Spring Clean Up Time For Sheridan County

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Waiting in line at the City Landfill for Trees for Trash.
Waiting in line at the City Landfill for Trees for Trash.

Cooler temps on Saturday didn’t discourage Sheridan County residents from heading to the landfill or the parking lot of ERA Carroll Realty for the annual “Trees For Trash” event. And the trade-off was sweet: a free Nanking Cherry Tree in exchange for your junk.

Boe Morrison sat waiting at ERA with a City garbage truck waiting to be filled up.

Six to seven hundred vehicles made their way to the local landfill, bringing close to 200 tons of trash. Now, that’s a lot of garbage and Senior Landfill Operator Bill Wegner tells us what most folks bring in.

Cindy Marshall brought her trailer load in and guess what she had?

Knute Johnson was there on a more somber note but it all worked out well.

Wegner sums up the end result.

A great opportunity to “green up and clean up” Sheridan County, the event was sponsored by Sheridan Media, ERA Carroll Realty, Landon’s Greenhouse and the City of Sheridan.

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