The Six Finalists For Sheridan Police Chief Get A Chance To Meet The Public In Sheridan City Council Chambers

All six of the candidates vying for the job of Sheridan Police Chief are in town going through a rigorous and thorough interview process. Thursday night each candidate opened themselves up to the public at a special meet and greet at Sheridan City Hall.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey explains what the next step in the process is.

The six candidates will continue with the interview and assessment process throughout Friday. The Sheridan City Council will hold their regular meeting Monday night where they hope to come away with several finalists for the Police Chief position in executive session.

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pay attention folks. Gillispie has been over seeing the largest part of New Haven Police which is operations. He was hand selected by Chief James Lewis to help transition a department in scandal and has done a very good job.He is a excellent leader.

To RJones

You need to get a life pal. How long can one person go on and continue to be obsessed and embittered to your level?
If you had the intuition (I know that's a big word), to speak with and communicate with law officers around Sheridan, you find that they are well past the Kinskey bs and now focused on getting the best possible police chief to lead their staff. Maybe you should take a walk up to Burgess Jct or something to get your mind on better things and release you from the torrid and horrible stress this is all causing you.


Gillespie has commented that he's currently part of a "THINK TANK",as assistant police chief,due to a scandal in the dept.

Is this think tank by any chance Lou Reiter and Associates,the same think tank that showed up here when kinskey was having trouble with his DUI.

Did I miss something

Did I miss something ?

"trouble with his DUI"

He never had a DUI did he? I will continue to support the position in that case, he did everything right in that situation.

To be clear, it was a suspected DUI that turned out to be a non issue.

I'm not a kinskey fan, but to toss out DUI takes away from your whole comment.



Dear RJones,
If Gillespie just 'walks out' on departments then how do you explain his spending almost 30 years at Pomona PD? And FYI, he was hand-picked and asked to go into New Haven PD for an 18 month assignment to clean up their department due to internal problems. You obviously didn't read any of the candidates bios. Do your research.

It's called sticking around

It's called sticking around for a pension.These guys are all locked into retirements and are now trying to find a way to stay on the gravy train.By applying for Police chief positions that are temporary at best and at $98k a year are about twice the annual pay of the typical patrol officer in sheridan.

Yet another reason to hire from within.

Gillespie should be

Gillespie should be interesting.If you recall Officer Hein here in sheridan was being dogged on by card because they rehired him and he didn't stay employed for the agreed amount of time.

Yet Gillespie has been employed as an assistant Police Chief on the East coast since Sept 2008 and is already prepared to walk out on that department in little over a years time.This guy already has a history of walking out on departments,yet kinskey placed him on his magic 6.

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