Substance Abuse Prevention Group Discusses Recent Events

Bill Hawley
Bill Hawley

Wednesday, the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition had their monthly meeting and the discussion centered around the recent death of a man at a local bar and the ways that, as a community, these types of tragedies can be prevented in the future.

The group discussed over-indulgence in alcohol as at least a possible contributing factor in these types of events and talked about how to change the thinking and the mind-set of people to curtail the abuse of alcohol.

Many, including local peace officers, have seen the consequences of over indulgence. Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Kelly Waugh said at the meeting that numbers compiled from arrests last year cited 85% of arrests made by the Buffalo Police Department and the sheriff's office were alcohol-related.

The group is discussing the issues to improve awareness of the problems involved in substance abuse and to try to come up with ideas on how to change not only the end result but hopefully society's thinking on the matter.

Bill Hawley, with the Coalition, explains how discussions like the ones at the meeting can help in preventing substance abuse.

There is no easy answer, he said, and the Coalition doesn't have the answers, but the discussions will hopefully move toward an eventual solution to these problems.

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