Tea Party Comes to Sheridan Saturday

Sheridan Tea Party held on Grinnell Plaza Saturday.
Sheridan Tea Party held on Grinnell Plaza Saturday.

It was a pistol-packing, flag bearing, poster waving rally as close to 200 people gathered on Grinnell Plaza to call for an end to the federal government overstepping its boundaries at the cost of individual liberties.

A quiet event with a subdued, polite crowd, most seemed to have a “wait and see attitude” as they listened to several speakers talking about a variety of subjects including gun control and the Wyoming 10A political action committee.

Event organizer Kristy Tyrney said, “This is just the start; it’s a call to action. Our liberties are at stake. I want my daughter to know I did my best to change the tide going on in our country. The government is taking over healthcare, we have aggressive taxation and the government is overstepping its constitutional boundaries. This is all about education and giving people the tools to make a change. We hope this sends a loud message to Washington D.C.”

The Tea Party movement began in 2009 and is part of a protest movement that promotes fiscal conservatism.

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tea party.

i totally love the tea party! People who are not afraid to stand up for the country and their freedoms that we have fought to get and keep. we cant even wear the american flags on t-shirts now. what is the deal here its not right and mainly isnt that against the law? When is the next meeting?

Submitted by EQUALITY4ALL on

Submitted by EQUALITY4ALL on Mon, 04/19/2010 - 17:29.
Quite a coincidence that the election of a competent man to the Presidency would motivate the ignorant.

With Liberty and Just FOR ALL

From your statement here, I would have to agree with you.

competent man

Is Ronald R. back?? Thank you Lord!

pistol packing?

This article makes it sound as if ever person there was packin'. I counted less than 10 people who were armed so if the 260 count is correct is was a small percentage. I was interested to note that the young lady from the media was taking note and hanging out with the Organize for America crowd. They even strolled by toward the Sheridan Press office together? Kinda makes one say "Hmmmmmm."

Where were TEA PEOPLE when BUSH ballooned the national debt?

Quite a coincidence that the election of a competent man to the Presidency would motivate the ignorant.

With Liberty and Just FOR ALL

With Liberty and Just FOR ALL

Poor Barry.Why so socialist?

Poor Barry.Why so socialist?

You probably should do some investigation...

2000 5,628.7 (Bush takes office)

2008 9,985.8 (Obama takes office)
2009 12,311.4
2010 14,456.3 (End of this year est.)

With the estimated debt to reach almost 15 trillion by the end of this year, it would mean that the current administration will have increased the debt more in 24 months than the Bush administration did in 8 years.(On the bright side the current administration passed a health care bill. Oh wait, never mind that bill is going to increase the administration's spending of borrowed money even more. I guess there is no bright side)

Can you define liberty for me, I'm just wondering what these kind of words mean to you?

"EQUALITY4ALL" There will


There will NEVER be "EQUALITY4ALL" when some people make the choice to work harder then others..


I posted a comment for the first time on Sheridanmedia this morning regarding the Bill Ayers issue. I heard on the radio on my way to work (yes, WORK, as I am sure that is a foreign concept to many of these people), that there was a poll question. I logged in to vote and saw that there were also comments posted. I found it interesting how many people who seem to hate Wyomingites spend so much time bashing us in our own media outlet. One in particular has typed in more than a few words saying very amusing, if not hysterical things such as calling the President "a competent man." Wow!! I am surprised that anyone at this stage of the game could apply that word with a straight face. If one is speaking of Obama's unparalleled ability to out and out destroy our already sick economy in record time, while at the same time using his incredible skills as a savy, smooth and slick propagandist to try to make us feel all warm and fuzzy about the wreckage he's leaving behind, then yes, he's competent. I never thought I could see so much damage to the American Dream done so fast.

Our health care system, our military, our space program, our education system (remember the education czar)-are just some of the institutions envied by all the world that have been relentlessly attacked to the point that the country we knew as children will soon be gone forever. Instead of hiding behind a cute name, why not tell us who you are? Take some pride in your beliefs and have the courage to stand behind them openly. Could it be that you are a part of the Propaganda Machine? If one believes polls, the Tea Party Activists are some of the most educated and hardest-working people you'll meet.

I missed this Tea Party Rally, since I was working. Too bad, but I'll bet the numbers of Tea Party attendees around America were similarly diminished for the same reason. I'll sign off now with the knowledge that with these comments, I have landed myself on some government subversive list. Sleep tight everyone!


Not fair to steriotype everyone...

Many of us organizing the Tea Party were around and were aware of what was going on during Bush's presidency. He is no different than Obama. So it's not very fair to lump everyone into such a narrow minded category like that.

For some however it has taken a pure socialist being elected to be the final push to be actively involved. Kind of hard to rally large groups of people when they are under the impression all is ok because a GOP is in the white house. Not saying that is an excuse, but a reality for many. The GOP is just as much at fault as the Dem's, they had control of congress for about 15 years or so, and didn't do a darn bit of good. In fact they back slide so far on their platform that nowadays the party is very weak. More people would rather vote for a Tea Party candidate than either one of the political parties.

They key is to not let people go to sleep if another RINO with a R next to their name gets elected as president.
They must uphold their principals and the Constitution...

"The Tea Party movement

"The Tea Party movement began in 2009"

I think it started as a Ron Paul movement in late 2008 early 2009...

By the end of 2009 IMO the republican party had hijaked the movment.. I am a member of the republican party, and over the years get solisitations of donation from them on a weekly basis.. So I was suprised when I got a solisitation for donation from the tea party movmemnt that looked VERY smililar to the ones I get from the Republican Party...

Things that makey ya go hummmmmmmmmmm.....

As I said I am a republican but I was very interested in the tea party movment as I felt america was only working under the illusion of bipartisinship..


I'm supportive of the Tea Party movement, but am also troubled by what looks a lot like the co opting of the movement by the Republicans.

Money is not what the Tea Party is about...

Yes there was a new PAC, because yes we have a RINO problem in our own state and need to fill some open Rep spots around the state and even in our own community to people that will actually work for the people and uphold the Constitution.
Did you see the chart at the Tea Party of how our local representatives in Sheridan county voted this past legislative session??? They don't even follow their own platform. Money is not the only way to affect change; however it is an important part. It takes a lot of time, and money to organize events, support Constitutional Candidates.

I say this, if stay at home mom's with no money, and people laid off, and people who live pay check to pay check can set aside their time and money to put on Tea Party's do campaigns like the one that was done to get HB-95, why can't you??? It passed in the legislature only because of the grassroot effort lead by the Sheridan Tea Party, Wyoming Gun Owners, Wyoming10a and many other individuals around the state put enough pressure on the legislators to pass the Freedom Firearms Act (otherwise it would have never made it out of committee and failed)
If you can't give your money, are you willing to give your time??? Time is the most important aspect of it at all.
What have you done to affect change in your community and your state? Those who refuse to pledge their support whether it be their vote, money, and most importantly their time, have no right to complain when their Rep doesn't uphold the Constitution.

The reality of the situation is it takes all three to be effective in grassroots for a more Constitutional government. We all have different capacities to help, and what is most important is that each of us do our part. Otherwise we have no right to complain and get what we get...


Glad to see the rally was a success!

Wanted to add to the quote in this press release

...By saying "We the People of Wyoming have had enough and say no more" in our state! If Washington D.C. isn't going to listen, we must protect our Constitutional Liberties at a state and local level.

We had a count of 260

We had a couple volunteers designated to count who counted 260 people that came to our Tea Party Rally.


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