Study: Costs for Buffalo's New School May Be Higher

Artist's concept of Buffalo's new elementary school
Artist's concept of Buffalo's new elementary school

The Johnson County School District 1 Board of Trustees met Monday night for their regular meeting, and one of the topics discussed was funding for Buffalo's new intermediate school.

Superintendent Dr. Rod Kessler told the board that the School Facilities Department, formerly the School Facilities Commission, has looked at the original cost estimates, and they may change by the time the new school actually goes to bid.

Kessler did say the SFC is aware of the issue and have assured him additional funding should be available if needed.

Kessler explains how the estimates came about originally and how they have now changed.

This issue and funding for infrastructure at the new school will be discussed at a meeting with the SFC next week.

The school district will be presenting its case for an additional $565,000 for infrastructure work at the new school that was not included in the original proposal.

According to Kessler, the SFC and other state agencies are pleased with the multi-entity cooperation between the school district, the City of Buffalo and Johnson County for upgrades to infrastructure in the area of the new school and the existing schools near the new facility.

Funding is not guaranteed, but he said it looks promising.

The meeting with the SFC will be Friday, October 21st in Gillette.

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