Tass Discusses Legislative Session With JCSD1 Trustees

State Representative  Richard Tass (HD40).
State Representative Richard Tass (HD40).

The Board of Trustees for Johnson County School District #1 heard updates on the recently concluded legislative session from State Senator Dave Kinskey (R-Sheridan) and State Representative Richard Tass (R-Buffalo) who spoke to them during their meeting Monday night.

Representative Tass said his first year in the legislature was quite an experience.
He had a hard time wrapping his mind around the state's $3.5 billion budget, not being used to thinking in those kinds of numbers.

Over 500 total bills were introduced in this year's session, he said, with about 200 signed into law.

Tass worked in both the Agriculture and Tourism Committees, and he said the Ag Committee discussed predator control.
There will be interim studies done on the Sage Grouse and how to keep it from being placed on the Endangered Species List, which will affect numerous aspects of the state's economy, not just the mineral industries.

He said the legislature passed a bill allowing the growing of hemp in Wyoming.

Also enacted were bills outlining the process for contributions to county fairs in the state, a bill for more protections for brands, and a bill naming the salamander as the State Amphibian.

Tass wrapped by saying that nearly 55% of the state's budget goes toward education, and it makes it difficult to “sort all the dollars out” for all the needs in the state.


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