Sheridan Police Chief Headed Back To California

Sheridan Police Chief Mike Card announced his resignation to the Mayor and his staff on Friday. Card will finish out the year with his last day being December 31st.

Card has accepted an offer to become the Chief Of Police in Capitola, California. He had spent over 30 years at the Capitola Police Department before retiring in 2005 to become Police Chief in Sheridan.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey says the search for a new chief will begin almost immediately.

In response to recent events, Kinskey says City Hall has received hundreds of compliments on the police department.

The City of Capitola made only one offer and if Card’s return is approved by their city council he will have a 3-year contract worth more than $140,000 per year. Card is due to start his new position on January 4th.

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Good riddance! Go back to the land of fruits and nuts!

Glad to see him go, he was a terrible chief and the morale in the department has been in the toilet since he was hired.

Sheridan Police Chief Headed Back To California

1. Sheridan has no time for a liberal Kommissar
2. Sheridan has no time for a rights-abridgement transplant
3. Sheridan has no time for a mayor who thinks he was the right selection in the fist place.

Van Jones and this clown in the same week, celebration time.




Does this mean our police department is going to revamp their policies and procedures and start acting more like a Wyoming department than a Kommiefornia one? I guess we can hope...

No kinskey will simply

No kinskey will simply implant one of his other buddies to play the role of police chief.

Wow,to bad he left Capitola

Wow,to bad he left Capitola in the first place.I'm suprised Diamond Dave didn't just give him a pay raise to $140k.

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