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On With the Show

Another 4th of July and another fireworks show at the Equestrian Center. For many, it's become quite a tradition to head out past the Bird Farm and enjoy the fireworks show and Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott is no different. She brings us this story.

We weren't quite sure if we should head out to the Big Horn Equestrian Center to take in the annual fireworks extravaganza. Storm clouds were on the horizon and rain was trying to set in. After a little bit of convincing, my husband and I made the trip.

As usual, there were people everywhere. I thought I'd wander and get a feel for what people were up to, especially since the weather took a dip from the 90's down to the 60's.

I ran into these young men muscle shirt and short clad trio. The cooler weather didn't seem to dampen their hopes for a great show.

Jodi Martin was visiting from Chicago. Her first impression.

She was visiting her brother Bill Old Crow from Lodge Grass. He had never taken in the fireworks extravaganza before.

He wasn't too far off with that. A half hour fireworks show, $10 a car load, and then the half hour bumper car mad rush to get out of there.

Robert Judge brought his wife and 85 year-old mother-in-law Evelyn Roush out. Evelyn's husband had passed away a year ago and this was something they had done every year. Now, Robert looked like he could cause a little fireworks ever so often.

Everybody was out for a good time. Walking around, you had to be careful not to get beaned in the head by a football or as it got darker, not to be hit by a flying glow stick.

But there was one person not to be missed. It was six-foot ten Dan Magrino. But what made him stand out more were his pants...stars on a background of blue running down one leg and red and white stripes running down the other.

Ten o'clock finally rolled around and the show began with the traditional...

The rain held off for most of the show, then a slow sprinkle and then a steady rain. The fireworks show was good, but the rain did put a damper on it.

It was all for a good cause. The Big Horn Lion's Club uses the money for scholarships and community projects.

But judging from the rousing response from the crowd, the show was a success.

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On With the Show

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