Special Prosecutor Needed In Municipal Judge Case

Late last Saturday night several Sheridan teens had an alleged confrontation with Sheridan Municipal Court Judge Stuart Healy. 18-year-old Lane Terzieff claims Healy punched him in the back without provocation.

Due to the fact that Healy is a City of Sheridan judge, the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the case. However, the matter will also pose a conflict of interest with Prosecuting Attorney Matt Redle. Sheridan County Commissioners will have to approve a special prosecutor to lead the case.

Prosecutors with the Campbell County Attorney’s office will review the incident reports and they will make a decision on whether or not to prosecute the case, once approval of the special prosecutor is granted.

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BB and Chalst

Just because you don't like a kid doesn't man he can't be telling the truth! Shame on you for your judgement. I'd like to think I know Lane as well as anyone on this message board, and putting his character on trial while hiding behind an anonymous name makes you both complete jokes in my book.

Lane is not perfect. He's made plenty of mistakes. So have I. Better to be a mischievous adolescent with a good heart than a hypocritical stone throwing coward on a message board. Let this all play out before you put too much value on your "expert" opinions.

Ralph Amsden

P.S. Gollum- There is no giant conspiracy here. take your eyes off the computer screen in your bunker for long enough for your brain to recharge. Go out and get some fresh air.


Hey Ralph,

I posted this earlier:

You are correct, I will push the limits of the outrageous, I will vehemently defend Lane and any other person that is perceived to be falsely accused or attacked. I will do this until I am dead. Check out this quote:

Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope ... and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. --Robert F. Kennedy

Live it, walk it, do it. Even if you happen to offend some people. One person who speaks says more then 10,000 who dont.

This stuff about Lane kinda pisses me off, I would love to meet some of these people face to face, not to hurt them physically, I just want to know who they are and what they look like. Call me crazy, but I am just curious. Maybe we can all meet for coffee at perkins and try to act like civilized adults. peace

Previous commentary

I see that civil rights should be ignored because someone we do not know walks down our street. I also see that many of those commenting here are bigots. That youth automatically means troule. and many other ignorant statements made negatively regarding the youth of Sheridan. I am 58 years old and for one was a youth at a time in my life unlike many of those respondants here. I was also a thug and for a drug dealer in Los Angles during my youth but, I went on to be respectable father, grandfather, teacher, and friend to a lot of the youth of Sheridan and think it takes an idiot ot believe that the threeyoung men that killed my friend Bob Ernst are the true representation of youth today. In 1969 another young man here in Sheridan killed his grandfather, father mother and brother but he was the same age as I and Matt Redle.

sheridan lover

wow gollum...

hey gollum, chalst, and BB...since when is it ok to put down youth in this town? do you even know lane personally? all you do all day long is judge people by what they post online here...especially you gollum. gollum, you are probably a lonely man in your 40's who didn't get any attention as a child. maybe because you had an older sibling who cast a shadow that you couldn't fill, or maybe you were the cocky athlete who no one wanted to waste their time beating up and your ego has just grown so big over the years that in your eyes you are now perfect. either was all you do is you sit on your computer, probably in your parent's basement, and continue to post negative comments about sheridan's youth and bashing everyone else's posts on this website. you need to get a life man. sorry.

hey gollum, chalst, and BB...since when is it ok to put down youth in this town? do you even know lane personally? all you do all day long is judge people by what they post online here...especially you gollum. gollum, you are probably a lonely man in your

People will be People

Some people are negative and some will be positive, some will write from instinct and facts, others will spread rumors and discontent. Most will really think what they say or write is true. Why? because perception is reality. Everybody thinks they are right. I am glad to be a people, arent you? We need the good to balance out the bad. Darkness cannot exist without light. Just the way it is.

yes, i would not post about

yes, i would not post about lane if i didn't know him. i also took the time to think out my post instead of just flying off about it. my thing was that i saw it put that he is always polite and respectful and that in no way would he have been threatening the judge. and i do know personally for that to not always be the case. i will go so far as to say that i have talked with other adults about the way he handles himself. i am not attacking all youth, but i do think we need to all take a step back and try to encourage better manners and respect in our youth...and just to clarify, i do actively participate in positive interactions with the youth of this community.

Pink backpack

I dont need to put down anyone who wears a barbie backpack to a school, someone like that doesn't need me to put them down as they have more than enough problems of their own.


i find it funny how you can't even defend yourself when someone calls you out, you do the next best thing, hide in the corner and pick on someone else, in this case, lane. i'm sure lane hasn't done anything to you, but you continually put him down. at least i know lane would not be afraid to defend himself when someone calls him out.

hey gollum, chalst, and BB...since when is it ok to put down youth in this town? do you even know lane personally? all you do all day long is judge people by what they post online here...especially you gollum. gollum, you are probably a lonely man in your

I have posted three postings

I have posted three postings giving you some in site to Dhar
however, they have all been blocked. No cusre words or foul language at all


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have published your posts and adjusted the spam filter accordingly.

--Grant Toth--

It goes beond this user,

It goes beond this user, what about the other posts..

All of the posts

All of the posts for all of the users that were falsely flagged as spam have been posted.

The paper said these guys

The paper said these guys were walking in the street.

Gollum you've got to

------This user has been banned------


I thought there was mention of them making a ruckus. Or maybe you read a different story 'Try Me On'

what was the location? witnesses? circumstances?

Did the alleged incident happen in the alley behind Judge Healy's house? Or on the street out front? Were there any witnesses other than the judge and boys? Did the judge have a breathalyzer? It still escapes me what Bear Cloud thought he was doing there, even if not criminal it was incredibly stupid. I thought this was intimidation of the judge at first (still highly suspect it) But he's not the judge in the murder case. Do any of these boys have cases pending in his court? Have any of them had cases decided in his court?

Who to Look at?

I really wonder who is telling the truth? Lane Terzieff who has nothing to gain, nothing to lose or prove by this situation or
Mr. Healy who has every reason to lie and everything to lose to keep the things he has. Humans are very predictable when it comes to this point. I would like to take bets over this, but the DCI might start an investigation on me, oh wait, maybe they have already or am I paranoid? I can smell corruption, cant you?

Damian Trujillo

Damian, I have been reading

I have been reading and watching your posts for a while now, I agree with you on many points, and have had the same thoughts, although I now live out of state. There are some very interesting things to be found in and around the governement of Sheridan as well as the whole state. It is time for the cork to be blown, interested in information? I have done MUCH research......I respect your outspoken manner on these issues, wish I had the strength to come forward, but all will come in it's due time.
Warm Regards,
Fervent friend of Civil Rights.

Lane is..

Lane is a -------- ----. From experience in dealing with him and seeing him around town, he runs on attention and will do anything to get it.
Those kids were acting suspicious, and he had every right to walk out there and question their actions. ESPECIALLY after such a tragic incident stuck the community.
There was a confrontation, because some, not ALL, kids these days have an absolute lack of respect for adults.
And believe you me, Lane is one of those kids.


Very Strange, Lane repects me. Maybe because I also show him respect. Even more strange, Lane doesnt Lie to me. It would be interesting to meet you face to face to get your oppinion. I would like to see your eyes and face when you say this stuff about Lane. I happen to 41 years old and do beg to differ.


Thank you Chalst. I too have seen the other side of Mr. Terzieff who was insolent and felt because he went to youth group he could say/do whatever he wanted...including a little 'prank' that caused our school great embarrassment over a lock down in Laramie...I'm sure the parents of the kids in that school think he is just AWESOME!


What was the prank?



However I know that our principal wrote an apology on behalf of our school system...sure that was cool. And I know if I'm wrong SOMEONE will correct me, but I believe they may have been in Laramie on a church trip...

what bozos

what a bozo thing to do, but really I don't see any real harm done.

Except for those who had

Except for those who had kids in the school probably didn't see much humor in it. In this day and age, these acts have to be treated as extreme as we just don't know...

The rest of the Story:

Lane went to visit some friends at the school but did not check in through the front office. When confronted by staff he got the heck out of dodge. He was the one with the barbie back pack.

If you are a hater, racist, hypocrit,nazi,two-faced,etc. Lane doe not get along with those groups of people. Just the way he is. Lane has had few other run ins with law. Skateboarding in the no skate zone. Pretty dangerous guy.

Lane gets a B on my report card. He skates on a professional level and is pretty talented when if come to music. Check him out on myspace, his songs are pretty funny. Very strange for any person to find him threatening.

barbie backpack

does he often lose his lunch money when wearing the barbie backpack? Where was the backpack at the time of the confrontation with the judge?

Winnie the Pooh

There is a chance he could of been sporting his winnie the pooh slippers. So he might of left the backpack at home. To each thier own.


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