Sheridan School District 2 Board Passes MDU Resolution

Just as the City of Sheridan and Sheridan County have done in the past two weeks, Sheridan County School District 2 trustees passed a resolution to oppose the proposed MDU rate increase.

District Business Manager Roxie Taft gave examples of how much a hypothetical 8% increase and 25% increase would have affected the 2009 school year and the budgeted 2010 school year.

Trustee Nancy Drummond had commented that it is important for the District to tell the Public Service Commission that those moneys would not be taken from teachers and staff, but from dollars spent on students. Taft elaborates.

District 2 will have representatives joining the hopefully many people planning to attend the public comment forum with the Wyoming Public Service Commission tomorrow, beginning at 4 pm in the C-Tel Presentation Hall at Sheridan College.

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