Motivational Speaker Says Coach Should Realize Times Have Changed

Michael Pritchard (courtesy of
Michael Pritchard (courtesy of

Motivational speaker and anti-bullying advocate Michael Pritchard spoke in Sheridan Monday and later commented on the recent resignation of Pat Lynch as head coach of the Buffalo High School football program.

Pritchard said he heard about the controversial survey Lynch sent home with students.

Lynch distributed a mock complaint-survey titled: "Hurt Feelings Report". It listed check boxes such as “I have woman hormones” and “I am thin skinned”, finishing by asking students to sign on a line marked “girly-man signature”.

Following Lynch's resignation as coach, many have questioned the decision by Johnson County School District 1 to retain Lynch as a guidance counselor. The school board has backed its decision as recently as its Monday board meeting.

When it comes to Lynch's actions, Pritchard believes kids are subjected to enough forms of bullying in today's world, and adults shouldn't add to that.

Pritchard travels around the country, speaking at schools that have been through traumatic events like shootings - his talk Monday touched on the Virginia Tech shooting in April of 2007. Much of his work, like his speech Monday, involves helping people understand the harmful effects of simple day-to-day bullying, and how kids being hurt can turn into that violence.

He says, these days, it too often happens that bullying leads to other problems.

Pritchard recently worked with the San Francisco Giants in his violence prevention programs following an incident this past spring involving Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was nearly beaten to death by multiple Los Angeles Dodgers fans outside Dodger Stadium.

Pritchard was at Sheridan Junior High speaking as part of a grant aimed at educating students about bullying. His comments in this story were obtained in a separate interview.

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