corps is sending a disaster relief team to Haiti after the island nation was rocked by an earthquake Tuesday that registered 7.0 on the Richter scale -- the largest quake ever recorded in the area.

Mercy Corps has extensive quake experience from its operations in China and Peru. Caitlin Carlson is with the organization. She says they already know the most immediate needs will be food, clean water, sanitation services and shelter.

Carlson says relief workers will take very little with them in terms of supplies when heading to Haiti, with the goal of purchasing as much as possible locally.

Carlson adds that Mercy Corps expects the Haitian government to let their emergency response team into the country quickly to assist with relief efforts. Over 80% of the nation's people live in abject poverty.

You can visit to donate monetarily, as well as to read updates on their relief efforts in Haiti.

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God bless

God bless these poor people. If anyone can donate please do so. They need our help!

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