Spring Season Triggers Allergies

Spring Season Triggers Allergies

After a long leave of absence, warm weather is making a comeback in Sheridan.

Public Health Nurse, Toby Granger, says for about 40 million Americans, the spring season means a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing.

Granger says for the most part, those with allergies handle it on their own.

Granger said people sensitive to pollen can mitigate the severity of their allergic flare-ups by monitoring local pollen reports and staying inside when the levels get high. Some people even remodel their home to include hardwood floors instead of carpet to avoid having triggers in the house. When you just can't stay indoors any longer and all else fails, there's always the stand-by of antihistamines.

Allergens are generally more abundant during dry, warm weather.


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