Students Join Forces to “Kick Butts”

By Judy Hagerott

No sports rivalry here as students from Gillette and Sheridan linked arms at a rally at Main and Grinnell in downtown Sheridan last evening.  Sheridan High School’s “We are the Change” (WAC) and Gillette’s PRIDE youth groups joined thousands of kids across the nation who were taking part in Kick Butts Day, in an effort to fight youth tobacco use.

More than 25 students took part using their voices “To Stand Up…Speak Out…and Seize Control Against Big Tobacco.”  WAC President Amanda Delk said, “Youth can make a difference.  Youth have the biggest voice and can make a choice now not to smoke.”

The protest rally did get results, some good and some not so good.  Students held signs asking motorists to honk in support, which many downtown motorists did, but others threw cigarette butts, yelled and made gestures to the kids as they tried to make their stand.

Youth are being targeted by Big Tobacco as “replacement customers,” replacing the nearly 400,000 Americans that die each year from tobacco use.  Tobacco use is a leading preventable cause of death in the United States, killing more than 400,000 people each year.  The Sheridan youth wore black T-shirts bearing the number 58 on the back representing the 58 Wyoming residents who die from tobacco-related illnesses every month.

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Although the zealots will not ever admit it or perhaps they just don't know that virtually every study/report about the dangers of "second hand" smoke have been discredited or found to be materially flawed. Hell no smoking isn't good for you anyone should know that but there are a lot of things that people, including these dedicated students, do that are not good but that is their business; perhaps the HS's involved should have some courses on individual privacy rights. No I am not a smoker but if I was it would be my business; just wait alcohol and obesity(which is a major, major problem) are next. Would I throw something at kids, no but someone should throw some fundemental information about politeness and minding their own actions.


Rallying last Wednesday night was more then us trying to force our beliefs on people, it was a step toward change in this community. Ask any smoker, and i'm sure they will agree that the only reason they keep smoking is either addiction, or stress reliever. I doubt anyone enjoys smoking, the smell, the money spent, the bad breath, there are so many negatives. As students we were simply trying to raise our voice and let people see the dangers of tobbacco use. As a student and being apart of the next generation of leaders, I would of hoped the adults in this community would have showed respect and the least maturity towards our rallying. Although, I am happy that we recieved negative response, it only shows we're getting to people...:)

I smoke.

I do smoke, I have tried quitting a lot, it is expensive, there is a lot more I could add to your list of negatives. No, I am NOT offended by your rally, I would NOT have thrown butts at you, I would NOT have flipped any of you off. It is absolutely your right to protest. If you and your actions help keep even one kid from starting with tobacco, then I say "Good for you".

Of course smoking is not a

Of course smoking is not a good thing, but it is none of your business what other people do if they are not harming you. Forcing your views on others with differing views who are doing you no harm is not leadership, rather it is tyranny. The fact you enjoyed eliciting negative responses is quite disturbing and calls into question your motives. Respect has to be earned.

Next time

Next time someone should have a camera rolling then we can expose the behavior of those individuals who don't want you "forcing your beliefs" on them!

For me this has nothing to

For me this has nothing to do with smoking and everything to do with the continual erosion of liberty due to someone dictating and imposing their beliefs. I don't smoke, so you will not see me flicking butts at anyone. Nor will I behave in an inappropriate manner - after all people have rights to voice their opinions. However, I also have the right to vocalize my opposition to what I view as unnecessary and dangerous social control positions.

oh so sorry

So sorry to use the word "ignorance." Maybe I should have said "ridiculous." I am not judging people for having differences of opinion, but rather for acting as if being hateful, inappropriate and odd towards youth trying to make a positive impact is acceptable. Is that more acceptable of a response?


How funny that people would throw things! "breeds resentment?" Hilarious! Your spiritual condition or lack thereof breeds resentment, not kids holding up signs encouraging people to not use tobacco! Sometimes I get angry at ignorance on this site, other times I just have to laugh. If that'll get ya mad, I would hate to see you faced with someone telling you not to huff spray paint or jump off a building! Thanks for the humor break in the day...I needed that.

If you are going to banter

If you are going to banter around the term ignorance, then I suggest you learn it's definition, so that you yourself do not exhibit ignorance. Someone having a different opinion does not equate to ignorance.

Kick Butts

Why do we have to be so uncivil when we disagree with others - what was the point of throwing cigar butts and yelling and making gestures? Is this the direction this country is heading...?

Well coming from a non

Well coming from a non smoker, against smoking stand point... I strongly dislike people protesting againt anything that I chose to do in my life so... if I was a smoker and people were yelling from the side of the road and waiving signs telling me what I do is bad I would probably find some way to inform them that I dislike what they are doing... so when you are driving what way can you do that... yep the middle finger comes to mind, I dont care how old they are. If they are old enough to protest they are old enough to get good and BAD responses! Dont like it dont protest. DUH

It is simple. People need

It is simple. People need to mind their own business instead of forcing their beliefs on others. I think it is great the kids do not want to smoke, but they should leave it at that and not expect everyone to follow their path. When I am behaving in a manner that does not affect others, I resent it when others still attempt to dictate how I behave and this breeds resentment. What else would you expect out of human nature?

Yes I'm afraid it is

It's called the decline of western civilization and it isn't going to get any better anytime soon. When you have a recent V.P. candidate targeting democrats with rifle scopes on her Facebook page and stating that people need to reload, it doesn't say much for leadership in this country, and I won't even mention the "F Bomb" that our current V.P. dropped for the whole world to hear, wait a second, maybe I will mention it. Both parties should be ashamed of themselves! With these types of people running our country, it doesn't surprise me that people were throwing butts at the kids who were simply doing something for a good cause. When our elected leaders cannot exhibit respect and maturity, do you really expect the people they govern to act any different.

I agree

It is disgusting that adults would be so hateful and juvenile toward these kids. Absolutely revolting.

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