Students Learn How to Think Like Millionaires ... The Right Way

Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, if Susan Beecham, CEO and Founder of Money Savvy Generation has anything to say about it, anybody can learn how to bank the bucks, but especially young people.

Beecham, who has been a financial expert for the Dr. Phil Show, was invited to the Golden Dome at Sheridan College Tuesday for a youth Conference to speak to junior high students from Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell Counties.

Diana Stoick is with the Wyoming Jump Start Coalition, which is comprised of bankers, financial experts, teachers and others around Wyoming who want to help students learn early how to handle money. She talks about this 2nd annual event.

About 120 students attended the "How to Think Like a Millionaire" program. Stoick said they first tried it out last year in Cheyenne with over 400 young people, and they hope to continue their efforts for years to come.

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Tangibles, held in your hand are definitely the way to go. Stocks are nothing more than gambling anymore.

Yieks !

"which is comprised of bankers, financial experts," These are the same people who only 5 years ago were saying the finance of America was great. What does it take now days to be considered an "expert", I guess you have to show up on the Dr. Phil Show lol. With a 1.5 % interest return on savings I think I'll teach my kids how to invest in physical metal, and wait for tangible opportunity. I see nothing tangible in fee driven banking and market investing.

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