Story Might Have Been Wolfe

Long before Story, there was Piney Island.

That was the name given by Col. Henry B. Carrington to the site located between the two Piney creeks. Carrington built Fort Phil Kearny in 1866, about five miles south of Story, and the area became a source of timber for the military outpost.

The fort was abandoned in 1868. Ranchers later moved into the area. Mail came from Buffalo, later from Kearny and Banner, and children traveled five miles to Kearny to attend school. Rancher Marshall Lee Wolfe laid out the townsite of Story in the late 1800s, but the community didn't get its name until 1901. Wolfe wanted to name the community after himself, but that name was taken, so he opted for Story, honoring C.P. Story, state representative and later mayor of Sheridan.

A Sheridan newspaper in 1902 noted the town had a post office, blacksmith shop, dance hall, general store and feed stable. Other amenities included telephone connections with Sheridan and Buffalo. George Garland was putting in a lumber mill, and Lem Hoglan expected to open a barber shop soon. In 1908, C. H. Laub built the Piney Inn, later renamed the Wagon Box. In 1909 and 1910, people built the first summer homes in the community. Because most of the people lived on Loucks Street in Sheridan, they gave that name to the street in Story where they built their summer homes.

An old barn on the Bliss ranch served as the community's first school. Today, children attend Story Elementary, in Sheridan County School District 2, then transfer to secondary school in Sheridan. Population of the community is around 800.

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