Sheridan Police Have Murder Suspect In Custody

Sheridan Police officers responded to a call reporting a possible homicide in Sheridan sometime before 3 o’clock Friday afternoon. The Special Response Team was called in to secure the area around 1075 Bellevue Avenue.

Just before 4PM officers escorted one subject away from the residence in handcuffs and SRT members, along with help from Sheridan County Sheriff’s deputies and the Sheriff’s K-9 unit secured the residence and began to search the area.

Police found the body of a male person who appeared to be the victim of homicide at the scene. The name of the victim has not been released pending positive identification and notification of next of kin.

Sergeant Tom Henry of the Sheridan Police Department says the investigation is just beginning and they have one suspect in custody. The Wyoming State Crime Lab has been notified and will be sending investigators to the scene to process evidence.

The suspect’s name has also been withheld pending the filing of formal charges by Sheridan County and Prosecuting Attorney Matt Redle.

You Wyo folk

Need to learn how to proof read....

really guy?

i think it is great that one can get on here and speak freely about what they have read. and not just that but to have an opinion about it...i thought that is what these FORUMS were about? please correct me if i am wrong. but then to have the few that have nothing to say but "hey your grammar is wrong," or "need to learn how to proof read." really folks? come on, just let people say what they need to say. if it is not proof read correctly who cares? or if the grammar is not right, who cares? this a place to speak freely. now that i have that off my chest. i would like to take the time to send my thoughts and prayers to the family of Mr. Bloom. what happened here is a bad deal. i live on that block and have had tons of trouble with the house where it happened. maily with the owner and his some of his friends. have seen all kinds of shady things happening over there at all times of the night and day. i am very suprised that there has been only one arrest from what i have read about the situation. for the sake of the community and the safety of others that there are more to come in the future. well i hope that my proof reading is right and that the grammar is correct so that i dont get a stupid comment about me needing to change it...

It is great that people can

It is great that people can put their two cents in on these forums, but regardless of how you feel about it, people prefer to read articles, posts, or any other written items that appear to have come from intelligent people. I am not trying to insult anyone, but when something I am reading has continuous errors in it, I start to question the intelligence level and credibility of the person who wrote it. If there are too many errors, I quit reading. I know I am not the only person who feels this way. Also, you are putting information out there for all to see, you should at least have enough pride to edit or proofread your work so you don't look like an idiot.

Hey Chris....

Forget U man......If U dont like it then go back 2 where U came from.....You know this town was just fine 15 years ago...then (2 this day) we got more than 1 money hungry mayor and look where it got us.....we used to be simple people...where the only excitement was hearing a siren once every 2 we have so many here now have brought the "Big City Life" with their own precious sons and daughters. When it comes down 2 it U all can thank the all mighty dollar for this crap...and those who worship know who U are.

walk a mile

To all you who are quick to call people out those who have an opinion and tell them that they are wrong for it...piss off cause i have one too. i lived across the street from that trailer for the last 6 yrs and have had to deal with all the parties, yelling, screaming etc that has gone on there. i personally have called the cops for guns that have been shot in the air, fights in the street and multiple other things at 2 am. it has been common knowledge that drugs have been used and sold out of that house. there is no denying that. do i think that the police have done all they can to prevent these things??? no i dont. but i do believe that when this call came in that they responded and took care of the situation. it is with a heavy heart that i send my reguards to the family of the gentleman who was killed. until you have walked a mile in the shoes of someone who is surrounded by that i think that you should not be able put up your stupid comments on here.


First of all I'm shocked that this murder happened, and now I can't believe some of the comments people are saying about it...He was still a person and had people who cared/loved him. Some people just don't seem to show any care at all.. I hate to say this, but I'm sure drugs were some how involved with this murder. I think there's needs to be a time when people grow out of doing drugs, grow up, and start being responsible...Hopefully, no more of murders or incidents similar to this one will happen again this year...


He was still a person, a human being. How ignorant of you to post such a message. I bet there are a lot of people who might feel the same about you. Probably a lot of people in Sheridan with money and status could care less about you. Think about that for a while you know it all:

Just the same

I only post what I would say about myself. 100% true, not many would care if I would to move on to the next world, I know a few would and that is good by me. 100% true, many people with money and status would not miss me at all and I probably would not miss them. Doesnt your post just reinforce my ignorance? Ignorance is Bliss. Reverse psychology does not work with me, but nice try. I will think about your post for awhile. Hey, thanks for positive advice, maybe we can all learn a thing or two from these posts.

im surprised

Not many people here blamed it on teenagers. Another incident like this I would suspect people automaticly start pointing fingers at us teenagers. I mean arent we the ones bringing down this so called perfect town? Ha just shows adults can be just as stupid. =]

Kudos to Law Enforcement and Media

I am sure the police, County and State, are doing everything within their power utilizing the resources they have to gather the information necessary to process this case. Although this is a small town and yes, two murders have happened within a six month time frame, this does not mean Sheridan is a bad or unsafe place. Considering Sheridan’s statistics regarding murder, per cap, this town has a low rate of murder. Try living in a large city where murder is a common occurrence, talk about feeling unsafe. Sure this is unfortunate, but do not blame the city or police officers. In fact, people want to blame the police for something out of their control, people want to blame the city for things “getting bad.” Well blame all you want, but consider on thing; the police officer you blame today, might just be the one that responses one day for a call for service to your residence to protect you and your family from a tragic situation. Without question any one of the PD Officers, or SO Deputies, would put their life on the line for a complete stranger, and yet people still want to find someone to blame that things do not go the way they want or wish. Who cares if you don’t like Officer Joe Blow; it’s fine not to like them, but respect the position and the badge. People are very quick to criticize others, while having never walked a mile in their shoes. Just remember one that criticizes and scrutinizes the actions of others without having all the information is a fool.

Indeed, everyone dislikes

Indeed, everyone dislikes law enforcement...until they need them! Not only do we owe gratitude to the law enforcement, but their families who put up with shift work, long hours and the added stress that comes with this type of job.

you should be thankfull

First of all you should be thankful that sheridan media updates there website as often as they do or we would all be waiting until monday when the sheridan press was released.

Second you should be thankful that it wasn't your phone that rang with officers on the other end.

And you should have more compassion for the familys who did recieve such a horrific phone call.

Please people, where are your manners?

Actually.. police have a

Actually.. police have a spokesperson through the police department and they are only allowed to release certain information on the investigation.. the police department does this so it does not taint there investigation and can get accurate information from actual witnesses.. the police can not prevent everything from happening.. no matter, how small the town there is always going to be bad people out there.. the police are doing there best..

agree with pp

I agree with pp. Our town is so boring 99% of the time that when something does happen it is such a shock that everyone has to have their say or piece of the gossip. It is unfortunate that this has happend! And I pray that neither the victom or the accused is your friend or family. Although in such a small community all of us will probebly have known 1 or both.
It is just so sad to see the negativity that surround people. How many people want to point fingers and judge the media,the police and I am sure once the identities are out we will here more judgments made. Has anyone offerd a posative comment? I mean surely we can rally together in posative support rather then sit by ourselves in front of our computers griping about what others are or are not doing when we infact have done nothing ourselves.
There has to be a way to try to turn a tragedy into something else not one tradgedy after another.

I totally agree

Noramally in big cities murders, and other crimes are heard of quite often. Here in little ol'e sheridan if a murder is committed we stick our noses in the air and point a finger at someone. We dont even bother to get to the bottom of things. my my such a tragedy.

just wondering

Any idea when we might be able to expect an update? I have been checking every 30 min for a few hours. The gossip is already running wild and I only firstheard of it this morning 4 hours ago


Joe Bloom was killed at Dennis Davids Trailor. I am glad it was not Dennis, he's a good guitar player and excellent cook. Nobody in the communtiy really cared about this guy any way. I mean nobody with money and so called status. It is not as important as the earnst murder. How do I know this? I went there this morn and asked.

Damian Trujillo

My bad

My bad, the deceased name was Gerald Bloom, not Joe. I personally only knew him by his last name. I do imagine some folks did care about Bloom but not the high and mighty of the community, regardless. RIP


Sheridan murdre victim

Your an idiot. I guess you must not have a mother or a dad who care about you either. I mean how could anyone care about some one a pathetic as you? You must have been dropped on your head too many times as a boy because you obviously have some sort of brain damage to be able to pull the comments that you made out of your ass. I'll sign my name because I would like you to look me up you stupid f---!

Anthony Garcia


How can you say no one cared about this person? If he has family here, you should be ashamed of yourself. I am sure they would care about him!!

Read the complete post, please

Read the post and try not to take it out of context. The people that I am implying that do not care are the people with status and money. GET IT? Maybe his family cares, etc. but obviously his friends were acting like D-heads and were not there in a time of need, they sure did not help him, did you? Yes, I am ashamed.


It is amazing all of those

It is amazing all of those that are so quick to judge the media and police officers for what you don't know. I am sure the police are trying to get the right information to give to the media. The media is waiting to hear from the police officers. This is not a unsafe town things happen that no one has control over how is the police suppose to prevent this. How is the media suppose to report on what they don't know yet. This is what happens in a small town always quick to point the finger .

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