Sheridanite Spotlights Bias from Montana Ice Cream Maker

Sheridanite Spotlights Bias from Montana Ice Cream Maker

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.

Wilcoxson's Ice Cream president, Matt Schaffer, contacted Sheridan Media, claiming responsibility for the Facebook statements that have cause online controversy over religious discrimination.

Schaffer said he found the question to be unusual, and clicked on the inquisitor's profile for more information. He said at that time, the user had a map of Pakistan on his site with a balloon icon in the middle of it, and this caused Schaffer to assume the question was coming from overseas.

"I have made a mistake that could hurt a company that's 100 years old," said Schaffer. Schaffer apologized specifically to the customer who made the inquiry and stated the comment was rude and a huge mistake.

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A Sheridan resident has sparked an online boycott of an ice cream manufacturer in Montana after an online customer inquiry was answered with overtones of religious prejudice.

The incident centers around an online exchange on Facebook, where the customer made an inquiry to Wilcoxson's Ice Cream, based out of Livingston, Montana, asking whether the company used any pig-based products. The customer explained he was Muslim and did not wish to consume pork. Wilcoxson's replied on the website that they do not ship their product to Pakistan.

According to the an online article at, the customer's location in Sheridan was disclosed right above the query. The online community has lashed out against the company, accusing it of bigotry, and massive online outcry caused the company to take down its Facebook page.

Some Sheridanites have falsely reported Wilcoxson's Ice Cream is the supplier for the Kendrick Park ice cream hut. Business manager for the Recreation District, Rich Bridger, said those rumors are unfounded.

Calls to Wilcoxson's Ice Cream company have gone unreturned.

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