Students Participate in Anti-Smoking Event

Today is national "Kick Butts Day," an annual celebration of youth leadership and activism in the fight against tobacco use. Youth are sending two powerful messages on this day: they want the tobacco companies to stop targeting them with marketing for cigarettes and other tobacco products, and they want elected leaders to do more to protect them from tobacco.

Students at Sheridan High School are participating in an event this evening in front of Sheridan City Hall. SHS senior, Kathryn Guy, is with the newly formed youth organization called We Are the Change, or WAC.

The WAC group actually got a jump-start on the Kick Butts event by taking part in a unique endeavor Tuesday.

Certainly smoking and chewing tobacco are not allowed on campus, but Kathryn says that there is a student population that does use those products. Even though it is illegal for minors to do so, she knows of students who manage to obtain tobacco products by either taking them from family members or having older people purchase them.

As for WAC, Kathryn explains more about the group.

The SHS WAC members invite the public to join them for the Kick Butts event at City Hall, beginning this evening at 5 o'clock.

I think that its great that

I think that its great that the youth in this town are standing up for themselfs and standing up against something they thik is a problem. Obvously if the youth are speaking out then there is a problem, we wouldn't be causing a ruckus for no reason. Support the youth in the community dont treat them like "Brainwashed" kids.

When people blindly follow

When people blindly follow and impact my liberty with bogus unnecessary feel good laws, I will view them for what they are - brainwashed dolts. There are fools in every age category; including kids.

YAY for the students! But

YAY for the students! But boo for the person who actually worded this report. According to this report, the students want "the tobacco companies to stop targeting them with marketing for cigarettes and other tobacco products, and they want elected leaders to do more to protect them from tobacco."

If the students are smart enough to choose no tobacco, they should not need the elected leaders to "protect" them from tobacco. They should be able to make that choice themselves. This report just makes the students sound like they would rather have government regulations instead of making up their own minds on what is right and wrong.

Wyoming smokers

Do you really think all of the parents in Sheridan who either smoke or chew are doing their best to teach their kids the dangers of tobacco?
I think this is great! It's awful that you have to find a way to put your big, bad government spin on it.

Way to go kids!

It is not the government's

It is not the government's responsibility; rather it is the parents. If you want to pony up your money to organize and address this issue, then great for you! However, don't expect people to be happy with the government taking their money to pay for unnecessary programs, which does indeed equate to big bad government.

Last fall our all knowing

Last fall our all knowing government dictated a ban on flavored cigarettes in the name of protecting kids. This type of change is taking away out freedoms and liberty, and the younger generation is likely brainwashed to support such things without giving any thought to the consequences. Seems stupid to me to criminalize an adult activity in the name of children when the activity was already criminalized for children, but then again we are becoming a nation of blind followers willing to accept anything as long as the government continues to feed us with entitlements.

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