State Legislators Address Juvenlile Justice and Sex Offender Issues

Registered sex offenders in Wyoming couldn't move into residences close to schools under a bill advancing in the state House of Representatives. The House gave preliminary approval Friday to House Bill 83, sponsored by Representative Steve Harshman, a Republican from Casper. His bill would bar offenders from moving into residences within 2,000 feet - or roughly a third of a mile - of schools that teach students age 18 or younger.

Some other lawmakers said the restrictions would leave offenders no place to live in smaller towns. ACLU state Executive Director Linda Burt notes that Wyoming last year cut funding for sex offender treatment programs in the prison system. She says treating offenders does more to protect children than imposing residency restrictions.

Also from Friday's session, the Senate Judiciary Committee has endorsed legislation establishing standards for determining how children will be held when picked up by police in Wyoming. The purpose of the bill is to try to steer more children away from jail. the committee amended the bill to have sheriffs design a uniform assessment tool and to require sheriffs to provide statistics to the Department of Family Services.

The bill has the support of child advocacy groups, as well as law enforcement. With the unanimous "do-pass" recommendation Friday from the Senate committee, the bill moves to the full Senate. House Bill 12 has already passed the House.

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Not going to happen

The state of Wyoming Penal system does not and will not rehabilitate a Sexual predator. I say this from personal I'm not an offender, but a survivor of one. The monster in question was placed in the facility just as the government decided to halt all counseling and rehabilitation facilities in the Wyoming prisons due to lack of funds. His "rehabilitation" consists of watching videos and taking notes..... IT DOES NOT AND WILL NOT WORK!! After he's watched so many videos and taken a few notes they call him "counseled and rehabilitated"....GIVE ME A BREAK! And as far as prison sentences go, do not expect that to work either because most only get from 2 to 6 years...which also includes time served while waiting in jail for the hearing, so that could take up a year and of course parole for good behavior....which let's these creatures free after only 2 yrs. Castration is too good for them, but it's the only way to guarantee they won't have the urges to repeat their offence, but since that will never happen, I am so pleased that this law has every chance of least then we can make sure these monsters don't have the temptation of watching our young children on the playground from the privacy of their own homes and eyeing them up for victimization. I love the idea that should someone like that move into my community, I can contact the authorities should they even think about moving even close to a school grounds...a place that our children should know that they are safe and surrounded by adults who care....and legally have them moved! I wouldn't hesitate for one second to do so, and neither should you. These monsters gave up all rights the minute they hurt a child in my opinion.

J. S. Luckjohn

I think all the sex

I think all the sex offenders need to be put in their own little community far away from civilization where they can molest and rape each other! Unfortunatley, I don't think thats an option. Something needs to be done with this growing problem, and I fully support this bill!
I also suggest that everyone check the sex offender registry for our town often, you'll be supprised how many there are and you might even recognize a few of these creeps!! I know I did!

you're missing something here...

I agree with all you've said, except that you missed one little detail....they need to be castrated first! For all who wish to check sex offender's status or even have notices sent to you when every SO comes into or leaves the community check out that is the Wyoming Sex Offender site. God Bless to all.

J. S. Luckjohn


I would like to adress the ongoing attempt by our government to legislate morality, and use worthless laws to placate the public. What I have seen over the past 10 or so years is an attempt by "our" (I use that term loosely) law makers to pass law after law after law; in an attempt to "protect the public". Hmmm, you would you think after so many years of passing more and more restrictive laws; that these crimes would cease to exist. Guess what? Not only have these laws failed miserably to "protect" the public. Matter of factly, these crimes continue to proliferate unabated. I cannot imagine how anyone with an iota of common sense would believe that residency restrictions would in any way prevent someone who is intent. Legislating morality has not, cannot, will not prevent this or any other type of crime in our communities. Folks, the legal system and the "corrections" (again, I use this term loosely) system is a complete and utter failure. I believe our law makers do "something", effective or not, because they do not know "what" to do. So, they pass law after law after law to appease the public and project an image of "hard on crime". In fact, crimes of every variety continue to ravage our communities.

My question is this? What is the real answer? What is effective in preventing crimes against children? Or any crime for that matter? Everyone wants the "quick fix". A law that will miraculously stop these crimes. I have sad news for those who are thinking these laws will prevent anything..........IT DOES NOT WORK. As I read the article in our local scandal sheet I found it interesting that the ACLU recognizes that most sexual crimes against children occur within the family/close aquaintance unit. Wow, you mean these sick people are not hanging around our schools and playgrounds in trench coats? FACT: The vast majority of child sexual offenses are committed by a family member or aquaintance. With this is mind, we are going to have yet another law that is absolutely worthless in affecting real and long term change. FACT: Recognized sex offender programs have shown a less than 10% recidivism rate over a 5 year period. Beyond the 5 year mark, recidivism is nearly non-existant. Part of the problem is that the public has been fed a never ending diet of "they will always do it again". So, as a consquence,this is what the public believes. Without diving into the real facts, we as the public follow the media and law makers like sheep following a goat with a bell on it's neck. Perhaps, we as citizens would do well to really look into the facts, instead of blindly listening to the uneducated. As a side note. What is it about others "dirty laundry" and misfortune that intrique us. It seems the dirtier the laundry, the more sensational it is. Why does this crap sell newspapers and magazines. My opinion is that we are perpetuating the feeding frenzy. Is this so called information really helpful to us as a city, county, state, or nation? If not, then why do we so relish in reading about these terrible things. I suggest that there is something wrong with "us" as a whole; if we eat up these media reports so readily. I reject the notion that "because it is in the paper......must be true". I would encourage everyone that chooses to have an opinion to thouroughly research and investigate (Rarely does our emotional response to a problem produce the positive results we seek). Then the opinion is valid......personal.....and educated; as opposed to just adopting the uneducated opinions of others. Why are we so prone to being "sheep" instead of leaders?

People, I am first in line for protection and safety for our children and community. But, I am compelled to point out the ignorance and false sense that these laws are providing for us. Perhaps it will compel some thoughts towards real and effective solutions. Do we just set back and wait for a system that is historically ineffective? Or do we really start looking for solutions that affect long term change in our neighborhoods, city, county, state, etc. Yes, it all starts with just 1 person at a time. Come on people, let us stop being sheep that are just lead around. Are there any others out there who can agree with me? I am sure there will be those out there who will reject this wisdom. So be it. But, I am convinced that there are a greater number who are interested in persueing actions that will truly make a difference. When we are one it is easy to feel overwhelmed. When we are many and united....then true and long term change will happen. Thanks for your time. I will write more later.

I dont know where you are

I dont know where you are getting your FACTS or from what year they are from but you may want to double check them.

You say this because - - -

You say this because - - - ?????

Your 100% correct I thnk

Your 100% correct I thnk that all those people that call them selfs human should be locked up for the rest of there life there is nothing worse then being a rap victome.maybe that should get a tast of there own med.

Sex offender legislation

It's about time someone recognized that children have rights too. It always boils down to the right of the offender when it comes to justice for sexually abused children. Maybe this is the beginning of someone who can do something. Maybe someone really does care. Who cares that the offender won't be able to find housing in a small town. They should all be put in prison as far as I am concerned for the rest of their lives. Sheridan authorities need to take their heads out of the sand where this is concerned. I know of two sexual predators who are on the lose and no one cared when I tried to tell the authorities. This is a very heated issue and needs some attention. As far as Linda Burts statement that child sex offenders could be more helped by treatment than by residency restrictions has never studied child offenders. They can never be helped. They need to be kept away from our children.

They can be helped. Well some....

It depends what you mean by being helped. Can someone be cured of their sexual addiction? No.

People who have sex addictions or sexual preferences outside society's norms are like drug addicts or alcoholics. They cannot be cured. But you can teach them how to manage their problems.

Is there a case to be made to throw every rapist or child molester in prison permanently? Yeah, that case can be made. But to say some of these people cannot be helped is just absolutely false and is based on emotion and not evidence.

You better care whether or not they have a place to live. They passed a law like this in Florida and sex offenders had no place to go. They started living under bridges in once place.

If a sex offender is not going to be on prison, you want to know where they are living and they need to have stability in their life that will help prevent them from doing something stupid.

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