Sheridan Memorial Hospital Is Strategizing For 2012

The current national health care kerfuffle is affecting local discussions on the future of regional medical treatment. Sheridan Memorial Hospital is now developing its 2012 Strategic Plan. They have held multiple brainstorming sessions this week, including two on Tuesday--one at Sheridan College and one at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. These discussions included a spectrum of community members outside the health care profession. Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty says this wider discussion has been very good so far

Several of the topics brought up were the shortage of primary physicians, educating and improving pubic perception of local medical treatment, and areas of treatment that need to be improved or expanded. Costs were also a big concern, both due to the possibility of an MDU utility rate increase, and also uncertainty over the future structure of national health came from.

After a total of about 8 meetings this week, McCafferty says the Hospital Board and local physicians will meet to discuss the findings from these discussions.

strategizing is probably

strategizing is probably just a big word that corporations use in place of "how do we get more money" out of people who can't afford us anyway. does not even come up in my spell check program. where is my dictionary?

What the heck kind of word

What the heck kind of word is strategizing? You can have a strategy. But strategizing is idiotic. It is really tiresome to hear or read the abuse of the English language. McCafferty is really "into" studying and "strategizing". Idiotic waste of time.

Hmmmmm. . . . .

I wonder how many more independent physicians McCafferty plans to run out of town in this plan? When is the Board going to wake up and realize what they have in this man?

Hospital strategy?

What's the point of doing all this if the world is coming to an end 12-21-2012! Seems like a waste of time to me..hahahaha!


No wonder you signed on as have got one sick sense of humor!

J. S. Luckjohn

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