State Senator Comments On Wyoming's Property Tax Situation

Earlier this week, State Senator John Schiffer was a guest on KROE'S Public Pulse program. One of the many topics that were discussed, was the state's property tax situation. Senator Schiffer had this to say when asked about the issue of property taxes.

To hear more from the interview with Senator Schiffer and Representative Rosie Berger, simply click on the link provided here:

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Tired of the excuses

I'm getting tired of the excuses from our state government as to why our proerty taxes continue to go up double digit percentages every year. We should pass a law that says the valuation can not change until the property changes hands.

I don't totaly agree with that but....

The people do have the power to put anything they want on the ballot. If you get enough people to sign a petition to get a law on the books in the form of a proposition things might change. The people need to forget about holding the line any more, and go on a ALL out offensive.. People need to start coming together and petition new laws that roll back and stop any new taxation.

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