State Legislature Will Address Invasive Species Issue In Upcoming Budget Session

State Senator Bruce Burns is the Chairman of the legislature's Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee. Burns explains that one of the more important issues that the committee has been discussing lately has to do with prevention of what could be a major problem.

While the mussels may be small in size, Burns says they can create issues that can become quite devastating.

The negative effect the mussels can have on lakes and streams is pretty serious as well, as they use a lot of nutrients that is naturally in the water, thus affecting the food chain and water quality.

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Invaders are already here

Thanks comrad Burns for protecting us from forein invaders! I have news for you, they are already here! Not in a form of a mollusk but in the form of a tree! The Russian Olive and other invasive plant species are currently changing the landscape of North America. At the present rate the Cottonwood tree is treatened by the invasive Olive, things should be done to curtail these pest species as well as the new invaders that threaten the ecological health of our country. Lets no forget Knapp weed, toad flax, salt cedar and numerous other biological flora invaders. Lets not just focus on one aspect that will effect just fisherman lets look at all species that will effect all americans.

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