Sheridan Teen Has Preliminary Hearing and Initial Appearance on Same Day

In Sheridan County Circuit Court Thursday, 17-year-old Donovon P. Neuman had his Preliminary Hearing before Judge John Sampson on three counts of burglary.

Sheridan Police Officer Dan Keller testified that on July 25, 2009, Neuman was eventually picked up at his Clarendon Street home as having matched the description given by several residents whose cars had been burgled in the early morning hours. He had also been overheard bragging to peers as they drove by one of the victims' homes, "There's a car I jacked last night."

Prosecuting attorney Darci Arsene (requested that Judge Sampson set a high cash bond because for someone so young, he already had a history of several misdemeanors on top of the three burglary counts. Neuman's attorney, Shelley Cundiff, asked the judge to set a lesser bond, but Sampson agreed with Arsene and set a $25,000 cash only bond.

Sampson told Neuman, "It's sad that all these young people insist on living as rebels without a cause that will effect the rest of their life."

Neuman was transported to the Casper Juvenile Detention Center to be held until further proceedings are scheduled on the burglary case.

That case was not, however, the only reason Neuman was in court yesterday. He also was on the docket to make his initial appearance for driving under the influence of a controlled substance, marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, marijuana on Tuesday, February 2nd. He ran a stop sign at Sparrow Hawk Road and Highway 331, which caused several other vehicles to be almost run off the roadway to avoid a crash.

Deputy Mandy Madry stopped Neuman's car, and in questioning him, could smell the odor of what she believed to be marijuana. Sgt. Kody Lamb and his K-9 were summoned, and marijuana was found in the car.

This incident was in direct violation of his bond conditions on the burglary charge.

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Let me clarify- odds are,

Let me clarify- odds are, IMO, this probably wasn't the same person who broke into OUR car, as that happened about a year and a half ago. They never caught the person who broke into our car, and the police pretty much told us there would be no chance of catching the person because theft from cars happens so often in the area we live. The police DID say that they believed it was a group of teens breaking into cars. IF this person is guilty ("There's a car I jacked last night.") then YES throw the book at him. Call me stupid if you want, but this person already has a record and he obviously hasn't learned a lesson. Should we just say, oh, well, it's ok this time but don't do it again? Perhaps I should broaden my statement by saying I think they should throw the book at ANY repeat offender that is found guilty, teen or adult.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

don't you mean you hope they

don't you mean you hope they loose their whole lives because they made bad choices that spun out of control

Probably wasn't the guy who

Probably wasn't the guy who did it???? Why make that assumption?

Transferred to JDC?! If

Transferred to JDC?! If being charged as adult don't pay to one transport and two house him down there! He wanted to play with the big boys no reason to see our tax dollars wasted!!!

GOOD I hope this kid will

GOOD I hope this kid will learn a lesson. We had money and pretty much a pile of CD's stolen from our car several years ago. My sister also had a bunch of items stolen from her car, including a special CD that was made in memory of her friend who passed away in a car accident. Now we always lock our doors. Probably wasn't this guy who did it, but maybe if they throw the book at him it will serve as an example to the other kids who are doing these things!

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

GOOD I hope they throw the book at you for being so stupid

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Perhaps they should throw the book at you for being so stupid and prejudicial.

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