Story Community Assessment Wraps Up: Part One

Story Community Assessment Wraps Up: Part One (Photo by Chris Foy)
Story Community Assessment Wraps Up: Part One (Photo by Chris Foy)

Over the past two days, more than eight listening sessions were held in Story - a chance for landowners and residents to share their ideas about what changes they'd like to see. A panel of six presented their findings following the two-day Story Community Assessment, noting there were certain trends they noticed when listening to more than 60 individual voices from the area.

The threat of a forest fire - like last year's devastating Gilead Fire - posed one of the most talked about challenges. Overall, the panel noted four separate themes moving forward. The first category, safety, included suggestions of creating a fire management and an evacuation plan and introducing a trail system to keep residents and visitors from hiking on the roads. Story resident Suzanne Weakly shared her thoughts on their suggestions.

Community development was next, where there was talk of creating a community center for everything from day care for children to a community garden and an idea about creating a newsletter just for Story. Based on participant comments, infrastructure needs work too - from better maintaining roads to developing a stronger workforce.

Quality of life was important too. Some suggested introducing more recreational access points and touted the area's strong sense of community. Some of the more popular quotes during the listening session were "heaven is just another Story" and "living in Story is like camping every day with all the conveniences of home."

The final report will be made available within the next four to six weeks.

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