Storm Wreaks Havoc, But No One Injured

(Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
(Leslie Stratmoen Photo)

Anyone driving through Sheridan Friday morning as the storm was dropping heavy, wet snow in some places up to a foot, could see what kind of toll the blizzard was taking on the town, just from the number of tree branches downed on houses, trees and cars.

Captain Gary Harnish of Sheridan Fire Rescue said calls tripled from Friday morning to late Saturday afternoon, from a typical weekend of 10 to 30, because of the storm. Most of the calls, he said, were for help with the downed branches and tree limbs over power lines, which created dangerous situations.

He said Friday was a little different than most storms, because of the number of downed trees.

He said calls had nearly ceased by late Saturday afternoon, down to two or three. His department did not have any call-outs over the weekend for traffic crashes, which he said, was probably due to the closed roads. By Friday afternoon, the storm had closed all roads leading in and out of Sheridan.

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