Sheridan To Test Curbside Recycling

(AP)-Sheridan will begin a pilot program for curbside recycling this spring. Solid Waste Manager Charles Martineau says the program will serve about 125 residences in two neighborhoods. City officials say the program is intended to boost recycling and extend the life of the city landfill. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is making a $31,300 grant to the program and the city is chipping in $16,300. Officials say the recycling will be single-stream, meaning all tin, steel, aluminum, plastic, office paper and newspapers will be accepted in the containers. Glass and cardboard will not be collected.

Scott Drive and Mountain

Scott Drive and Mountain Shadows will be the two neighborhoods served.

What a bargain only $16,000,that's only $700 less then kinskey wasted on his police chief fiasco.

Wrong Again

It is the Scott subdivision and Sparrow Hawk subdivision that will be the test sites. You are so misinformed once again. Why is it that you can't be positive about anything? Make curbside recycling optional and those that want to do it can pay more for it. I am sure there are enough people that value recycling and will pay for it to cover the costs over the long term. It may be an expense at first but if it is done properly it could be cost neutral to the tax payers in a short period of time. It is also responsible to do this for future generations.

curbside recycling

I am thrilled to see that Sheridan is going to do a trial run with curbside recycling! This project has been in the making for 20 years. Sheridan Recycling Task Force started in 1989 and advocated for recycling in Sheridan ever since. My Thanks go to Mike Paul, Nancy Deines and the current recycling and waste managment team for the City, as well as the Mayor and city council for supporting this project!

Great Idea!!!!

Just now hope the people of Sheridan will do their part and put their recyclables on the curb vs. the trash can. I noticed that people are very lazy and would rather throw the stuff away rather than take a few extra seconds and recycle it.
I would suggest that they raise the garbage bill and if there is recyclables on the curb give that residence a credit.

I think should have been

I think should have been done ages ago. It would be great for the other communities in Sheridan County to do the same.

I hope they are coming my way!

How do we find out what neighborhoods are they coming to? We would love to recycle if it were more convenient.

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