Study: Wyoming Rural Towns Would Be Hurt Most By Possible SS Cuts

Study: Wyoming Rural Towns Would Be Hurt Most By Possible SS Cuts

(WY News Service) -- A new study by the Center for Rural Strategies shows that rural Wyoming towns would be hit hardest by Social Security cuts.

A higher percentage of Social Security recipients in small Wyoming towns would make the towns more vulnerable to negative economic impact, says Ohio State University economist Mark Partridge.

He explains that the loss appears small to individuals but its trickle-down effect would be larger.

Partridge explains that more people in rural areas receive disability payments as a result of there being aging populations in these areas created by younger people leaving for cities.

In Wyoming's metropolitan counties, Social Security recipients make up about 17 percent of the population. Hot Springs, a rural county, has about 30 percent of its population receiving Social Security. On average, 25 percent of the population in rural counties receive social security in Wyoming.

Later this month, the Congressional Super-Committee could advise changes to the Social Security program as a part of its spending cut recommendations.

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