Sheridan Police Release Details Of Local Murder

During a news conference Thursday morning, Sheridan Police released more details of the crime that has shocked our community as a whole. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher was there.

The recent homicide investigation in Sheridan has hit the community hard. 79-year-old Bob Ernst was shot three times and killed during a burglary attempt at his home early Wednesday morning. Three suspects are in custody today. 19-year-old Dennis Poitra, Jr. and two juveniles were all arrested last night.

During the investigation authorities learned that the 9 millimeter handgun used in the shooting was recently stolen from an unsecured vehicle in the area. One of the juveniles is believed to be the thief. Multiple adults and juveniles handled the weapon prior to the night of the shooting.

Police Chief Mike Card tells us more.

Police received assistance from the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, Sheridan County Search and Rescue, and the Wyoming State Crime Lab. Police Captain Scott Chandler said the cooperation of the public was vital in placing suspects in custody so quickly.

The suspects may make their initial appearance in court yet today.

Sheridan Police held a news conference about the recent homicide on Thursday morning.

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Eye for an eye

I don't care your age, your back ground, ect- when you set out to take another life there is no forgivness. There is no taking back what you did. Seek God's forgivness if you will- but Murder is one thing I cannot and will not forgive, right up there with rape. These kids knew what they were doing, and they deserve the harshest punishment the law will allow. Sure, their parents will fight for them, defend them. Sure their parents are hurting. But a mother's love for her child cannot change what that child did, nor can it change the fact that these young men must face up for the violent crime they commited, and for the aftershock of pain they have caused our town.
Both my husband and I have had young men try to rob us at local gas stations, on separate occasions. I shudder to think what would have happened if they had had a gun on either occasion. Thankfully, my husband is not an easy man to rob (he refused to hand over his cash and sent the kids off with their tails between their legs) and I had my faithful and protective dog with me when I was nearly robbed. We have had items stolen from our yard, we have had our car broken into... not much of a leap from there to breaking and entering, and from there- murder.
Throw the book at these kids. Make them regret their actions for the rest of their lives. Send a message to the rest of the drug useing, gang banging law breaking youth AND adults of our town. Show them that murder will cost them their freedom, even their very lives. Make an unyeilding example out of these young theives-of-lives.
I've been taking my own action against Sheridan's growing crime problems, since before this tragic murder occured, to protect my self and my family. I love this town, and it makes me sick to see how much drugs (meth) and crime are increasing. Someone once told me, if you don't feel safe in Sheridan you have no business living here. I guess none of us have any bussines living here, then...

Just would like to point out something

Benji Takeshorse who was involved with the battery during the street Dance is involved with the Bear cloud family? Dont they know each other some way? Is there something here or am I missing it. I do think the family's are largely responsible for what they teach their children or even don't teach their children. Like all things Children need nourishment just as anything new to life does. However I do feel that everyone has opportunities to make good and bad choices in life. At any rate by the age of ten I knew it was wrong to hurt people, I knew it was wrong to kill someone. It is hard for me to believe that someone older than ten doesn’t understand that same concept. Anybody who has a troubled teenager should learn from this. Look at their teaching technique. The child is acting out for some reason.............Maybe its not the parent, but it’s the parents responsibility to find out what is bothering their child. Seek counseling no family is perfect and it doesn’t need to be. It's ok to ask for help.

I have a personnel responsibility to myself and my children to decide: Do I want to use my childhood as a crutch? Or do I want to be better than that?

Just Listen!!!

Just listen to people of all ages talking at Walmart, the park, or any other public place.....the vulgarity, rudeness, selfishness, runs rampent.....many people just don't care about anyone but themselves. How many of us get upset at the driver who obeys the speed limit? A little respect shown by so called adults to others goes a long ways to example proper behavior for our kids....our society has gone off the deep end when it comes to civility...but....WHAT A DIFFERENCE LOVE MAKES!!!IF WE ALL GIVE A LITTLE EACH DAY TO THOSE AROUND US IT JUST MIGHT MAKE A CHANGE IN OUR BEHAVIOUR?!?!?!?!?!


I have to dissagree

"The parents are partially responsible for the minors."

I think this is where society got a little off track.. When my MINOR children do something wrong, I count myself 100% at fault... 99% of the time, when my boys have issues, it involves a child whose parent lets there child run amuck without any supervision.

The word "partially" is just a way for any parent to side step any culpability in a situation like this... If your MINOR child is out past 9 or 10 walking the streets YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.. How simple can it be...

You are making the

You are making the assumption that they (at least minors) were living w/ parents. Every day we have more kids who are being raised by grandparents, aunts/uncles, distant relatives or foster families.

Dhar was sent to Wyoming by

Dhar was sent to Wyoming by a parent that thought it would be a better life for him. She made the mistake of thinking a small town like Sheridan would be able to offer him a more wholesome and safe life. It doesn't matter where you are. You are still there.


where and who

It doesn't matter where you are, you're still who you are. This youth would have been doing this sort of thing no matter where he was.

sad fact

Boy if that isn't a sad fact. (no sarcasam intended)

The parents are partially responsible for the minors.

The parents are partially responsible for the minors. I would like to see a trial like in China. All tried, convicted, and execute in a 24 hour period. Including the terrible parents of the minors!

Hearing cancelled

I see in the press tomorrows hearing is cancelled, cold this be a plea deal in the works? Possible change of venue?

None of the above

No plea deal would come now. It is way to early in the process. He needs to be bound over to District Court for that to take place. District Court would determine a change of venue and that is only if it is taken to trail. Will likely be the end of the year before we know any of that.

Why would they jail someones

Why would they jail someones family or make them stay inside if they didn't commit a crime? His brother didn't do anything.

Murder and Healy incident

I find it interesting that the brother of one of the boys involved inthe murder is still out running the streets. I live right by where the crime happened and I can assure you that my family and I make sure that our doors are locked and the kids are inside now. I let the Rots out and make sure that no one comes in our home. Especially after learning that kids related to the murderer are stil running the streets and have learned nothing. When I was younger and something outrageous happened it caused us to take a step back and take a look at what we were doing. One of our friends drowned at the water fall ot the bottom of Lewis Street and I guarantee you we never swam there again. I find it outrageous that friends and family of these kids have learned nothing. If this was my grandfather I would have to pray that God would give me foregivieness in my heart and not want to go hunting for these kids. I am so sorry for the family of the victim. Everytime I drive by their house I am filled with sadness.

to murder and healy incident



Interesting criticism

To those of you who want to hug the boys and think some of the rest of us our evil:

1) I work in a profession where I help people.
2) I've spent hundreds of hours in the last six years helping at-risk youth and teaching the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
3) I think some constructive discussions should come out of this tragedy on what can be done to do whatever we can to prevent these kinds of events from occurring.
4) I do not condone retribution towards the families of the accused.
5) I believe these kids likely had pretty troubled childhoods.

With that said, I'm not interested in showing these three much of any compassion. I'm not willing to forgive and I want them to be punished to the full extent of the law. Taking another person's life is much more then a mistake.

And this is why

And people like you are the reason why these things happen. Your hurting yourself if you dont forgive. Your holding yourself back. Compassion is what drives us as teenagers to do good. If those kids you help made the same mistake would you abandon them?! Compassion is our fuel! Even after these mistakes we still need it. It helps us learn! you obviously dont understand us! There is no sin that is unforgivable! and who are you to judge!!!! YOUR NOT GOD! get your nose out of the air and look at yourself! your a pathetic excuse! who cares about your pathetic hours spent! that doesn't mean anything! your heartless!!!!!!!!!!

It is also called

It is also called compassion, Shelley.
Do the best you can to do the right thing, and encourage others to do the right thing. There are many more of you kids who are working to become wonderful adults than apathetic teenagers. Have sympathy, understand pain, listen to the wisdom inside you that helps you know right from wrong, and whenever possible, let others know you care. We should all set this example, but I daresay there will be more of you kids up at the Junior High and High School demonstrating it, then we have so far on this site. Things will be ok again. Believe in the good in people, and do your best to nurture it in yourself. Love to you, and all of your friends touched by this tragedy.

The sad thing is there are

The sad thing is there are more kids just like the three around sheridan whos going to help them or u just going to turn your nose up at them and turn away like the good christians the people in this town pertend to be.Wake up sheridan CO

It's called apathy, Shelley

When good people sit back and don't take action it is called apathy, Shelley. When too many people are apathetic and don't stand up for what they believe to be right or wrong it affects our morals. Then something like this tragedy happens in even small towns like ours and people look for someone to blame when really it is all of us. When people don't speak up when they see something wrong it is the same as saying it is okay and it will happen again. Sometimes people fear that something will happen to them if they say anything and sometimes they are right. But if the majority of people would stand up and take action when something is wrong then things can change for the good of all. Don't give up, Shelley!

It Is Our Business

First of all my deepest heartfelt feelings go out to the Ernst family.
I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved family member. Though I never had the honor of knowing Mr. Ernst, I understand he was a very loved, and respected member of the community. My prayers go out to his wife, and loved ones.

Second for those of you who feel we should not be angry, or it is not our business, let me say to you, I live in this neighborhood, very close to where this horrendous crime happened. These boys murdered an innocent elderly man for $27.00. Angry does not come close to how I feel! I pray justice will be served, and these boys never get a second chance to hurt anyone else. I have no sympathy for these boys, as they sealed their fate when they decided to go out and rob people. I can not even imagine the terror Mrs. Ernst must have felt. Can you? Do you think she will ever again feel safe? The Ernst family will never get a second chance will they? I hope each of these boys receive the stiffest sentence allowed by law, they deserve nothing less. These boys had no regard for this mans life. It could have been your family, or my family. Think about that! This was a random act, these boys just didn't care! The entire community has been affected by this! So really it is everyone's business. We have the right to feel safe in our own homes.


You say what if it was Your family or mine? Well let me ask you this. What if it was your child who was involved,who committed the crime. I can guarantee you wouldn't be wishing them the harshest sentence. You would be defending them with everything you have. You would be hurt to. I'm sorry for the loss of Mr. Ernst but think about the boys families and how they feel, and how you would feel if it was one of your own.

and if you want to feel safe in your own home heres a suggestion. Instead of whining and complaining about it start thinking "hmmm what could we do as a 'community' to help prevent these things from happening in the future?" Then do something about it. your only digging yourself a deeper hole.

What can we do?

I've been thinking about what I could do to help. Some things I've thought of are:
1. Become a scout leader
2. Become a Big Brother/Sister
3. Volunteer in the schools/some kids who are at risk socially are first at risk educationally
4. Ask what you can do to help a parent instead of telling them their child is bad/uncooperative/disrespectful
5. If you are financially able, pay for a child's membership to the Y or to an extra-curricular activity of their interest
6. Speak to your congressman about enacting laws to protect children who are not in imminent danger but whose lives are in danger because of being left in abusive/neglectful families
What are your ideas, Shelley?

Well first of all i have

Well first of all i have noticed some gang activity increase. This is something that worries me especially since it's in the little old town of sheridan.

The best i think i can do at this point is listen. Especially to those families, and kids in need of someone to listen to. Normally these things happen because they want to be heard.

I would become a big sister but sadly im not old enough :( im only 16. Due to my age im limited, but im not going to let that stop me. Im still thinking up ideas as i go. Im one of the few teenagers who actually want to help make sheridan a better place as much as possible. And really im hoping i do, because Sheridan is growing more than we realize.

Listening is a good place to start

Shelley, listening is a very good place to start. At your age just listening respectfully to everyone's point of view will really help. Enlist your friends to do the same and try not to leave others out. You might want to talk to your school counselor about tutoring. There might be younger children in your neighborhood who could use some help with their homework. Just smiling and saying hello to others can help too. I'm proud of you for wanting to step up and help.

i just dont understand

what i dont understand is why everyone is so hipocritical. They fear for their families and friends but they say it's not their responsibility to bring the matter up, and make suggestions, so these things can be prevented. Obviously they dont care about their families and friends then. it bothers me a little.


What happpened to the little boy with the silver teeth and the big smile? The one who used to stand at the bus stop not too far from the Ernst home, huddled with his brothers, Chip and Bryce, who loved him so much. The one whose teachers cared so much for and spent extra time working to help him learn. The one whose principal called his home to find out why he hadn't been in school and who didn't complete his homework. The one who grew up to run with the wrong crowd. The one who chose to enter a neighbor's home with a buddy who was carrying a gun. The one who ran and hid when a good, Christian man was shot and left to die. The one whose family and community are now grieving.


You're right, since I don't know these people it's none of my business unless I end up on their jury. However since the subject is on this forum it's for those who frequent it to comment. It doesn't matter what these boys were dealing with in their lives they made a choice to steal a gun, violate a mans home, then made a choice to shoot him, then made a choice to run away without giving aid. At any point these boys could have done the right thing and made the choice not to.
To me these types of people are the scariest thing on earth, I don't care one bit about the hard times they have had, I want them locked up for the rest of their lives. They chose to pray on an elderly man and his wife, at an advantage of three to one. Nothing that has ever happened to these three could justify any sympathy for them.
Lots of people have tragedy in their lives and don't turn to home invasion as the answer, there's just no excuse for this. Furthermore there's no excuse for the parents of the two underage suspects to have not known where their kids were at two in the morning. Should they be run out of town, of course not and it was stupid of me to have suggested it but they should be held civilly liable. If your dog bites someone they can sue you so shouldn't you be held responsible if your fifteen year old son takes part in a home invasion?

Just another reason to be mad

First of all, i send my best wishes to the Ernst family. Im terribly sorry for the loss. And chip im sorry about your brother. Peer pressure is one hell of a thing and can drive most of us kids to make decisions that seal our fate. I realize the death of Mr. Ernst is a big thing, but getting mad over the past is pointless. I may have not known Mr. Ernst but if he was as good of a man as i hear he was he has already forgiven these boys. There is no sin that isn't forgivable. Those of you who knew neither the suspects or the victem should quit. Your getting mad over something that isn't your business. It is not your place to judge! They made a bad decision yes, but they are dealing with more than you know. Wishing death on them is only hurting you in the end, because someday someone will wish death on you. What comes around goes around folks. Until you have walked in their shoes I suggest you just keep your mouth shut.

I also pray that Wyatt, and Dhar think over their actions, and learn from them. Mistakes are there to learn from.

You guys are all crazy

You guys all need to turn around and read the immature comments you have posted to the community! you are all CRAZY! I feel very sympathetic to the family but come on there is absolutly NO reason to blame parents for the boys actions! You all have every right to be angry about this tragic incident... but pointing fingers is also NOT going to bring him back! Trust me i lost my gpa a couple months ago and the first thing i wanted to do was blame someone, then i realized why stir everything up it is not going to prove anything or bring him back! be the mature adults in the communinty need quit blamming the parents, sit back and enjoy the memories of Bob.
My mother is the best mom you could ever have! She has stuck by our side through everything! and me and my brother have made bad decisions but there is no one to blame but ourselves! I LOVE YOU MOM!
My sympathy goes out to both parties families
RIP bob


This is not about kids making a bad mistake. These were bad kids. Yes, I'm sure they had bad upbringings or less then ideal lives. While that is unfortunate, it is certainly no excuse for murder. I don't blame anyone for being angry and wanting revenge on these pathetic kids. There was no reason for any of this to happen. The Ernsts were completely innocent and it was only by chance that they were involved in this horrendous crime. All for a couple of bucks so these punks could get out of town. They truly deserve to rot in prison cells for the rest of their lives. I sat in court and watched these three kids today. I also have heard how the kids have behaved following the murder. I think there is little remorse and I do not think they understand the gravity of their situation. It might not hit them until they land in Rawlins or until they are sentenced and realize they will likely spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell. These kids are a product of society and all our failures. The product of bad parenting and of society and communities that are unwilling or unable to identify at-risk kids and take measures to keep them out of trouble. Unfortunately, there are a lot more like them out there. It is time to start asking ourselves what we might be able to do to help prevent this type of thing from ever happening again.

I wish it was worth it for

I wish it was worth it for those kids. im glad the cops found them befor i did. How can u kill a inecent person for no reason....or just because ur bored?? Bob was the nicest man i knew...the best uncle, and to know that kids i know killed him really pisses me off. They deserve to be tourcherd to death. who gives a ---- if his mom died of cancer. does not give him any reason to kill someone. SO PEOPLE STOP USING THAT ------- EXCUSE!!! that is bull ----. I love you uncle Bob!!!!!! i got your back


As someone who knows your family, I doubt they would approve of your language. I'm sorry for your loss, but that post is not appropriate.

sad all the way around

I know the Ernsts and I was shocked to hear of Bob's murder. While it's very easy to find hate in our hearts for the boys that did this, Christians need to look on them with some compassion. Yes, they are responsible for their actions and will pay the consequences, BUT, for those of you yelling for the electric chair for all of them, when was the last time you volunteered to help an at-risk teen? When was the last time you took the time to ask a teen about his day, his life, his hopes, his dreams? What part did you play to try to prevent things like this from happening in our community? My sympathies go out to both the Ernst Family AND the families of the perpetrators. It's not for me to judge their parenting skills. I know for a fact that sometimes parents with the best intentions end up with adult children that have gone astray, and if you can't agree with that then I don't know what planet you're living on.

RIP Bob.

bad decisions

I see the term bad decision used a lot here today, a bad decision is getting to drunk, or looking at a girls but in front of my wife, what happened here goes way past bad decision.... I just wish people wouldn't call it that. What happened here was three punks decided it would be easier to rob an old couple than to go out and get a job, and in the process had so little regard for anyone else that they killed him. Hardly a "bad decision".


"Sheridan did lose a good man.
I lost a good grandpa.
The jail gained 3 idiots............"

Idiots possibly, evil for sure.

To the person who made this statement

"In countries where there is better gun control, gun fatalities are rare."

I'd like to know where you came up with that... Did you say it thinking people would take it as fact ? You might want to do a little research I think what you find might conflict to what you have said.."

In countries where only criminals are left with guns you tend to have more situations like the one that just happned.

I was going to not chime in on this one but after reading that attack on guns I had to..

First I would like to thank law enforcment for doing a great job in bringing these perps to justice.

Second, I say lets give the wheels of justice a chance to end this sad situation.

I don't often commend law enforcment, but I have to say in this case they did a great job...

Tribute to the Ernst's

The whole thing is so tragic from every aspect. I wanted to say that I hope the Ernst family can be proud of all Mr. Ernst did in his life. As a 4-H leader he influenced many young people for good. He and his wife will always be known as Mr. and Mrs. Ernst to me because of the values they taught me as a young girl. I was equally impressed when I met their grandson and grand-daughter and was introduced to them as Mrs. Parkin showing me that their daughter has followed their example of teaching her children respect for other people. The Ernst's have helped and cared for so many people in Sheridan and I hope that they can find peace in knowing they can be proud of their accomplishments. Sheridan lost a good person.


Lost. Lost. Gained?

Sheridan did lose a good man.
I lost a good grandpa.
The jail gained 3 idiots............




Lost. Lost. Gained?

I'm crying and laughing, T. :-( :-)

Painful reminder

All of us reading and commenting on this story agree on one thing: this is sad. So, so sad.. for everyone involved and their families and their friends and their neighbors and our whole community. I suspect, based on the make-up of our town, that most of us who visit this site are Christian, and so we have an extra painful difficult duty: to love our neighbors (Mark 12:30-31). And even harder yet, if we decide that these young men are our enemies because of their most recent serious actions or their past childish ones (like egging houses) or perhaps their race, then we still have to love them: "I say to you, love your enemies..." (Matthew 5:43). It doesn't mean that we don't think they need to live out the consequences of their actions, I think everyone agrees that they must and will. But I hope they and their families, as well as the Ernsts, feel how we hold them in our hearts and wish for their full healing.

it is sad & the parents shouldn't be blamed

yeah a lot of kids do get raised in abusive homes or are neglected when they are younger and throughout their whole lives, but that doesnt mean that they don't know right from wrong. i knew the 19 year old pretty well, but wasn't familiar with his parents. i am 18 myself and i have made so many bad decisions in my life, but it was MY choice to do so. nobody else made me do them. but i would never even consider murdering someone. as much as it hurts to say this i think the kids deserve NO mercy and they should be put away for life.

Judgement is Right

I think your judgement is right. These kids should be locked away for life and never see broad daylight other than light coming into the jail.


i am thinking of you and your parents knew him well and we'll be praying for you all

The law

In the eyes all three of them will be guilty of murder, no matter who pulled the trigger.

Really read comments before respond in anger

I think we all need to slow down and really read some of the comments before reacting with anger. In rereading these comments I am not seeing anyone who is "making excuses" for these boys, I just see facts being stated, and everyone is in agreement that no matter how these kids lives were or how they feel about them personally, they all are still saying they all need to be held accountable for the poor choice they have made, and remember what is said about Assuming, as we all seem to be doing in who pulled the trigger. They ALL are responsible, doesn't really matter who did the actual act, as they ALL were a part of this.

I don't blame you...

I don't blame you. It was not your fault your child decided to kill a man, that man my grandfather. But I do think that your child must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is going to be a hellish situation for both of us for a while.

Well said

Well said

i agree... Well said......

i agree...
Well said......

Lose evrything

They probably don't have much anyway, but the parents ho let their kids run so wild they committed murder should lose everything they have. No the parents aren't directly responsible for the crime but they sure didn't seem to give a hoot how their kids turned out or what mischief they were up to.

I am a parent of teenagers

I am a parent of teenagers who has been very involved with my kids to the point of almost being a stalker and yet they have still found ways to get into trouble, I DO GIVE A HOOT how my kids turn out; however, I can only lay the ground work, and this is something I was told by our law enforcement. Not much I can do until they get into trouble. So those of us parents who do give a HOOT and do care still have kids who will find a way to do what they want,so THEY are responsible for their actions so why should the parents be punished???????GET A FRIGGIN CLUE

15 year old

Yes the parents are in some way responsible when their fifteen year old is our breaking into houses at one in the morning, just as you or I would be responsible if our dog mauled someone because we didn't fence it in.

This is not the first time

This is not the first time these punks have been in trouble. I live in the Thurmond neigborhood where one of these punks live. He has terriorized the neighborhood by destroying property, stealing things in lawns, egging garges and vechiles. When the police were called they said there was nothing they could do. The father did not seem to care and let the punk kids do drugs and drink in the back alley. You think the police will do something now? You think the father should have taken the cars and party garge away?

This is not the first time these punks have been in trouble. I live in the Thurmond neigborhood where one of these punks live. He has terriorized the neighborhood by destroying property, stealing things in lawns, egging garges and vechiles. When the polic

This is not the first time

This is not the first time these punks have been in trouble. I live in the Thurmond neigborhood where one of these punks live. He has terriorized the neighborhood by destroying property, stealing things in lawns, egging garges and vechiles. When the polic

This is not the first time these punks have been in trouble. I live in the Thurmond neigborhood where one of these punks live. He has terriorized the neighborhood by destroying property, stealing things in lawns, egging garges and vechiles. When the polic

I think that it is awful and

I think that it is awful and its nobody's fault but the parties involved. by the time your at a certain age everyone knows right from wrong.
I don't understand what kind of hate is in someone to make them kill. this horrible incident has nothing to do with a persons nationality. It has to do with the person and the wrong choices he made. I know only one of these boys-Wyatt Bearcloud and yes he did have a hard life like the rest but still that is no excuse to kill. What i new of him he was a sweet, kind boy with a lot going on in his life. i feel that they should all be punished for what they had done but i also think that after there punishment they deserve a 2nd chance.
everyone makes mistakes through there life some more tragic than others but in the end i feel everyone deserves a second chance.
my heart truely does go out to the Ernst family.

Come on people

Bob was my uncle and i appriciate all the support from everyone. Some of you people commenting on here are ignorant. For those of you who blame the parents your ignorant. For those of you who dont blame the kids your ignorant. Ive seen a kids come from the worse families and have the worse lives growing up and they turn out to be the most amazing beautiful people. Cause of the life they lived they want to better themselves just like we all should. Then ive see kids come from families that are rich and they had chilhood lives and they turn out to be rotten as rotten can be. i dont know about everyone else but ive known for as long as i can remeber that killing another human being is wrong. Im no angel myself im 23 and i have had my fair share of trouble but theres a limit. And being a family member of bob i know a little more about the situation. And the reason they did what they did was becaues they were bored. Bored? are you kidding me? that makes me sick. I mean i could understant if someone hurt one of your family members or your daughter was rapped or something along those lines but you were bored? Especially to man as great as bob was. hes the type of guy that if he would of lived through this he would of forgiven those kids. It just makes me sick that one of the nicest men in town had to die in such a way. And for those of you who think its the parents fault and they should watch your kids better and know where they are at open your eyes. You know how many kids in the past year ive seen sneak out of their parents house on a weekly bases? Probably more then half the youth. Do you not see in the papers how many minors get MIPs on a yearly or even monthly bases? Teenagers rebel against their parents its in our nature we are all guilty of it. So back off the parents. These kids obviously thinks they are big and bad enough and manly enough to kill a 79 year old man in his sleep then they are big and bad and manly enough to suffer and pay the price in prison enough said. thank you for letting me ramble. One love!

well said

I agree with these comments and a prayer will come from me

i luv you and well said

I luv you. I'll see you soon.


It is amazing how so many people are looking to place blame. Unfortunately these young men all three of them made some very poor choices. But they are responsible for their actions. Not the parents, or their families. These boys knew right from wrong they are all old enough to decide the path they want their lives to take. This tradegy will and has affected so many lives. Of course our sympathy goes out to the Ernst family for the tragic loss. But don't forget to show compassion for the families of those young men, remember they have sibilings, aunts, uncles grandparents and parents that are being affected by this. And before you are so quick to judge you never know when you might find yourself with something this tragic on your own dooorstep

Blame and Loss

If your fifteen year old is out at one in the morning taking part in a home invasion I think your at least partly responsible.

There is more posted on

There is more posted on They have released the names of the two other minors. We don't know which of the poor souls shot the gun, and we should not assume it was Dennis Poitra, Jr. I think everyone should keep in mind that many families have been affected by this. Thoughts are prayers are in order. I'll be sending mine.

Why minors names weren't released

We at Sheridan Media chose not to release the names of the minors because until they are charged as adults it is journalistically unethical and I believe, technically illegal. You may remember that the paper released the name of the man who drowned in Tongue River reservoir, before the body had been found, another example of something you shouldn't do as a journalist.


I completely understand, but I find it interesting that you chose to reply to mine and not the comment the sheridan press posted.... on Sheridan Media's website.


It wasn't your particular post that sparked my response, it had more to do with the fact that the names were released in the first place before the minors had appeared in court.

Stupid Kids

I am the 12 year old grandson of Bob Ernst. I live in Arizona. I am so sad and mad that people could be so stupid. Obviously they were on drugs. Go to and leave a comment there. Please pray for Linda Ernst, my grandma and the Ernst/Hein family.

Waaay stupid

Hi "T". I'm glad you see you posting here. I'll leave a comment tonight.

Very sorry

I'm very sorry for your loss

Thank you Bob's Grandson

Thank you for posting the website. I would love to express my prayers to the family. This is the first I've heard of it. The press is focusing on the killers, not the families involved. My prayers go out to your entire family!!

Heart broken

I am very familiar with the 19 year old and I know what his home life, or lack there of, has been like. I also know that he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome amongst other things. I strongly believe that all involved should suffer the consequences if found guilty, and my heart goes out to the victims family.

What has happened to innocent until proven guilty?? Now it is guilty until proven innocent and that is not fair.

There are some kids in society who have no one, and they will do anything to belong even if it is with the wrong crowd. Instead of taking some extra time to help these kids become better adults, most condemn them and write them off. Maybe we should use this tragedy as a wake up call. Let’s slow down a little and take some extra time with the children/young adults in our lives.

kids who have nothing

Too bad, every day kids not much older than these fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, while these "kids" choose to victimise and elderly man and his wife. I hope they enjoy a long career in prison -----------------

Stop with the excuses... please.

What ever happened to accountability for one's actions... with no excuses.. I don't accept that people's actions should be dismissed with syndrome/disorder/disease... That's utter crap!!

Fetal alcohol syndrome?... This excuses an array of misbehavior and leads our young people to less accountability? I don't believe this "syndrome" is that clearly defined, nor will it ever be. Because it's an excuse...

Good kids come from bad homes... bad kids come from good homes.

These young men, who instantly became adults yesterday due to their poor judgement and total disregard/disrespect for anyone or anything other than their own wants, need to be held accountable... no excuses!



Guns, the real story

Let me remind everyone that people kill people, guns don't. Guns are simply the tool used. This was apparently an illegal gun as well. What is of concern is the fact that someone intent on burglary would enter a home with intent and in full preparation to kill. If you think that removing guns solves gun crimes you obviously don't watch world news. In Canada hand guns and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are outlawed. Yet last year several people were killed in a shooting spree in Montreal. All said, it doesn’t make this murder any less tragic. My prayers are with the Ernst family.


Wow. Not surprising that not one person has mentioned the fact that if guns weren't so accessible, Mr. Ernst would still be alive. I know I'll get slammed for this, but it's true. In countries where there is better gun control, gun fatalities are rare. It also sickens me to hear all of you saying such horrible things about these kids. True, they did a terrible, terrible things and they should and will be punished. But I for one am more saddened than spiteful and angry. Their lives are over. It's very sad for everyone involved, and yes, especially for the Ernst family.


Let's not forget the idiot that left his gun in an unlocked vehicle that started this chain of events. The mentality of these punks is such that a pipe or bat would have worked just as well.




My guns are, and will continue to be accessable, I can't believe how stupid people here are as to blame the gun, parents, or schools. The people responsible are the vile individuals who chose to invade this mans home and the tradgety here is that he wasn't able to use a gun to rid the world of these vermin.

RE: Don't Judge

I was one who tried to be a positive influence on the 19 year old, but his so called "parent" didn't like it. I know for a fact he was thrown out of the house several times, beaten, and even removed from the house by authorities only to be returned for family counseling. So much for the counseling, he just continued to be abused. His father said once he turned 18, he was washing his hands of him because he would no longer be responsible for him. Still it doesn't matter, he knew what he was doing and knew it was wrong, but didn't care. What about the 15 & 16 year old? Who shot the gun? All three of them are equally responsible, but so are the ones who knew about the gun. What will be said if it came out that one of the juveniles shot the gun?

Sheridan Press releases names of 15 & 16 year olds

"Wyatt Leslie Bear Cloud and Sen Darminder
are the two minors arrested; it could not immediately
be learned which one is 15 and which is 16.
Bear Cloud and Poitra are being held at
Sheridan County jail. Darminder is being held at
the juvenile detention facility in Casper."
~Sheridan Press 8/27/2009

Actually, there's a little misprint there.

The names of the two younger defendants are 16-year-old Wyatt Bear Cloud and 15-year-old Dharminder Vir Sen. Vir Sen is the surname.

Dont Judge until have walked in a persons shoes

I personally know the 19 year old and he has not had a good life but I know that there have been several caring individuals in this community that have tried to step in and give this young man a better chance, HE chose to do the things he has done even after being taught right from wrong. It breaks my heart to know he was involved in something this tragic, but also feel "sickened" that after all the help he was given he continued to lead a life that was going nowhere. My heart goes out to the Ernst family as well. As a mother of two and stepmother of one, my husband and I did all we could to teach our kids right and wrong and to make good choices but no matter how strict we were they found ways to do what they wanted that got them into trouble, and these are not "bad" kids. It's time this community step up and live by the old saying "It takes a village to raise A child" as it is so true. We all are so afraid of the what ifs that we have closed ourselves off to being friendly and helping our "neighbors", and the system has taken away our rights as parents to spank our kids saying it is abuse, and we wonder why kids today are they way they are....humm....maybe we all need to look at this as a "wake up call" for us all and start getting involved with kids we see or even adults who may be up to "no good" to help keep them out of trouble.


It is the parents' responsibility to know what their children are doing until they are legal adults. It is also the responsibility of the community. Most turn their heads saying it is not their place. Guess what it is everyone's responsibility to make sure our community stays safe. If you see someone doing wrong step up and do something. Bottom Line is it is our responsibility to keep our community safe......So lets do it.

You know up front that

You know up front that they'll do nothing to the 15 and 16 year old.Their minor records will even be sealed for them when they're no longer a minor most likely at 18 or 21 years of age.You can't have two children going around through adulthood with charges of murder or accessory to murder on their criminal record.That'd be too cruel and unusual. "We must protect the children".

Probably not

I doubt the records will be sealed since the young men are being charged as adults. They'll face the same penalties as Mr. Poitra (the 19-year-old). The only difference should be that the death penalty is not an option for the minor defendants.

deleted by author

deleted by author

anyone that blames their

anyone that blames their parents is a fool. congratulations. they are old enough to know better that's all i'm saying.



would anyone be talking about the parents if these guys were 20? i doubt it.


Re: ???

The point is that they aren't 20 and YES it is the parent's responsibility to know where their children are and who their "friends" are.

You can't control your children 24/7, but you are still responsible.

blame parents

most parents do know whats going on with their kids, it doesnt matter what the perents did or did not do the point is they are old enough to know the consequnces of their actions wether they are 15 or 20 and wether they had crappy parents or not.


thus the problem

"most parents do know whats going on with their kids"

Congratulations! You nailed the problem right on the head!


Perhaps the parents should be held financially liable for the damages?

I wouldn't worry about the

I wouldn't worry about the parents,I doubt they're anywhere to be found.That's why their kids grew up to be such stellar individuals.

This is what growth in sheridan wyoming brings you,besides just higher taxes..


Sometimes thats not enough, all parents can do is set a good their best to lead them into making the right choices in their lives. But with something like this it is FAR beyond that!! My parents used to ground me, I would sneak out my window.... they didnt like who I was hanging around, did their best to stop it, but they couldnt. My point is I made mistakes growing up as probably every single person reading this has and paid for them but these kids killed another human being, that has nothing to do with parenting and they need to bear that burden alone. This is a great community, but this has everyone rattled and I do not want to see the parents crucified over this.

Angry and disgusted

I beleive there should be an eye for an eye in this case. The guy that shot Bob meant to shoot him and should not be able to live in the comforts of prision!!!! AND why is 15 year old running around at 1:00 am in the morning do we not have a curfew around here. These kids know right from wrong and should be severly punished for this crime and evidently many others! No it is not always the fault of the parents but beleive me I KNEW when my child was not at home after his curfew. Parents need to take more responsibility in their childs whereabouts and actions but also the LAW NEEDS to show these kids that they CANNOT get away with this!!!!!!!


people do what they want regardless of upbringing. Troutbum is right I know plenty of people with bad parents who turned out to lead rewarding lives, people need to learn to take what their parents taught them and use it for their own good , wether it is negative or good. If you had a bad childhood, you should be able to learn what NOT to do, learn from other people's mistakes. We all know what happens if you commit murder, even my 5-yr-old knows.
It is nobody's fault but their own.


Check out this tool's

Check out this tool's myspace page. He was a "gangsta".I was really shocked to see that he was -------------,who'd have thought.

He tried to be someone he

He tried to be someone he wasn't. He doesn't even know what a real gangsta is. He has been searching for who he was for the past 2 years. Now he has given himself a name that will never leave him.


So what are you trying to

So what are you trying to convey by comment about being shocked to see that "he is native american, who'd have thought"

By the sounds of it his

By the sounds of it his parents obviously dont care. They should be embarassed that they didnt raise him better, and they should be kicking themselves for not trying. I dont even want to pay for these guys to sit in prison the rest of their lives, they should man up and assume responsibility for their own actions, after all that is a part of growing up!


Wow i just cant believe u guys believe in gangs in Sheridan....I Know the kid in the picture. I grew up with him.. He might have made the wrong choice with killing someone but im sure none of you made the right choices as kids either. And for everyone to be saying the things they are about Jr it kinda aggravates me. I know he made the wrong choice but havent we all. yes i realize it was killing a man but what about other ppl that have killed ppl for money??? They at least got a chance to serve their time in Prison. Maybe you guys should think about wht if it happened to be your kid??? You wouldnt want ppl saying what they are on here now would you??? And I am a 17 year old girl that lives in Sheridan. Yes it was a murder here but still......Put yourself in his parents shoes and then see what you would really say!!!!!

Uh, think of me...

Uh, put yourself in my shoes. I'm 14 years old and my grandfather was ripped from me and my family forever by some idiots. Yeah, we all make mistakes. I'm not perfect, only Jesus was perfect. And yet...I don't kill anybody. comparison being a dumb ass and killing a person is a HUGE mistake, not to mention a federal crime. I'm sorry your friend was stupid and got himself in this position, but honestly if you were in my shoes and your friend killed your grandpa, would you honestly still be his friend? Just saying.

those poor kids

Youre clearly right, clearly the man in his eighties made these -------- invade his home and murder them, these poor boys. If these types ever come to my house I'd be glad to fill em full of holes and save them from serving any prison time.

What a fool. Well, I'd say

What a fool. Well, I'd say he's about to graduate from being "gangsta" to "prison ----."

higher road

Are you kidding me? Grow up and leave your short-sided views off the internet. A whole community is reeling, and that's all you can think to write? Have some respect for the people involved.

Yeah, thanks!

Yeah really! Thanks for that...NOT! That DOES NOT bring my grandpa back.

I am very sorry for your

I am very sorry for your loss.

I am very sorry for your

I am very sorry for your loss.

Thank you nan86, this is

Thank you nan86, this is still someones child and we all need to think about not only the family that this tragedy happened to we also need to think of all the lives it has destroyed on the side of these young men.


These ----- deserve what they get, thats the problem with this country always making a victim. These three ----- were not the victime the guy who was murdered was the victim. The only tradgety here is that these guys werent killed in their cowardly act.

Haha... What a couple of

Haha... What a couple of statements you've made. I am not saying that these boys are victims. I just simply asked for some respect to be shown. I believe that these boys have absolutely no idea what they've done. They have absolutely no idea what they've taken away. I believe that these boys have a long road ahead of them. They will be expected to be accountable for their actions. But one single decision does not a man make. And just because you think you did a good job raising your boys, doesn't mean that they are not capable of making poor choices themselves. Everyone has, or will in their lifetime. I'm certainly no angel, and I don't believe you are either. Regardless of our different beliefs, I think the high road should be taken, for one of their family members might be reading your callused comments, and they might have tried to do right by their kids or family members.

High Road

My sympathy is for the victims, as for the "boys" I hope they all are very happy in their new career as prison companions to longer serving felons. You are a complete moron to feel any sympathy for these animals. Hopefully twelve hard cases like me get jury duty.


Its is like you didn't read a damn word I WROTE. I feel incredibly bad for the the victim and his family left in the wake of this heinous event. However, those boys had family, and I feel bad for them too. This is a difficult time for all invovled and you sir are the moron for being so short-sided to not realized that a murderer has a family, and they have feelings about this too. I chose to not make them feel any worse about this situation.

I don't feel bad for those boys, I just simply chose to acknowledge that I truly don't think they have any idea of what they have just done. They have any idea the ramifications of a pull of the trigger. I don't beleive you can read anywhere on this wall, that i have blamed family,school, or a single soul for what they have done.

But if you were the father or the grandfather of the person who pulled the trigger I would think you would have a complete different approach to this whole situation. I believe you wouldn't be so smug about your opinions. I think you would be dragging yourself through the coals wondering where you went wrong. When you might not have done a single thing wrong. Because after all these boys are capable of making their own choices and as we all know, have.

feeling bad

I hope the families of these so called kids feel very bad, they raised total --------. Perhaps if it was your father or grandfather you would be a little less infatuated with the families of these predators. At least they get to see their kids in prison the victims family will never hear his voice or see his face again, never have another holiday with him, never see him again. People who shed such concern for those who willfully harm others make me sick.

Truth be told

Truth be told you make me sick. I knew one of the boys when I was younger. ------------------ But I know what a life he's had. Like losing his mom to cancer, amung other things. ------------------.


Lots of people lose family to cancer and many other things, if they all went out and comitted murder half the country would be dead. Perhaps since you know these ----- so well you can visit them in prison, or attend their execution?

Haha. It just seems like you

Haha. It just seems like you take what I say to the extreme. Not every single person who has lost a member of their families commits murder, or excused to. I've lost three, and I'm no murderer. I was just trying to make you understand he lost his mom earlier this year. I'm not close with him, and haven't been for many many years. I don't support what he did sir, and you don't seem to believe me.
Its just incredibly sad that he stooped down to this level. I wonder if he had a support system or a guiding hand when he may have needed it most. Hell it might not have changed the situation one bit. It is a sickening thought to know that a good, kind, member of the community is dead because of these boys. And I hope they pay as much as you do, however I'm just not going to say such heinous things about them, or this situation. I beleive they will get what is coming to them. No need for me to make it worse.

who cares?

Too bad he lost his mom, but who cares? Does that make the victim any less dead? Do you think the victims widow is sitting around thinking "that poor boy lost his mom, no wonder he invaded my home and killed my husband?" I think you have no concept of death and have no clue to the seriousness of the crime. This wasn't a fight between peers that got out of hand these three vermin made a choice to attack an elderly couple, the vulnerable. I bet these guys are three chicken S^** bullies who are cowering in fear right now knowing what they face the rest of their lives in prison, which is a lot better than they would get if they tried to come into my home and take from me.

For Pete Sakes. I am NOT an

For Pete Sakes. I am NOT an advocate for these boys or their poor decisions. I certainly wish you would have read what I said, but you have chosen not to multiple times, and I find your ignorance and oblivious disreguard for other people's opinions exasperating.

your words

"I knew one of the boys when I was younger. ------------------ But I know what a life he's had. Like losing his mom to cancer, amung other things. ------------------."

I think your words more than spoke for themselves, I find your high regard for these vermin to be disturbing to say the least.

Well, take this for the

Well, take this for the gospel.It's coming directly from my fingertips. I do not highly reguard the boys you have dubbed "vermin"

I lost sleep last night, as much of the community did knowing the murderers of a good man were still at large.

As far as I know I'm not baking them cookies, or sobbing that the mean old police are picking on these criminals. Who are behind bars where they need to be.

However I do choose to believe that every choice makes an impact. And I firmly believe that more people than the victims family is affected by this horrible crime.

it's too bad

It's too bad these ------ weren't killed in the comission of their crime.

What if ones of these boys

What if ones of these boys was your son?? Would you still wish him dead? As far as I know they have not gone to trial yet and therefore have not been proven guilty...

in response to "what if one of these boys"


My sons

I have raised my kids well, and I'll never have to worry about them comitting such a repulsive act. If I were a juror I'd ure be open to the possibility of them being innocent, but if proven guilty rhese ----- need to take a lightning ride.

Glad to see you are so

Glad to see you are so perfect and your kids never do anything wrong, could you please write a book on how that was accomplished so other parents can learn from you expertise.

my kids never killed anyone

well at least my kids never killed anyone, I have no sympathy for parents who dont put their kids first and make sure they have a loving stable home. Too many times mom and dad spend their time hanging out at the bar as opposed to being involved in their kids lives. Then when the kid turns out like this they just wring their hands and pout that they raised the kid better than that.It's a pretty simple formula really, actualy raise your kids.


I am disgusted finding out the gun involved was handled by many before the crime. At least one of the adults if not all who knew and handled the gun should have done the right thing and turned it in. They should be held just as responsible.

Only one problem

Unfortunately... when they are talking about adults in this case that means anyone over 18 years of age. The 19 year old defendant was one of the "adults" that handled the gun.


I am disgusted finding out the gun involved was handled by many before the crime. At least one of the adults if not all who knew and handled the gun should have done the right thing and turned it in. They should be held just as responsible.


Although I am familiar with the 19 year old and his life's history, I have no sympathy for him or the two underage kids. I do not blame their actions on how they were brought up as they know right from wrong. They did chose to enter the house to commit a crime and take a gun with them. They deserve what is handed to them by the law. Although I have no sympathy for the accused, I am still saddened. This was a senseless act and will continue to happen in Sheridan unless parents take responsibility of raising their children, being involved in their activities and knowing who they are around.

also familiar

I too am familiar with the young adult and say let the courts do their job. We do not know each persons actions and its for the courts to decide. I dont think it is fair to call them "animals" like one person did, because if they knew the young adult they would say that it is not a fitting word. I do not agree with this crime and feel very sad for the Ernst family and hope justice is served in their favor as well as each individual will pay the price that is deserved for their part in the crime. By the way perfectly fine parents sometimes have kids who screw up so lets not start on that bandwagon. My sympathies go out to the family and may justice be served.

I agree!

I agree with you. No one knows the circumstances, and we all hope to place blame on someone. In all reality life can be senseless and many people will be affected by this tragedy. All we can do is stop judging and pray for the family of the victim. Lets use our energy for good, such as for praying for the victims family, and forget the negative because negativity only reaps negativity.

WELL SAID and SOOO agree.

WELL SAID and SOOO agree. This should be waking up this community to quit turning the other way when see something going on and to step up and help.

Nobody to blame but themselves

Kids are only so much a reflection of their parents, and others that surround them. But in this case it is absolutely ridiculous to even fathom the idea that blame is anywhere near the parents or the schools. For example I grew up with a kid whose single mother was and still is a meth addict....... he just recieved his masters degree and is still yet to further his education. I know first hand he had it far worst than most but he made something of his life. These kids have no value of human life, and for that they will pay the price. This was no mistake, they have no place in society and unfortunately it took a good man losing his life to discover this.

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