SHS Looking at Random Drug Testing Policy for Student Athletes

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SHS Activities Director Don Julian explains the random drug testing policy the school is considering at a Parent Advisory meeting Monday night.
SHS Activities Director Don Julian explains the random drug testing policy the school is considering at a Parent Advisory meeting Monday night.

Monday night's Parent Advisory meeting for Sheridan High School centered on the possibility of implementing a random drug testing policy for student athletes. Sheridan High School Activities Director Don Julian.

As far as how the testing would be administered?

SHS Principal Dirleen Wheeler says that the school is doing everything it can to try to help parents combat the problem of teenage drug use.

Julian said that they are still in the process of gathering information and input on the idea, and that he'd like to have some type of policy in place by spring, with a goal of implementation by next fall.

The next step he said is to discuss the matter with the School Board to get their feedback on the possible policy.

Drug Testing - Really?

My $.02

If employees are not tested, then students shouldn't be. If employees are tested, that doesn't mean students should be anyway. How about a drug testing program that parents can 'opt' to enroll their kids in? Maybe even pay a small fee, like they have to do for some classes at the High School to cover the costs of testing.

They say after school programs, like football are good for kids, so why target those in an after school program? Why not all the kids or none of the kids? This doesn't help parents combat drug use, it helps parents with children who are athletes combat drug use.



It is good to see that the police are actually getting things done. These guys put drugs on the streets for kids like my son, I had to force him into a Florida holistic drug rehab center to get clean, and now I am watching him 24/7 to stay clean.

I agree totally with these

I agree totally with these other two comments, but I feel that if you are going to drug test athletes, it needs to be all the way across the board, don't single out athletes with being drug tested, I remember back when I was in school that a couple members of honor society and even student council members were experimenting with the drug use. You can't single the athletes out if one group does it then I think everyone should do it, and even more important is staff and administration! That's only my opinion on this subject. Would like to know thoughts of other parents on this.


I find this ironic that athlete's will be tested, which I don't think is a bad idea. But, the teachers and administrators aren't tested at all?? I have to take a test at my job and I have no interaction with children during my work hours. I think if the athlete's are being subjected to the tests then the staff should follow suit.

I agree

I think it is a good thing to test athletes for drugs. I know it would have been a good thing when I was in high school. As for the teachers, anyone who works with children should be subject to random drug testing.

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