Shutdown Effects Mixed, Says Buffalo Chamber

Shutdown Effects Mixed, Says Buffalo Chamber

The recent partial shutdown of the Federal Government has had negative effects on some local businesses, but slight or no effects on others, and in some cases has actually helped local business, according to Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Director Angela Jarvis.

Trips that were canceled recently weren't necessarily due to the shutdown as much as from the early snowstorms we have had in recent weeks, she said.
Tourists that have had their trips to Yellowstone or other sights in the area didn't cancel their trips, but looked for alternative things to do or places to visit while they were here.

Some local businesses did see an increase in visitors, some did not see a difference, and others saw their traffic fall off.
Jarvis said it really was a “hit and miss” scenario as bad news for some businesses was good news for others.

What may be bad news for the country, not just locally, is the tainted image the country may have gained from foreign visitors that were here during the shutdown.

When asked if the foreign visitors she had spoken with were upset that Yellowstone and other area attractions were closed, Jarvis said, “yes,” but they were thankful for the Chamber and others helping to steer them toward other things to see and do in the area.

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